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5 Best IT Governance Practices

By January 3, 2020No Comments
IT Governance Security policies

Organizations are working on identifying their strategic aims and objectives. These organizations often take technology for granted. Many organizations think that their IT department can implement any solution they need for meeting their business goals. You must do proper planning while creating your IT governance policies. If you are not taking your IT capabilities and infrastructure into consideration, then you can create many security gaps in your organization. This can lead to compliance gaps, system downtime, and security failures.

IT Governance will help you in using your IT resources effectively. It will help you in meeting your organizational goals. These policies will help you in evaluating your company technology and will also determine the best way to implement new technology which will help you in meeting your business goals. IT Governance planning will act as connective tissue. It will help you in connecting your IT department and business leaders. Thus, they can work together on making better business decisions. In this article, we are going to share 5 best IT governance practices.

  1. Make IT services essential for your business strategy

Digital Technology is changing the modern business landscape. Most businesses rely on technology for delivering their services. You can use technology like AI for providing better services. Companies are using their IT infrastructure for gathering data and interacting with customers. You can use technologies like Big data for analyzing and managing your data. This will help you in making better business decisions.

If you don’t have good IT governance planning, then you will be forced to rethink your IT investments. This will force your company to make significant changes in meeting your business objectives. You should have a clear plan for connecting your IT infrastructure and business operations. This will help you in achieving your business goals. You should give top priority to your IT infrastructure while creating your business strategy. This will help your organization in maximizing your existing resources. You can also figure out your digital transformation strategy. Your digital transformation strategy will help you in changing your technology infrastructure.

  1. Create the right team

If you don’t have a good IT team, then you can expose your business to several security gaps. Your IT team can implement inefficient solutions that will hamper your employee’s productivity. This will also increase the frequency of human errors. If you want to minimize security risks, then you need to create the right team. Your IT team must have people that have enough skills. They must have enough experience to deploy and design new innovative solutions. This will help your company in providing better services to your customers.

It is also important to have the right leadership. You must hire an in-house or virtual CIO. CIO or Chief Information Officer will help you in creating a strategy for your IT infrastructure. They will understand the needs of your businesses. Your CIO will help you in expanding your IT infrastructure. If you don’t have money to hire an in-house CIO, then you can also hire a virtual CIO. These virtual CIOs will help you in creating a strategy for your IT operations. If you don’t have the right team, then your company can miss out on innovation. It will also become difficult to adapt to new technologies.

  1. Monitor your organization IT performance

Most organizations think that they only need the best technology solution for succeeding. But, even the best technology solution won’t help you until you have a good strategy. You must have a clear idea about new technologies. Investing in a new IT infrastructure is only the initial step. You need to make sure that your new IT systems are fine-tuned for your business operation. If your new IT systems are not producing any results, then you must make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes you may need to shift your strategic direction. You must evaluate how you are using your IT systems. Some companies even bring new leadership for implementing a different strategy. Monitoring your IT performance will also help you in calculating the RIO of your technology investments. If your systems are not performing well, then you can replace them with new technology.

  1. Don’t forget about your security compliance

Companies are collecting and handling their user’s data for making better decisions. Thus, it is also important to check your compliance standards. If you are not following the compliance standards, then you can lose a lot of your customers. Most of the security breaches occur due to weak security policies. Thus, it is important to review your security policies. Make sure that you are following all the compliance standards. But, it is difficult to understand the IT compliance. Effective IT governance will help you in implementing security policies. It will also ensure that you are following all the security policies. They will help you in preparing for security audits and creating your security policies.

  1. Give priority to Education

Most of the security breaches due to human error. Your employees don’t know about simple security terms like phishing. Thus, your employees are an easy target for hackers. If you want to avoid security breaches, then you must give proper priority to your employee’s training. Your IT governance strategy should use training as a tool for minimizing security risks. It is important to inform your employees about standard security practices. This will ensure that attackers can’t use your employees for stealing your data.


You can use these practices for incorporating your business strategy with IT infrastructure. Data analysis plays a major role in making better business decisions. Companies can use their data for understanding their customer details. You can also use technology to expanding your business. Technologies like AI will help you in beating your competition. Organizations can’t treat IT as an ordinary department now. You must give proper priority to your IT infrastructure. This will help you in meeting your business goals. If you want more tips regarding IT governance practices, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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