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7 Best Services Offered by AWS

By November 21, 2019No Comments5 min read
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More and more enterprises are moving their applications to cloud technology. AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud computing providers. It will help your organization in evolving by providing you with a cloud computing platform. There are many benefits to using Amazon web services. You can easily implement it. It is also easily easy to scale up or down your business. AWS will provide flexibility to your business. It has completely revolutionized the digital world.

AWS is delivering various services to their customers. All these services are suitable for different domains. Some of the domains that are used widely are:

  • Computation
  • Database
  • Content and Network Delivery
  • Management Tools
  • Storage
  • Identity and Security Compliance
  • Migration

In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 best services offered by AWS.

Top 7 Services Provided by Amazon Web Services

  1. Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute

The Amazon Elastic Cloud compute is categorized under the compute domain. It will help you to compute workloads. The Amazon EC2 web application will help you in eliminating your physical servers. It will create virtual machines that have the potential to replace your physics servers. They will also help you in managing your virtual servers. You can easily manage the security, storage, and ports of your virtual server. If you are going to create a virtual server, then Amazon EC2 is a perfect choice. You can easily create a virtual server. It will also allow you to resize your compute capacity. Thus, you can focus on your projects. All the server maintenance tasks will be managed by AWS. It is currently the fastest-growing AWS service. Amazon EC2 has shown a growth of 80% in the last year.

  1. Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is also known as Amazon Simple storage device. It will help you in storing data in the cloud. More and more companies are using Amazon S3 due to their security level. Amazon S3 will help you in storing your data with high security. It is using improved IT infrastructure for making sure that your data is secured. Your data will be stored in various geographical locations. This will prevent your data from getting lost.

Amazon S3 will also offer you high-quality integration. It is providing integrations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and FedRAMP. This will prevent your data from getting compromised. The best thing about Amazon S3 is that it is always available. Thus, it will provide flexibility to your business. You can also access your enterprise data from anywhere in the world. It is also very cost-effective. The pricing starts at $0.023/month only for 50TB of storage.

  1. Amazon VPC or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon VPC is used for isolating the user device from the network infrastructure. The private network will ensure the accessibility of data to only authorized individuals and systems. These private networks are isolated from other virtual networks in the same AWS cloud. This will make sure that only you can access your data. You can use the private virtual network for housing your services or even your complete IT infrastructure.

  1. Amazon CloudFront

Enterprises are using Amazon CloudFront for delivering their services at a great speed. Amazon CloudFront will help you in increasing the speed of your website. It will also help you in reducing the latency. You can use Amazon Cloudfront for connecting your other AWS services. Amazon CloudFront is a CDN or Global Content Delivery Service. It will help you in managing your content and delivering it to your end-users.

  1. Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service or RDS is another very popular AWS service. It is used for handling database related workload. Amazon RDS will help you in designing and managing the relational database in your cloud. You can use it for storing complex data of your organization. Amazon RDS can also support multiple database engines like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQL, and Oracle. It will help you in reducing the operational costs of your database.

  1. Amazon Lambda

Amazon Lambda is another very famous AWS service. It will allow you to run your code functions without managing your servers. Thus, you don’t need to worry about buying any servers. Amazon Lambda is providing an environment that is perfect for developers. You can use Amazon Lambda for testing your codes. It will help you in determining the effectiveness of your cloud. Amazon will provide all the resources which are required by your code.

AWS Lambda functions are also known as a trigger. For example, if you are uploading an image to AWS S3, then the lambda function will automatically help you by resizing the image. All you need to do is insert the code into the system.

  1. Amazon Elasticache

AWS Elasticache will help you in managing, deploying and distributing a memory-cache in your cloud. It is very easy to use. Thus, you don’t need to worry about learning cache. You can easily manage your distributed cache environment. There are two types of caching engines available:

  1. Redis
  2. Memcache

The best thing about Elasticahe is that it can automatically recover from any cache failure.


These are the best 7 services offered by Amazon Web Services. If you are migrating to the cloud, then these services are perfect for you. You should choose the services that are meeting your business requirements. The best thing about AWS services is that their price is also decreasing with time. More and more enterprises are using AWS services. Thus, everyone can save money. If you want to know more about AWS services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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