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AWS Blockchain Templates: How to Quickly Deploy Blockchain Networks

By February 25, 2020No Comments
AWS Blockchain Templates Blockchain Networks

Blockchain technology is an amazing invention. Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of this amazing technology. He is also the founder of bitcoin. Blockchain technology will help you in storing information in different blocks. These blocks are identical in your whole network. However, one single entity can’t control these blocks. Thus, there is no single point of failure in your network. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the digital industry. Every cryptocurrency is using Blockchain for financial transactions.

This technology is also entering the mainstream industries. Many enterprises are using it for developing new technology. For example, Cisco is using IoT and Blockchain technology for managing the supply chain risk. Salesforce is also working on their product. AWS is also entering the blockchain market. AWS is an amazing cloud service platform. They are offering data storage, hosting system and computational power to networks. AWS is also offering BaaS or Blockchain-as-a-service to its customers. There are various AWS Blockchain templates that developers can use. Developers can use these templates for quickly building and deploying Blockchain networks.

What is the Blockchain Templates?

Blockchain Templates are helping developers in building Blockchain applications. It is using popular open-source frameworks. Thus, developers don’t need to waste their time in manually setting up the network. AWS is targeting the finance and healthcare sector by this technology. Developers can use the pre-set Blockchain frameworks of Amazon. There are two different types of frameworks available: Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. You will find consensus algorithms in these frameworks. Also, these frameworks support control features and smart contract features. You can use these frameworks with containers. If you are using Amazon Container service, then you can use these templates with them. You can also directly deploy these networks on an EC2 instance.

What is BaaS or Blockchain-as-a-service?

Most enterprises are considering blockchain as an efficient data storage technology. It is also a robust data storage method. However, it is very difficult to work on blockchain technology. You need to create and deploy blocks of information. Also, it is very complex to manage these blocks. Thus, most enterprises are not adopting the latest Blockchain technology. There are various benefits of using this technology. But, it can be very complex for some enterprises. Hence, most companies can’t adopt it.

AWS is introducing a new BaaS model. They are outsourcing the operational work of the blockchain networks. Thus, enterprises can only focus on their main work. Enterprises don’t need to worry about managing their complex Blockchain network. You can use the blockchain network of other providers. These providers are trying their best to attract new enterprises. They will help you in getting started with the latest technology. Thus, you can focus on developing your blockchain products.

IBM and Oracle are already using the BaaS service of Amazon. Many Chinese companies are also using the Hyperledger model. Companies like Tencent and Baidu are also suing the BaaS service. Amazon is affecting the business of other companies in this sector. They are offering excellent services to their customers. Most companies are already using AWS cloud services. They are already using AWS for storing their data. Many enterprises are also using AWS for deploying their applications. Hence, they are already comfortable with the AWS platform. Their employees already know everything about the AWS platform. They don’t need to educate their employees about any new platform.

How does the Blockchain Template work?

These Blockchain templates will help you in eliminating the complex work. Thus, your developers can quickly deploy and build new blockchain networks. AWS is currently offering two amazing frameworks to their users. You can use Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum for developing your network. Most big companies are using the Hyperledger framework for their development work. Amazon EC2 and ECS also support these frameworks. Thus, they are perfect for developing your applications. However, these frameworks are very different from each other. You should consider these differences before choosing a framework.

Many people confuse Ethereum with the ETH cryptocurrency. However, it is actually an open-source framework. You can use this framework for developing Blockchain applications. The behavior of these applications will remain constant. Thus, you don’t need to worry about issues like downtime. Also, you don’t need to worry about the risk of censorship and fraud. Ethereum is completely independent. Thus, most enterprises are using it for building their networks. Many enterprises are using this framework.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is also another open-source framework. Linux Foundation is supporting this open-source project. Developers can use this framework for developing their Blockchain applications. Also, you can use access controls in your application. This will ensure that your data transaction process is smooth in your network. If you want to develop your own private Blockchain network, then this framework is perfect for you. It will help you in checking the visibility of the financial transactions. Thus, you will have more control over your network. Companies like IBM are already using this framework.

You can use any of these frameworks. AWS is also offering various tools to its users. Developers can use these tools for managing and monitoring their networks. Also, these tools will help you in quickly deploying your networks. Enterprises can use these tools for developing their own private network. The billing model of BaaS is similar to the SaaS model. You will only pay for the resources that you are using. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any hidden charges.


AWS Blockchain Templates are helping enterprises in building their own private network. These templates will help you in quickly deploying your private network. BaaS model is perfect for enterprises that are dealing with financial resources. If you are in the healthcare industry, then this model is perfect for you. You can create your own decentralized networks. This will help you in protecting your network from attackers. Thus, it will reduce the risk of data breaches. If you want more information regarding AWS services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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