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How Hyperscale Data Center Services Are Reshaping the IT Industry

By October 19, 2019No Comments6 min read
Hyperscale data center

The rise of cloud computing is changing the whole IT industry. Before cloud computing, data centers had a simple networking infrastructure. They had various servers in their hyperscale data centers. There was a small team of professionals that knew about management tools. However, most of the enterprises have shifted their business to the internet. Thus, the data center services are changing with time.

What is a Hyperscale Data Center?

Hyperscale computing means that the IT architecture can contract or expand depending on your business requirements. Thus, hyperscale systems are more flexible when compared to normal data centers. They have excellent storage and network facilities.

A normal data center may contain hundreds of virtual machines or physical servers. But, a hyperscale data center needs to support millions of virtual machines and hundreds of physical servers. A hyperscale system is optimized for data storage. It will deliver you the best software experience possible. The hyperscale computing model work with millions of virtual machines that operates together at a very high speed. This makes sure that the network is delivering maximum performance to the consumer.

A hyperscale data center is also more secured when compared to the normal data center. The security options are programmed into the data center software. Thus, hyperscale computing helps in boosting the overall flexibility of the system. Customers can get higher computing power at a very low cost. These systems can be deployed very quickly. It is also easy to expand them.

The three main things that an organization focus on while designing a hyperscale data center are:

  • The distributed systems and infrastructure that is used in hyperscale computing should be capable with normal data center operations
  • Next, the scalability is the main focus of any organization
  • Lastly, the hyperscale data center should be proficient enough to generate enough revenue

Hyperscale makes up more than 70% of the current infrastructure service market. These services include IaaS or infrastructure as a service, private and hosted cloud servers. More than 50% of the hyperscale data center operators are located in the USA. After the USA, nearly 8% of the market is captured by China. The Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are currently dominating the market.

What are the advantages of hyperscale data centers?

The hyperscale data center offers various advantages like:

  • Better cooling efficiency: It is difficult to cool thousands of servers. You need a lot of power to control the climate in server rooms. A hyperscale data center is optimized for dealing with high computing workloads. Thus, it only needs to cool the servers which are hosting these workloads.
  • Balancing workload: The best thing about hyperscale data centers is that they can distribute the workload among servers. This makes sure that your servers won’t overheat due to an unbalanced workload. Thus, the average temperature of your server room will be lower than the normal data center server room.
  • Ensures electricity Availability: Most of the normal data centers use redundant power sources or 2N configuration. These power sources are backed up by a generator or secondary source. Hyperscale systems have made it possible to distribute the workload among different servers. Thus, it is possible to make the workload redundant instead of making the power redundant. This helps in reducing the cost of electricity. You will also save a lot of money on building and equipment costs.
  • Allocate electrical power in discrete packages: A hyperscale data center has multiple tenants and racks. These tenants are allocated a limited quantity of kilowatts from the supply. This design ensures that kilowatts are always available when any customer needs them.

 How to customize servers for hyperscale

The hyperscale computing model is different from normal data centers. You should have wider racks and tenants to accommodate more servers and components. These servers can be built by customizing the old basic elements. One server in this model may contain various hard drives and multiple power supplies.

What Impact Will Hyperscale computing have on the future of IT?

IT is changing every day. The demands of digital services are increasing at an amazing rate. These demands are giving rise to new technologies in the data center industry. There are many Cloud providers like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft who have created an efficient way to store data and deploy applications. According to experts, quantum computing is going to have a huge effect on the operation and design of data centers. Thus, the old data centers need to quickly catch up with new technology. They should upgrade their infrastructure.

Data centers are currently moving into a new age. There will be new classifications of services that data centers are going to provide. They will range from the micro-data center to the mega-hyperscale data center.

Why should you choose a Hyperscale data center provider?

The best thing about hyperscale data centers is that they are cost-effective. They offer much more flexibility and scalability to its users. Most of the normal data centers are limited by the size of their servers or portions of hardware that are available to them. But, the top hyperscale providers make sure that you will always get the best performance. The form factor of hyperscale is perfectly designed to work together with both horizontal and vertical scaling for adding machines. You can also increase the power of machines that are already in service.


Hyperscale computing is the future of cloud computing. It involves millions of virtual computers and thousands of servers working together in a complex model. The hyperscale data centers are more secure, flexible and scalable when compared to other data centers. Enterprises that depend upon cloud services and huge business applications are adapting hyperscale data centers. This helps them in saving money also. If you are looking for more information on Hyperscale data centers, then you can contact Bleuwire. They have a highly skilled team working on infrastructure solutions.

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