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Get the Most Out of Your Servers with Managed IT Services

By January 4, 2019No Comments5 min read
Managed IT services in Hialeah

Servers & Routers are the central nervous system of organizations. Controlling the network and resources to meet the operational performance and quality at a reasonable cost is very essential for business growth. Just like a car or a truck, servers require regular maintenance. Server management requires deployment, integration, and coordination of the hardware and software components. But often business administrators find it difficult to maximize uptime and minimize disruption due to lack of expert in-house IT department. Due to this, they fail to get most out of their Server and network.

If you are running or planning to run a business in Miami, you need an expert that can manage the IT stuff for you so that you can thrive in the competitive market.

Why Server Management is Difficult for SMBs (Small & Medium Size Businesses):

The key factor in owning and maintaining a dedicated server is – to keep things running smoothly. Having an in-house server fills your to-do list with responsibilities relating to server management. Often you will find it difficult to reduce the cost of storage hardware, remove redundancies, keep software updated and secure your server from cyber-attacks.

Without an IT administrator, you will have a very little time to focus on core business. But, hiring a few employees is not only expensive but also not a logical approach. You will have to interview a bunch of people and learn some tech. terms before selecting the right person for your company. Instead of hiring people, you can hire IT services at a much lower price. IT service providers in Miami has experts to handle your IT so that you focus on your core business.

How Managed IT Services Will Help You Get More Out of Your Servers?

Reduce Cost:

With the increasing number of users and devices connected to the network, your IT infrastructure will demand dispersed servers and data centers across multiple locations. But, purchasing and negotiating server hardware, software and network resources can get expensive. IT service providers in Miami will help you to devise the right strategy for scaling your resources without exceeding your budget. You get assured network visibility and increased productivity that is crucial for your organization.

Load Balancing During Peak Hours:

Often you would be getting enormous traffic during peak hours and your server might be getting slow to answer each request. You might think that now it’s time to change or upgrade the server. But buying equipment that costs thousands of dollars for serving customers only for a few hours is not economical. You need to manage the traffic and spend a few bucks in hardware or software that can balance heavy traffic.

IT service provider can help you set up load balancers using IOV (Input Output Virtualization) for real-time traffic management so that traffic will flow to the best performing virtual machine. You can easily save yourself from buying additional server and data center.

Automated Data Backup & Recovery:

The information that you have collected over time including market studies, product research etc. are crucial for a sustainable business. But with risks like system failures, security breaches, and natural disasters, you need to take backup seriously. You need to develop a data backup and recovery plan so that a sudden loss of current data and files does not affect your business.

Without an in-house IT department, taking backup can be time-consuming. An IT service provider can help you out in taking regular backups and devising a recovery plan. Their experts can equip your datacenters with automated tools so that you don’t have to worry about taking backups each day.

Redesign Your Network to Avoid Server Isolation:

During a natural disaster or power surge, you may find a part of your network unreachable. An isolated server may cost you thousands of dollars and loss of business reputation by failing to respond to client’s requests. Therefore, your network design should not isolate an important device even in the case of broken links or a failed router. IT service providers will redesign your network architecture so that the server and other necessary devices are not isolated and everyone has access to them.

Monitoring Tools So That You Can Manage Your Servers Remotely:

To run a business, you need to manage your time efficiently. By having remote access to your server and data center, you can easily monitor its vital status from home or during traveling. Miami IT service providers will set up monitoring tools that will help you to look after your business resources during vacations. And if any problem arises, you can contact them 24/7 to get things repaired remotely or by an on-site visit.

Secure Your Server with The Latest Security Tools:

Cybersecurity is a major challenge, especially for small business. An insecure device can open gates for a cyber-attack that renders your servers unusable. You need to secure your online services and an organization’s network with the latest security tools. Bleuwire’s IT services in Miami includes cybersecurity services that integrate Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), anti-malware, firewall, and antivirus tools to secure your data from security breaches.

Keep Your Systems Up-To-Date to Improve Performance:

Vendors release regular firmware updates that improve device security and performance. But with dozens of devices on-board, you may find it difficult to maintain each system. By hiring an IT service provider, you can outsource the mundane task of backups and updates and focus yourself on your business growth. They will ensure that your system is running the latest version of the software and running at its peak performance.

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