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A Beginner’s Guide to Help Desk Automation

By February 22, 2021No Comments6 min read
Help Desk Automation

Help desk automation can help you in improving your business productivity. It will also increase customer satisfaction. There are hundreds of accessible tools available in the market that you can use for automating common and repeatable. Most SMBs are still not enjoying all the benefits of available automation solutions. In this article, we are going to give some tips that will help you in automating your help desk.

Your current help desk state

You should first check the current state of your help desk. Many companies are still manually resetting passwords. They are wasting their time assigning access rights to different applications.

You should focus on automating all these boring tasks. This will ensure that your help desk analysts can spend their time on more complex queries. Thus, your customers will get a quick response. Nobody wants to spend their time resetting simple passwords.

Most SMBs are still using these manual processes because they think that other tools are very expensive. Thus, they can’t justify the cost of these new tools. However, this is actually an invalid argument. Automation tools can give you rapid ROI.

If you are still using manual processes, then you will lose user satisfaction and trust. Your employees will waste a lot of their time and energy doing these manual tasks. Also, this will affect your overall market reputation. These are the main disadvantages of manual processes. You can eliminate all the inefficiencies by using automation tools.

Why you should give priority to automation?

Automation will help you in increasing your team efficiency and productivity. It will help you in handling spiking or heavy workloads. Automation will also help you in accelerating the issue resolution process. It will ensure that your team can handle a large volume of tickets easily. In simple words, automation will ensure that you are working smarter.

Benefits of Help Desk automation:

  1. Better response teams

Your help desk team will be judged by their response team. If they can quickly respond to issues, then your customers will be satisfied. A faster response team will help you in improving customer satisfaction.

Orchestration and workflow automation can help you in improving your incident response team. If the queries are simple, then they can be solved in seconds. Workflow automation will help you in determining the type of request. It will automatically send an automated response to your users.

These systems will also provide you a way for allowing users to submit their tickets. This will reduce the burden on your help desk team as they will receive fewer calls.

  1. Better reporting

The best thing about automation tools is that they will help you in improving your accuracy. It will help you in removing all the inconsistencies caused by human interference. Your managers don’t need to waste their time manually fixing all the errors. Auto-routing rules, required fields, and field defaults will ensure that you are properly handling all the incidents.

You can check the performance of your help desk. This will help you in creating better plans for your help desk.

  1. Better user communication

The one thing that can turn off your customer is a lack of communication. This is a big problem that companies were facing before help desk automation. If you are not properly communicating with your customers, then they will think that you don’t value them. Thus, they might move to other sites or products. Your help desk analysts will stay busy trying to fulfill service requests. They might be trying their best to resolve some complex incidents. Thus, they are not going to communicate with your customers.

You should focus on automating standard customer communication. This will ensure that your automation tools will keep the customers informed. Your IT support team members don’t need to worry about communicating with your customers. The automation tool will help you in automating all the call and SMS notifications. You can also automate SLA escalations. It will help you in managing the expectation of your customer. Thus, your customer will have more trust in your services.

  1. Increased productivity

If you can quickly solve the incidents, then your users can quickly get back to work. This will help you in increasing the productivity of your users. Your support desk will also spend less time solving simple issues. They can focus on solving complex problems. If they are free from simple queries, then they can focus on complex queries.

  1. Increased staff satisfaction

Automating repeated tasks will help you in freeing up your help desk team members. It will increase their motivation and job satisfaction as they don’t need to worry about doing boring costs. Thus, it will help you in increasing the turnover of your organization.

How to choose the best help desk automation tool?

Help desk software solutions are offering very powerful automation functionality to organizations. This will ensure that organizations can customize the tool according to their business rule. Make sure that your help desk software is offering these features:

  • Should help you in automatically logging and capturing all incoming requests.
  • It should automatically assign every issue to some help desk member.
  • Automatically notify the help desk team member about their new task.
  • It should prioritize the issues according to their rules.
  • Should automatically apply due dates based on your SLAs.
  • It should provide tools for documenting all the successful fixes.
  • Help you in creating and automating all the workflows.
  • It should generate reports based on service-related and issue-related metrics.


If you can automate some tasks, then you should focus on automating them. The initial investment will quickly be returned in the form of improved efficiency. Automation will help you in reducing the errors in your query resolution. It will also increase your business productivity. Your customers will be satisfied with your services. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in finding the best automation tools for your business. They will help you in automating all the manual tasks. Thus, you don’t need to worry about finding the best automation tools for your business. If you need more tips regarding help desk automation, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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