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5 Benefits of Managed Services for the Remote Workforce

By July 1, 2020No Comments6 min read
Managed Services for the Remote Workforce

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to embrace remote work. Businesses are moving towards a remote workforce for protecting their employees from the coronavirus pandemic. Bleuwire is offering various managed and cloud services to their clients. These services will remove the burden from your IT department. They will use user-friendly solutions for boosting the productivity of your employees. This will ensure that your employees can easily work from their homes. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of Managed Services for the Remote Workforce.

  1. Security

This is the most important concern for any IT team or department. If your employees are working remotely, then it is very difficult to handle the security. You can install various security tools for protecting your office network. However, it is not easy to protect your employee personal devices. Your employees will use their personal devices for accessing your corporate network. If hackers can get into your employee device, then they can also get into your network. Managed IT Services will help you in reducing this concern. They will use various security solutions for protecting your employee devices.

They will help you in installing anti-virus software in all your workstations. This will protect your employees from any immediate danger. You don’t need to worry about ransomware attacks or malicious emails. SOC environment will help you in protecting your entire IT infrastructure from attackers. They will regularly monitor your network for threats. The backup will be the final layer in this strategy. Your provider will regularly backup your data. If your remote worker’s device crashes, then your provider will help you in recovering that data.

  1. Compliance

Security layers will help you in meeting your security compliance regulations. Many businesses are using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI for protecting their remote employees. Companies that are handling sensitive data should use Virtual Desktop Environment for protecting their remote workforce. If your employees are using VDI, then they can directly into a remote or virtual system. This system will contain all the files, customer data, and software that your employees need.

  1. Collaboration and Communication

If your employees are working remotely, then they can’t directly ask questions from their co-workers. You can’t arrange a meeting with your employees. Many companies replace these fundamental interactions with virtual meetings, chat, and email. Thus, convenience and reliability are very important for your business.

You can use Office 365 of Microsoft as a communication solution. Office 365 provides many features to businesses. These tools will help you in empowering your remote workforce. Your employees can use SharePoint for sharing their documents. Office 365 will help your employee in achieving real-time collaboration. They can also classic tools like Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. You can use Microsoft outlook for setting up virtual meetings. Microsoft Teams will help your employees in communicating with each other. They can use audio or video calls for communicating with other team members.

  1. Support

Your remote employees require the same level of support that your on-site employees are getting. Bleuwire is offering 24/7 IT Helpdesk services to their customers. You can always access their team of IT experts. They will be available 365 days a year and will help you in solving all your IT problems.

They can help you in solving both complex and simple IT problems. Remote monitoring will offer extra support that will help you in catching problems before they cause any damage. This is the proactive approach that you can follow by working with a managed IT provider. Your provider will work as your virtual IT team. They will always be available for your remote workforce and will help them in solving their problems.

Your MSP provider has access to a large IT team. They can help you in solving complex IT problems also. Their IT experts know about most of the latest technologies. Thus, they will help you in solving even unique IT problems. If you have an in-house IT department, then they can help you in solving simple problems. But, they don’t know about the latest technologies. If your MSP is handling your IT, then they will remove the burden from your IT department. This will ensure that your IT department can focus on their core tasks. They will only focus on improving your products and services. Thus, MSPs will ultimately help you in improving your products.

  1. Flexibility

Many professionals were looking for telecommuting positions before this coronavirus pandemic. Everyone loves the flexible nature of telecommuting positions. Desktop infrastructure will ensure that telecommuters can access their data from anywhere in the world. Office 365 is also providing Android and iOS apps to their users. They are providing features like Outlook and Teams to mobile users. Office phones already come with call forwarding and hoteling feature. This will ensure that your users can easily get business calls. IT Helpdesk is also covering mobile devices now.

Your remote workforce can easily get technical support from your IT provider. Most people love the freedom of working from their homes. Managed IT services will help you in making this possible by using cloud tools. If you are embracing remote work, then you should consider working with a Managed IT service provider. They will help you in setting up the tools required for remote work. Your remote workers can use these cloud tools for working from their homes.


Bleuwire IT experts will help your business in handling all the IT issues. They can solve both simple and complex IT issues. If you have a large remote workforce, then you should consider working with an MSP. Bleuwire will help you in securing your data and network. Also, they will ensure that your business is following the security regulations. Your team can use cloud tools like office 365 for collaborating with each other. Managed IT services will help you in increasing the productivity of your employee. Also, your employee will become more flexible as they can work from anywhere in the world. If you need more tips regarding managing your remote workforce, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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