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Best Features of MS Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

By February 16, 2021No Comments
MS Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

MS is offering three different types of Advanced Threat Protection to its users. These ATP solutions will ensure that your organization is protected from attackers. The Cybersecurity landscape is changing rapidly with time. Attackers are coming up with new attacks. Thus, it is important to ensure that your network is protected from these attacks. In this article, we are going to talk about the Office 365 ATP offered by Microsoft.

What is Office 365 ATP?

Office 365 ATP will provide you with better security solutions. It is a cloud-based email filtering service that will help you in protecting your organization from viruses and malware. Office 365 ATP will ensure that your business won’t become a victim of a data breach.

This security solution is included in both Business Premium and Enterprise E5 plans. You can also add it in other Office 365 plans for as low as $2.5 per user. This is an excellent investment when you can calculate the costs of a data breach.

Best Features of Office 365 ATP

Email is the most powerful form of modern communication. It is used by almost every business. Businesses are using email for communicating with customers, partners, and employees. However, email is also targeted heavily by the attackers. You should ensure that you are protecting it from attackers. We have outlined the main features of Office 365 Advanced Threat protection. These features will help your organization from attacks. This will ensure that your business is more secure. Office 365 ATP will ensure that attackers can’t use your emails against you.

  1. Safe Attachments

Office 365 ATP is offering safe attachments feature to their users. This feature will ensure that all your email attachments are safe. It will check all the email attachments for malware and viruses. If you are using Office 365 ATP, then it will check all the emails with an attachment first. The safe Attachment feature will first automatically open the file. It will test the file in a virtual environment. This will ensure that the file won’t affect your real-time working environment. If the file is malicious, then Office 365 ATP will automatically delete it from you. Thus, it will protect your working environment from malicious attachments.

You can also apply this feature to a specific person. If you want to protect your entire organization, then you can apply it to your organization.

  1. Safe Links

If you are clicking on unsafe links, then your entire network can get compromised. Most security professionals suggest that you should never click on links that have been sent by some stranger. However, sometimes your employees can click on unknown links. Sometimes the sender can be also hacked. Thus, you might click on the link thinking that a sender is a legit person. It is important to ensure that you are always clicking on the safe links.

Office 365 ATP is offering the Safe Links feature to their customers. This will provide real-time link verification to you. It will check both your office documents and email messages. If there is a link in your email, then ATP will first open the link in a virtual environment. It will automatically block the URL if it is identified as malicious. If the link is safe, then you can open it without worrying about anything. However, if it is malicious, then ATP will show a warning page to you.

  1. Anti-phishing

MS 365 ATP is also offering the anti-phishing feature to its users. This will help you in protecting your organization from phishing attacks. It is using machine learning models for detecting phishing emails. Your IT team can use the Anti-phishing feature for checking all the incoming messages. If some message is suspicious, then ATP will automatically block it.

  1. Spoof Intelligence

Spoofing is important in some cases. For example, you might have hired a third-party vendor for product updates and lead generation. Sometimes your assistant can send emails to another person. Thus, you can’t block all the spoofing from your business. However, you should ensure that these emails are coming from your organization. You should make sure that the email is legit. Most phishers use spoofing for determining user credentials.

Office 365 ATP comes with built-in spoof protection. This feature will ensure that only legit emails are sent to your inbox. It will protect your business from malicious intentions. The spoof filters will help you in determining the difference between malicious activity and legitimate activity. You can also review the senders that are trying to spoof your domain. It will help you in blocking the senders that are trying to spoof your domain.

  1. It will protect SharePoint, MS Teams, and OneDrive

Most organizations are using MS Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint for collaborating with each other. They are using these tools for sharing ideas with each other. The usage of these apps has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, you should ensure that these apps are safe. You can use Office 365 ATP for ensuring that these tools are secure.

Office 365 ATP will help you in blocking and detecting malicious files. These malicious files will get blocked before they get a chance to access your computer. If the file has been identified as a virus or malware, then ATP will automatically block it. You can still check the file on your website. However, you can’t move, copy, share or open the blocked file in your system. This file will be included in your quarantined file lists. Your IT security team can report, download, release, or delete these files from your system.


These are the main features of Office 365 ATP. It will protect your organization from unsafe links and attachments. Office 365 ATP can protect your business from expensive data breaches. It will protect your business from malicious phishing attacks. Thus, you should consider using Office 365 ATP. If you don’t have access to an IT team, then you should consider working with an MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in finding the best MS 365 plan for your business. They will help you in implementing the best MS 365 tools. If you need more information regarding MS 365 tools, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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