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Why You Should Include Intelligent Monitoring in Your IT Strategy

By February 3, 2021No Comments6 min read
Intelligent Monitoring in Your IT Strategy

Last year was tough for most of the businesses. The main thing that 2020 taught us that it is a good idea to be responsive and agile. Businesses can use technology for becoming more adaptable with time. It is going to be a key factor in the future.

You should also prepare to scale and handle your IT infrastructure. The importance of IT infrastructure has increased due to the remote work. You should ensure that you can easily scale up your IT infrastructure. Companies can save a lot of money by enabling remote work. You don’t need to worry about buying office spaces if you have remote workers. It will also protect your business from future pandemics.

Intelligent monitoring is also becoming more important with time. It can help you in handling your IT infrastructure efficiently. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of intelligent monitoring.

Definition of intelligent monitoring:

Intelligent monitoring simply means that you can monitor your IT infrastructure. It will help you in monitoring your data functions from a remote location. This is very important for businesses as it will help you in ensuring that your IT infrastructure is working properly. You can monitor system health, power, usage, and bandwidth from a remote location. Also, you can respond to issues before they become serious problems. It is a good idea to pair remote hands service with intelligent monitoring.

If you are using intelligent monitoring, then you will have full control of your systems. You can use the data collected by the intelligent monitoring platforms for improving your policies. It will help you in optimizing your current IT infrastructure.

There are various intelligent monitoring platforms available in the market. These platforms will give you 24/7 access to your assets. You can easily track the IT assets that you are using. This will simplify the system security strategy. It will also help you in managing your power and usage. Thus, you can optimize your IT infrastructure by using IT infrastructure. This will ensure that you can respond to various problems.

Benefits of Intelligent Monitoring:

  1. It will help with documentation

Managers of a growing business need to deal with various things. They need to juggle multiple tasks. Sometimes they will forget to document all the IT assets. They will also forget to add new IT assets to their list.

Manual processes are always prone to errors. It is never a good idea to create manual diagrams every time you add new devices. The worst thing about these diagrams is that they will become redundant with time. Network monitoring software will help you in maintaining your inventory records.

An intelligent monitoring solution will provide you a live network map. Your IT engineers can use this map for checking the location of your devices. They can also use it for improving your network.

  1. Time and cost savings

If you are not using an intelligent monitoring solution, then you will waste a lot of time investigating IT issues. This will reduce the productivity of your IT workers. If you want to save money and time, then you should use an intelligent monitoring system.

Monitoring your IT infrastructure will help you in understanding the reason behind IT outages. You can easily predict outages if you are using intelligent monitoring tools. It will also help you in addressing network problems proactively. You can use it for identifying both underused and overused systems. Thus, you can eliminate unnecessary systems from your network.

  1. Easy troubleshooting

Intelligent monitoring will also help you in decreasing the troubleshooting time. Your IT engineers can check the network map for determining the performance status of your IT assets.

A network map will provide you various details about your devices. You can check the connections between different devices. Thus, it will become easy to identify issues in your network.

These solutions will also provide you critical performance data. You can check packet loss, traffic, error rates, and response time of your devices. Thus, these tools will help you in reacting proactively.

  1. Better network security

Every business now has access to the international market due to the internet. However, challenges also come with amazing opportunities. The Internet also comes with hackers. These hackers are always waiting for their opportunity. Make sure that you are protecting your data from these attackers.

Several firms have fallen victim to various security attacks. Every year, hundreds of companies get breached. Security breaches can rock the entire corporate world.

Most SMBs don’t consider cyberattacks as a threat to their organization. They think that they are too small and attackers are not going to target them. However, more than 45% of attackers actually target SMBs.

Intelligent and network monitoring can help you in solving this problem. You can protect your network by using network monitoring tools. Intelligent monitoring will help you in finding security risks in your business. It will help you in detecting unusual traffic spikes. These tools will also help you in blocking access to fake or malicious sites.

You can also use network backup software for automating the network backups. In case of an IT outage, your IT team can use it for recovering your network. They also don’t need to worry about manually backing up your data.


These are the main benefits of using intelligent monitoring. It can help you in protecting your business from IT outages. However, you need access to security professionals for implementing these solutions. If you are an SMB, then you should consider working with a good MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in protecting your network from attackers. They will implement the best monitoring solution for protecting your network. You will also get access to a large team of IT experts. If you need more information regarding Network and intelligent monitoring, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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