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Why You Should Deploy Intelligent Monitoring

By September 19, 2020No Comments5 min read
Intelligent Monitoring

Most companies are now working with a colocation data center. If you are looking for a colocation data center, then you might only look at the headline features. You might only check the size of the facility or the number of clients. However, the main thing that matters is the amount of control and transparency your colocation data center can provide. Intelligent monitoring tools will help colocation data centers in providing the best features. Most organizations know about these technologies. Thus, they want to ensure that they are working with a good data center.

Organizations are now embracing remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most people are working from their homes remotely. Companies want to ensure that they can monitor their data center assets from a remote location. You need to use DCIM software that can provide you intelligent monitoring capabilities. These tools will ensure that your customers can easily manage their assets.

How Intelligent Monitoring actually works?

In the past, colocation data centers were not providing control or transparency to their customers. This was mostly due to the limited technology available. Most data centers were only calculating the power consumed by IT assets. This cost was divided between multiple customers. The cost was actually directly proportional to the size of your deployment. However, they were not providing any performance reports to their customers.

The development of new technologies like IoT sensors and ML analytics has completely changed the market. Data centers can easily monitor their entire facility. There are various intelligent monitoring platforms available in the market. These platforms will provide a lot of information related to IT assets. Thus, data center customers check how their assets are doing. They can ensure that their IT assets are working optimally.

These tools will constantly check the environment. It will measure where the power is actually going. Also, it will measure how much cooling and power every IT asset is using. It will track every piece of IT asset that is available in your data center. This will ensure that you don’t need to worry about attacks. Also, this data will be collected and analyzed by the tool. They will present this data in a digestible format that you can understand. Thus, companies can remotely manage their entire deployment.

Data center cooling and power costs:

Many colocation customers are worried about their costs. They think that intelligent monitoring can increase their costs. Most companies are moving to the colocation environment for decreasing their data center costs. You can shift your expenses to the OpEx model by moving to a colocation center. This will help you in creating a better budget.

IM platforms provide you real-time data about power utilization. This is better when compared with various cloud-based solutions. If you are using cloud-based solutions, then it is very hard to control your cloud hosts. You need to figure out why your cloud costs are fluctuating. Colocation customers can use IM tools for checking their power usage. This will help them in figuring out why their costs are fluctuating. They might have launched a new application which is increasing the costs. Thus, they can directly increase their capacity without wasting their team. Also, some applications may be working hard during some specific time interval. Thus, you need to optimize these applications for controlling your costs.

In short, real-time data will help you in making faster and accurate decisions. This will help you in controlling your costs.

Intelligent Monitoring tools will increase your server uptime:

These tools are not limited to power consumption only. They can also track your real-time bandwidth usage. This is a very useful feature for organizations as it will help you in determining the peak time of your online services. If your bandwidth only spikes for some time, then you don’t need to worry about it. However, if these spikes are frequent, then you need to provide more bandwidth to your applications.

These are the main advantages of using intelligent monitoring tools. It will help you in tracking the real-time bandwidth and power usage. Thus, you can avoid system and network downtime. If you are not using these tools, then you will get to know about the increased bandwidth when your systems are down. These tools will help you in evaluating your entire infrastructure. This will also help you in locating and addressing problems that are present in your infrastructure. Thus, you can avoid costly downtime by using the latest intelligent monitoring tools.

How to Evaluate IM tools?

There are various IM tools available in the market. However, not every tool is actually good for your data center. Colocation centers should ensure that they are working with a good colocation data center. Your partner should offer you a good level of control and transparency. We are going to talk about some factors that you should look for in your partner.

  • It is not easy to entrust your essential IT equipment to a colocation data center. Companies are always worried about the fact that they might lose control over their data and applications. IM tools can help you in solving this concern. Make sure that you don’t need to pay any additional fees for these tools.
  • Make sure that your partner can provide you with real-time data. Many colocation centers are not offering real-time data to their customers. If your partner can’t provide you real-time data, then they are not using good intelligent monitoring tools.
  • You should ensure that you can control your IT assets from these tools. Good IM tools will automatically be integrated with the remote hands service. This will ensure that you can track and issue tickets. You can easily find the location of all your IT assets. Thus, you can control your IT assets remotely from your office.


Intelligent monitoring tools are very important for colocation data centers. You should ensure that your partner is providing this capability. This will ensure that you can track real-time power and bandwidth consumption data. Also, you can remotely monitor and manage your IT assets. This is very important for companies that are handling confidential data. If you need more information regarding intelligent monitoring tools, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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