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The Importance of Colocation Data Centers in the Virtual Workplace

By April 5, 2020No Comments6 min read
Colocation data centers

Most organizations are embracing digital transformation. Thanks to cloud computing, most people can work from their homes. Also, most people have access to high-speed internet connections. Thus, they can easily work from their home. Many organizations are thinking to shift their workforce from office spaces to the virtual workplace.

What is Virtual Workplace?

The Virtual workplace is not located in any specific physical location. Remote work was mostly done by freelance professionals. However, it is becoming more common with time. The coronavirus outbreak is already forcing everyone to work from their home. They can use virtual workplace tools for collaborating with other team members. Thus, your team can complete their projects from anywhere in the world.

The traditional official space was perfect for businesses in the last century. However, now most small businesses can’t afford office spaces. They can save a lot of money by working remotely from their home. According to a study by PG, companies can save up to $10000/employee if they are working from a virtual workplace.

You will also get access to a better talent pool. Companies can get access to skilled employees that are working from developing countries. Thus, they can develop innovative services without moving to an expensive market. Remote workers are also more productive when compared to normal workers.

The coronavirus pandemic is also forcing employees to work remotely. If you have a virtual workplace, then your employees will also stay safe. Most companies are asking their employees to work remotely. This will help companies in reducing the transmission of the coronavirus.

The importance of colocation Data Centers in the virtual Workplace

The data centers also play a very important role in the virtual workplace. However, it will depend on the data center solution that you are using. It is always a good idea to work with a colocation data center. They will help you in managing your IT stack.

Data centers are the most important thing for a virtual workplace. Your employees can use it for accessing their data. Also, they can easily access your critical business applications. It is important to ensure that your data center environment is secured. Your employees will daily log into your network. Thus, they will be using the IT assets that are located in your colocation data center. It is important to ensure that this process is streamlined and secure. This will help you in protecting your IT assets from attackers. Colocation data centers offer various amazing services to remote workers. Some of the advantages of working with a colocation data center are:

  1. Outsourced Infrastructure Management

Many organizations are thinking to shift from physical space to virtual workspace. However, they also need to store their applications and data somewhere. Some organizations are using cloud-based solutions for storing their data and applications. However, some organizations are storing their important systems on physical servers. This will ensure that they can control their IT assets. The colocation data center will offer efficient cooling and power to your business. Thus, it will help you in controlling the costs of your server. Most private facilities are not using energy-efficient technology. Thus, you need to invest more money in running it. Colocation providers will also provide remote hands support to your company. Thus, you don’t need an IT team for troubleshooting your problems. Your provider will help you with solving every problem. These advantages will help you in saving a lot of money. You can eliminate the physical infrastructure. Thus, you can easily work from any virtual workplace.

  1. Cloud Access

Colocation data centers will also provide amazing connectivity options to you. Thus, you will get access to the best cloud service providers. Cloud computing is very important for every remote worker. They can use it for accessing critical data and applications. These tools will help your remote workers in collaborating with each other. If you are using colocation data centers, then you can easily set up any cloud environment. Thus, your workers can easily work from their home. You can use a single cloud provider for handling your cloud needs. Some companies are also using multi-cloud deployment for providing cloud services to their employees.

  1. Reliable

Data availability is the biggest challenge that remote workers are facing. If remote workers can’t access the applications and data, then they can’t work from their homes. Your remote workforce can be geographically distributed. Thus, your employees can work from anywhere in the world. If they can’t access your network, then it will affect their productivity. Many companies think that they can avoid this by working with a good cloud provider. However, cloud providers don’t offer 100% uptime SLA to their clients. Even AWS is only offering 99.99% SKA uptime to its users.  Thus, your employees can face downtime. This can affect the productivity of your employees. Also, you can lose a lot of revenue if your employees are not working. There are many colocation data centers that are offering 100% uptime SLA to their clients. They have better reliability records when compared to cloud providers. The colocation data centers provide better reliability to their clients. Thus, your employees can access your critical applications and data from anywhere in the world.


Many companies are thinking about the virtual workplace due to the coronavirus outbreak. There are many befits of having a virtual workplace. Your employees can easily work from their home. If you are thinking about moving to a virtual workplace, then you should consider working with a colocation data center. They are more reliable and secure when compared to cloud infrastructure. Also, you will get access to various cloud providers. If your employees can work remotely, then you don’t need to rent a physical workplace. This will help you in saving a lot of money. Colocation data centers are becoming an important part of every company’s IT strategy. These data centers will offer flexibility to your organization. Thus, you can use them for achieving true digital transformation. If your workers are working remotely, then they will also stay healthy. You can protect your workers from this pandemic. Also, the virtual workforce will help you in competing with your competitors in the future. If you need more tips regarding the virtual workplace, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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