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How to Enable Remote Work During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By March 19, 2020No Comments5 min read
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The coronavirus outbreak is becoming more serious with time. Companies are forcing their employees to work from home. This will help companies in protecting their employees from this outbreak. The WHO is also advising people to work from home. It will also help the governments in containing this virus. Most companies have already suspended work-related travel. They are trying to make sure that their employees are healthy. Also, most conference organizers are canceling their events. Almost every tech conference is getting postponed or canceled due to this Covid-19 quarantine.

How to securely work from your home?

There are many jobs that people can do from home. Most of the IT work can be done from home. However, many companies think that their employees will lose productivity. Many employees think that going 100% remote is a very easy task. Most employees are already working remotely part-time. They use SaaS tools like Google Docs, Salesforce and Office 365. These types of tools will help them in working from home. We have already talked about the best SaaS tools available in the market. These tools will help you with working from your home. You can even do meetings from your home. However, there are many more things that you should keep in mind. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you securely working from your home.

Secure the Technology

Most employees can already remotely access their emails. They can use various tools for managing their work schedule. However, there are many other files and applications that your employees can’t access. There are many critical applications that can be accessed in the office only. Thus, you need to configure these applications for remote access. This will ensure that your employees can access these critical applications from their homes. Your developers can create products from home. However, they will need access to various critical applications. For example, they need access to your database for creating applications. If there are any apps running on a specific machine or your network, then you need to generate remote users. However, make sure that you are giving the least privilege permission to these users. It is a good time to buy RDP or remote desktop protocol licenses. You should also buy VPN licenses for your employees. This will help them in securely connecting with your network. Sometimes your employees can use public Wifi networks for accessing your network. This can create many security loopholes in your network. Hackers can intercept your employee connection. Thus, they can steal critical data from your network. You need to ensure that you have enough VPN licenses. Your employees can use these VPN connections for connecting to your network. This will help you in protecting your critical applications and data. Also, you need to ensure that everyone can connect concurrently. Thus, you should buy an extra license for your employees.

Telephones are still important

Companies need to make sure that their employees can still access their voice messages. Also, they should still have access to their work calls remotely. Thus, you need to handle the main office telephone line. Someone in your team can handle the office line. However, it is a good idea to use multiple peoples. These people should work in rotation. Thus, it will help you in maintaining your office line.

Many organizations also issue their own mobile phones. You need to check if their plan allows prolonged use of these devices. Also, you need to check if your employees can use them as hot spots. There are many organizations that are following BYOD or bring your own device. Thus, your employees can use their own devices for doing your work. However, you should pay for the mobile data that they are using. Also, you need to transfer calls between different team members. Your employees also need to share content with each other. There are various tools available in the market. Your employees can use these tools for communicating with each other.

Operations Concerns

If you are closing a physical location, then there are various other issues that you need to deal with. For example, if your office is closed, then how will you receive your packages and mail? There are many more issues that you need to deal with.

Also, you need to communicate with your employees. You should consider about their compensation. There are many workers that can’t work remotely from their home. Are you also going to compensate these employees? These are the important questions that you need to answer.

You should ensure that all your sick employees are working from home. If some employees have sick children or spouses, then they should also work remotely. Your sick leave policies must follow public health guidance. Also, your employees must know about these policies. The last thing you need to worry about is attendance. You need to use some tools for monitoring your employees. This will ensure that your employees are actually working from home. There are many tools available in the market that you can use. These tools will help you in monitoring your remote employees. Companies that have a remote workforce are already using these tools. These tools will help you in tracking your employees.


Most companies are already forcing their employees to work from home due to this outbreak. It is important to ensure that your employees are safe from this virus. If your employees can work remotely, then you should ask them to work from home. Also, if your employees are sick, then they should strictly work from home. We have already talked about the best tools for remote workers. Your workers can use these tools for working from their homes. However, there are many more things that they need to consider. You need to make sure that your employees can communicate with each other. If you need more tips regarding remote work, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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