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4 Biggest Digital Transformation Trends of 2020

By March 29, 2020No Comments6 min read
Digital Transformation Trends of 2020

Digital transformation is the most important goal for modern organizations. It is forcing them to change their network infrastructure. Every company wants to provide better services to their customers. These network changes are going to change how businesses operate. It will help them in engaging more customers.

Digital transformation is the utilization of digital technologies for modifying business processes. This will help companies in meeting the expectations of their customers. There are various ways to achieve digital transformation. However, it is important to know about the latest digital transformation trends. In this article, we are going to talk about the digital transformation trends that will impact your network.

  1. Customer Experience

Most customers expect seamless interaction when they are using network-based services. Your customers want to access your services from anywhere in the world. Also, they want it to be consistent across their multiple devices. Sometimes they might use your mobile app for doing some work. However, they want this information to be stored in your database. This will ensure that they can access your service from their laptop. Customers don’t have the patience to deal with the inconvenience.

It is difficult to provide a seamless experience to your customers. The modern systems are becoming more complex with time. Thus, it is important to understand the need and expectations of your customers. According to many surveys, more than 90% of companies are going to compete on the basis of customer experience. Thus, you should try to provide a better customer experience. This will help you in retaining your customers. There are various choices available in the market. If your customers are not satisfied, then your customers will move to other platforms.

  1. Data is everything

Data is the most important thing for modern companies. If can accurately gather and analyze the data of your users, then it will help you in improving your services. These things will help you in streamlining your operations. You can quickly create new services and products. Also, it will help you in providing a better experience for your customers. You can use social media and IoT devices for collecting more user data. Also, there are many edge computing applications that will help you in analyzing this data. This is helping companies in expanding their storage.

However, this data is mostly unstructured. You need powerful tools to identify trends in this data. These tools will help you in understanding this data. Most organizations are using cloud computing platforms for computing their data. They are using modern Machine learning algorithms for analyzing these data. If you want your business to succeed, then it is important to build Hybrid IT platforms. This will provide maximum availability and flexibility to your business. Also, you don’t need to compromise the security for achieving flexibility.

  1. AI

It is becoming difficult for companies to manage complex hybrid IT infrastructure. Thus, AI is going to play a very role in this decade. You can use AI applications for automating many core functions. Thus, it will help you in effectively managing your business operations. AI applications like chatbots are helping companies in communicating with their customers. They don’t need to hire people for talking to their clients. There are many robots that are streamlining the whole warehouse operations. Machine learning algorithms are automating the whole loan approval process. These algorithms are also helping banks in detecting frauds. If you want your business to succeed, then it is very important to use AI. You can use AI for providing better services to their customers.

Many companies are now investing in AI and Machine learning. According to a report by IDC research, companies are going to invest more than $45 billion in AI. AI can’t automate every industry. However, it can help you in completing your manual tasks. Also, they are going to play a very important role in delivering your services to customers.

  1. Colocated Infrastructure

In the modern world, companies don’t need to host their network systems in their own server room. Organizations can now build better network systems. They can use more energy-efficient and reliable infrastructure for building their network systems. This will help them in delivering better services to their users. Also, it will minimize the downtime of your services. You can also easily scale up your operations according to demand. Many companies are thinking to use cloud technology. However, there are many companies that can’t use this technology. They want to control their data. Thus, these companies can’t use cloud technology.

Colocation centers are perfect for companies that don’t want to give up control over their data. You can move your servers to carrier-neutral colocation centers. These centers will provide you with a reliable infrastructure. Also, they will protect your server from intruders. They will also give you access to fast cross-connections. Most colocation centers are working with leading cloud providers. Even small companies can get access to reliable IT infrastructure. They don’t need to worry about building their own data center. You can simply move your servers to colocation centers.


The next decade is going to be very tough for companies. It is important to digitally transform your company. Most online services depend on networks. Even physical products depend on IT infrastructure. You can use IT infrastructure for reaching your customers. Thus, it is important for companies to complete their digital transformation. This will help you in growing your company. Thus, you can compete with your companies in your niche. If you have access to reliable IT infrastructure, then you can provide services to your customers. Hence, it will ultimately increase your revenue. You should also focus on the latest Digital Transformation trends. Companies are using technologies like AI for providing better services to their users. If you need more tips regarding digital transformation, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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