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5 Common Cloud Migration Problems & How to Overcome Them

By June 18, 2020No Comments5 min read
Cloud platform Migration Problems

There are many advantages to moving to the cloud. Thus, many SMBs are moving their applications and data to the cloud. Cloud computing is probably the most important technology of this decade. The number of cloud providers is increasing with time. Also, cloud solutions are increasing with time. Most businesses are already using cloud technology. Even small businesses are now moving to the cloud platform. However, you need to create a strategy before migrating to the cloud.

You need to do proper planning before moving to the cloud. If you are not ready to deal with the cloud migration challenges, then it will be costly for your business. However, if you already know about these challenges then you can easily overcome them. In this article, we are going to share some common cloud migration problems. Also, we will help you in solving these problems.

  1. Develop a cloud migration strategy

Most IT professionals already know that you can’t directly adopt any new technology. You need to develop a solid strategy first. The cloud is also just another technology. You need to make sure that you have a cloud migration strategy first. Make sure to find the right provider for your enterprise. Also, you need to analyze the costs of moving to the cloud. You should project potential downtime and train your employees. If you have a large business, then it will be very difficult to move your entire data to the cloud. You need to create a timeline for your cloud migration strategy. This will help you in minimizing the downtime of important applications.

  1. Break down your plan into different stages

You can’t move all your data to the cloud at once. Every business wants to move their data to the cloud. However, you need to identify the data first which you are going to move. You should move your redundant or non-essential data in the starting. This will ensure that you don’t need to worry about any downtime. Also, you can test the migration process. Your employee might make some errors during this process. They can delete or corrupt your data by mistake. Hence, you need to make sure that you are moving non-essential data in the starting. You don’t want to risk your important data in the starting.

  1. Cloud Migration Costs

It can be expensive to move your data to the cloud. You should project the financial impact of cloud migration. The cloud platform is very cost-effective in the long term. It is one of the main advantages of the cloud platform. Every SMB is moving to the cloud for saving their money. However, cloud migration is expensive in the starting. Your costs will depend on the data that you are moving to the cloud. You need to train your employees. This will ensure that your employees can use new tools. Sometimes you need to rewrite your applications as they are not compatible with the cloud platform. You might need to hire developers for rewriting your applications.

  1. Cloud security questions

Cloud security is another very important cloud migration issues. You need to address this cloud migration issue. Many companies are still not moving to the cloud because they think cloud security is weak. If you are using a cloud platform, then you are giving your data to a third-party. Thus, you should make sure that your cloud provider is trustworthy. If you are not working with a trustworthy, then your cloud operations will burn. You should know about your cloud provider security practices. Make sure that you always know the location of your data. Also, your provider should encrypt all the outgoing and ingoing data. Make sure that your cloud provider is following security compliance. This is more important for businesses that have access to financial data as they need to follow PCI DSS compliance. Also, companies that are in the healthcare sector need to follow HIPAA compliance. They should make sure that they are working with a provider that is compliant.

  1. Training your employees

Cloud migration mostly fails because companies never train their employees. If your employees don’t know about the new technology, then they can’t use it. This will nullify all your investments. You need to make sure that your employees know about the latest technology. Most employees can’t understand the solution on their own. They need professional help from experts. Thus, you can partner up with an experienced MSP. They can help you in teaching your employees about cloud technology. You should give enough time for your employees. This will ensure that they can learn about the latest tools. They should know about all the solutions that you are integrating. You can train your employees during the cloud migration process. Make sure that you are not dumping new technologies on your employees. You need to properly train your employees before introducing any new technology. Your employees should have enough knowledge and skills. This will ensure that they can work on the new cloud infrastructure. Cloud providers will also offer you video tutorials or training sessions. You can use this material for training your employees. Allocate special time for training in your cloud migration timeline.


You can make your business processes more innovative by moving the cloud. However, there are still many cloud migration problems that you need to overcome. You should stock all the in-house expertise and business processes. This will help you in developing a perfect cloud migration strategy. Your cloud migration strategy will help you in fulfilling your organization’s needs. First, you should work on creating your migration strategy. After that, you should divide your migration strategy into different stages. Make sure that your cloud provider is protecting your data. You can work with an MSP like Bleuwire as they will help you in protecting your cloud infrastructure. Also, you should train your employees before moving to the cloud. If you need more tips regarding cloud migration, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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