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Why You Should Outsource Your IT Security

By June 12, 2020No Comments6 min read
Outsource Your IT Security

Cyberthreat landscape is becoming more complex with time. Hackers are targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, SMBs are looking for options that will help them in protecting their data. Networks are becoming more complicated with time. Hackers are using better methods for hacking into networks. The rise of IoT or the Internet of Things devices is also affecting this. More devices are now getting connected with your network. Thus, hackers can use these devices as an entry point. According to a report by CDW, more than 25% of security breaches have caused serious problems for the organization. Most SMBs don’t have enough resources to protect their network. Thus, they should consider working with an MSP or managed service provider.

Small Businesses are also at risk

Business leaders should understand the consequence of security breaches. You can’t protect your systems by just installing some anti-virus. Many small businesses think that they are not at risk because they don’t have enough revenues to attract attackers. However, small businesses are more susceptible to hacking attacks as they are simple or soft targets for attackers.

According to a study by Ponemon Institute, more than 61% of SMBs have experienced some kind of cyberattack in the past year. This figure is increasing every year. Also, hackers are using more complex attacks for attacking these businesses. In 2016, only 2% of hackers were using ransomware attacks but now more than 52% of them are using ransomware attacks.

Why Outsourcing is the Perfect Choice for your business

SBMs should consider outsourcing cybersecurity to good MSPs like Bleuwire. Medium-sized companies will have some internal IT staff for implementing the basic cybersecurity program. Businesses that have good technical talent will want their employees to invest their time in creating new solutions. They don’t want their employees to waste time implementing security solutions. You need specific niche skills for implementing these solutions.

You can consider hiring a security expert that will help you in protecting your business. However, it is not easy to find security experts. You need to look for specific talent. Also, these security experts will charge a lot of money. Security professionals are currently in high demand you need to invest a lot of money in hiring them. Also, it is very hard to retain them. Thus, SBMs should consider working with a good Managed service provider. We are going to share some tips that will help you in finding the right partner for your business.

  1. Understand your business goals and model: Every business has unique security needs. They are exposed to unique security vulnerabilities. Thus, your MSP provider should understand your business model. They should be familiar with the technology that you are using.
  2. Develop a good security plan: Businesses should look for MSPs that will help you in developing a security plan. They should recommend you best practices and tools. Your provider should suggest good technologies and security procedures. Also, they should help you in creating a good disaster recovery strategy. They should also help you in following standard security regulations.
  3. Easy to work with: Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire are experts in managing your security needs. Also, they know how to manage their clients. This will ensure that you can easily contact them.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Security

  1. Cost savings

If you are hiring an on-site security professional, then you need to invest in their training. They need to learn about new technologies. Also, you need to invest money into new software and hardware. If you are outsourcing IT security, then you will only pay for the services and technology upgrades that you are using. This will help you in relocating your extra budget to other areas.

  1. Diversified Experience

If you have an on-site security professional, then they will always monitor the same analytics. Also, they will look for general problems. They will forget about other security concepts if they are not facing any new challenges. Your outsourced IT security team has the best certifications. They already know about most security issues. Thus, they can help you in quickly solving your problems.

  1. Immediate Upgrades

Most SMBs get breached because they are using old systems. These old systems are generally more vulnerable when compared to new systems. Make sure that all your software and systems are updated. A good MSP like Bleuwire will have access to all the latest technological tools. These tools will help you in protecting your critical data. The existing systems will eventually reach their expiration dates. Thus, you need to regularly update your systems and tools.

  1. Layers of Security

You need different layers of security for protecting your data. It is important to ensure that your firewall is updated. Also, you need to install DMZ. Many companies have to implement HIPAA and PCI security standards. You need to use the best security practices for managing and monitoring your data. SMBs need access to password managers, anti-virus, DNS security, and good firewalls. Your MSP will help you in implementing these solutions. It will also ensure that your data is protected from local disasters like flooding or earthquake.

  1. Stay Focused

This is another very important advantage of working with an MSP. You will have peace of mind after outsourcing your security to a good team. Thus, you can focus your energy on other important things. This will help you in pushing your core business values.


Outsourcing your IT security to other providers will help you in achieving peace of mind. This will ensure that experts are monitoring your networks. They will recommend the necessary policies and technologies. You can also hire an in-house team for managing your security. However, you should make sure that your IT team is only focusing on your core products. This will ensure that they can make better products for your company. If you need more information regarding security services provided by MSP, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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