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Everything You Need to Know About CASB or Cloud Access Security Broker

By May 28, 2020No Comments6 min read
Cloud Access Security Broker CASB

CASB is the most common term that is used in the cloud security world. However, most companies don’t know anything about CASB. They don’t know about the benefits of using a CASB. In this article, we are going to talk about the CASB.

Definition of a CASB:

A CASB is a simple software that will operate between the vendors and cloud consumers. It will enforce governance and security policies for cloud applications. These applications can be hosted on both on-premise and cloud-based servers. CASB will offer basic control points to your IT department. This will ensure that you can enjoy the cloud benefits without worrying about security issues.

CASB services will help you in filling the security holes in your cloud network. It will help your security team in creating proper security. You will have complete cloud visibility of your cloud network. It will capture information traffic between your system and the cloud server. There are two types of CASB:

  • Agent-based CASB: If you want to monitor both personal and organizational data, then you should work with agent-based CASB.
  • Agent-less CASB: It is easy to deploy Agent-less CASB when compared to the Agent-based CASB. You can use it for protecting the data that is stored in your local devices.

Key Features of CASB:

  • DLP or Data Loss Prevention: This is the most important feature provided by CASB solutions. The data stored in your cloud server is prone to various threats. It is very easy to access your cloud services. Thus, it is very difficult to protect your cloud services from attackers. CASB solutions will help you in identifying the threats. It will also help you in building strict policies that will help you in controlling various threats.
  • Threat Protection: Every company wants to protect critical data like financial, personal, and educational data. Data leaks are becoming more common with time and they can destroy your business reputation. CASB will use various security technologies and policies for protecting your cloud data. It will check your user activities and also check the files that they are sharing.

Why your enterprise should use a CASB?

CASB is very important for every enterprise cybersecurity framework. Enterprises are using cloud-based services for efficiency and productivity. However, there are many challenges to working with cloud technology. CASB will help you in resolving these challenges. It will give you more control over your cloud-based applications. CASB will help you in solving most of the cloud security issues. Thus, you don’t need to worry about data leaks and breaches.

Benefits of CASB:

  1. Inspecting unauthorized access

Security is the most important requirement for every company. Most employees love to use their devices from remote locations. They might want to access your network from their home. Thus, there are more security risks involved with cloud technology. Enterprises want to allow free access to their workers. However, a simple firewall can’t protect them from security threats. A CASB can help you in solving this problem by inspecting every unauthorized access. This will ensure that only your authorized employees can check the data.

  1. Hackers

If your employees are using weak passwords, then hackers can easily hack their account. Thus, unauthorized users can get access to your company data. This mostly happens when you are not using any security measures for checking your cloud-based applications. A CASB solution will help you in identifying all these threats. It will also help you in monitoring the login activity of your users. If there is any security threat, then CASB will take action to protect your critical data.

  1. Access Control

Trust is the most important thing for cloud security. You should always follow the famous Zero Trust approach. It simply means that you are not going to trust anyone in your network. The data threats are increasing with time and it is very hard to monitor your cloud security without any CASB solution. You should know about the users that are accessing your classified data. CASB will help you in solving this problem by giving you full visibility over your user behavior.

  1. Cost-effective

CASB will help you in reducing your operational cost. You can track your entire user’s activity. This will help you in monitoring all the potential risks in your cloud network. A CASB solution will help you in building a risk-free cloud environment. You can build a risk-free cloud environment at a very effective budget.

  1. Device monitoring

CASB will help you in monitoring all the devices that your users are using. It will also monitor the access of unauthorized users. If some unauthorized devices are accessing your data, then it will immediately report to the admin. CASBs will help you in controlling all the cloud-based applications security. It will help you in detecting the data threats in your cloud network.

  1. Regular reporting:

CASB solutions will also help your enterprise in monitoring the behavior of your users. If some user is performing any suspicious activity, then it will block that user. These solutions are also perfect for small teams. If your team is not using the CASB solution, then you will waste a lot of time in auditing and reporting. Thus, CASB services will help you in improving the security structure of your organization.


The cyber-world is rapidly evolving with time. Thus, your organization is more prone to data and security breaches. Enterprises should evaluate the CASB software solution. It will help you in quickly identifying risks in your cloud network. Also, it will automatically take action against users that are performing malicious activities. Most companies are using CASB services for implementing better security policies. They use it for gaining more control over their cloud network. CASBs are very helpful in dealing with shadow IT activities. If you want to deal with shadow IT, then you should use a CASB solution. These solutions will also help you in gathering a lot of data. You can use these data for other purposes like checking cloud administration utilization. Thus, your admin can use this data for planning purposes also. If you want more information regarding CASB, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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