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Data Center vs NOC: Understanding Key Differences

By August 16, 2020No Comments
Data Center vs NOC

Data center and network management are becoming more complex with time. There are various complexities related to the data center and network management. Many things in the IT industry are changing with time. Most companies get confused between a data center and NOC. There are many similar things between the data center and NOC. However, they are actually very different entities.

In this article, we are going to talk about the data center and NOC. We will define both these terms. Also, we will tell you how they differ from each other. This should clear up all the misconceptions surrounding these things.

Definition of a Data Center:

Companies can store their server equipment and computer in a data center. You can think of it as a large building or a big room. This room or building will be packed with all the necessary equipment like servers and computers. This equipment will ensure that all your operations are running smoothly.

The data centers will provide a place for companies. Companies can use this place for storing, collecting, and distributing their data. It will include racks of servers. You can also store your spare equipment in data centers. This will ensure that you can easily replace your broken equipment.

These data centers contain a lot of important information and data. It is important to ensure that this data is protected from attackers. Companies will also store their sensitive data in these data centers. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are using the best security measures. These data centers will use high-security measures for protecting their data. This will ensure that people can’t access the data without proper authorization.

Definition of a NOC:

Network Operations Center or NOC is a control room. You can control your data center from the NOC. The data center and NOC will always go hand in hand. You can’t have a NOC until you have a data center. Similarly, you can’t have a data center until you have a NOC. You can imagine NOC as a room that is full of screens. Your engineers can monitor all the equipment from this room. This will ensure that you can monitor your equipment from a central room.

Your engineers that are working in NOC or Network Operations Centers should act fast. They should try to resolve issues as soon as possible. A small problem can create a lot of problems for your data center. It can lead to data loss. Sometimes it can even lead to a data breach. Thus, your engineers should quickly resolve all the issues.

Data Center vs NOC: Misconceptions

Most companies still think that NOC and data center are the same things. People think that every data center has a team of engineers. These engineers will monitor everything that is happening in their data centers. Also, some people think that Network Operations Center only contains server equipment. This is a complete myth as the data center is actually a storage base. You can monitor your equipment from the Network Operations Center.

How are they similar?

There is also some similarity between the data center and NOC. They are very important parts of the IT industry. The IT industry is actually heavily dependent on the NOC and data center. They are both helping companies in storing, protecting, and distributing their data. It will become very difficult to store data without these data centers. A data center will provide the right equipment to the companies. Thus, companies can easily store their data. However, a Network Operations Center will ensure that all the equipment is safe. It will help engineers in monitoring the data center. Thus, it will ensure that everything is in working order.

You need engineers in both the NOCs and data centers. They will ensure that both the centers are running effectively. You have to make sure that trained engineers are working in your NOC. Experienced engineers can quickly identify problems. They will relay this information to the engineers that are working in the data center. Thus, engineers in the data center can quickly fix these issues. They can solve the issues before they become big or problematic. These centers will ensure that your engineers can remotely manage the data center. They don’t need to visit the data center for monitoring the equipment.

Data Center vs NOC: Key Differences

  1. Data centers are used for storing computers and equipment. You can store your servers in a data center. Most modern data centers are actually massive. Companies are even working on hyperscale data centers which can contain tens of thousands of servers. Some data centers can take up multiple floors of your building. NOC only contains limited equipment. The main aim of NOC is to monitor your equipment. Thus, it mostly contains only screens. Your engineers can monitor your data center from this center.
  2. Data centers can also store and share a lot of information. However, a NOC will never interfere with your network. It will only monitor your servers and computers.
  3. Data centers have to meet various security compliances. They need to make sure that they are following all the government regulations. NOCs don’t need to follow any security compliances.
  4. Data centers require more security as it contains sensitive data. There are tons of sensitive data stored in a data center. Thus, it is important to protect this data from attackers. The threat level is very low in NOC. You don’t need to install any security measures for protecting NOC.
  5. The NOC will help you in solving your data center problems. Engineers working at the data center will only act after NOC engineers will tell them to. They will never look for issues by themselves.


NOCs and data centers are two separate entities. However, they will always exist together. You can store all your equipment in the data center. A NOC will help you in monitoring your equipment. You can oversee the entire operation without ever visiting your data center. However, you must have a good IT team that can help you in monitoring your network and equipment. If you need more information regarding network monitoring services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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