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How to Improve Data Center Compliance and Security

By April 30, 2020No Comments6 min read
Data Center Compliance and Security

Data is the most important commodity for data centers. You need a good security strategy for properly managing your data. A single data breach can destroy the reputation of your company. Also, data centers need to meet various security compliances. Colocation data centers help companies in managing this data They should take these compliances more seriously. This will help them in protecting the data of their customers. Data center security is becoming more important with time. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in protecting your data center.

  1. Use AI tools for Threat Detection

AI tools are becoming more popular with time. Data centers are using it to automatically control the temperature. You can also use it for improving the security of your data center. There are thousands of IT assets available in a typical data center. Thus, your team can’t handle these assets manually.

These IT assets are also growing with time. More companies are working with colocation data centers. Thus, they need to install more IT assets in their data center. AI will automatically change your data center configurations. Also, it can even find small vulnerabilities in your data center. Thus, it will help you in securing your data center.

There are many AI-based security solutions available in the market. If you are interested in AI technology, then you should check these cybersecurity solutions. You need to find the perfect tool for your data center.

  1. Find the Weak Spots in your data center

All security professionals try their best to follow all security standards. However, even the best security professional can’t find small vulnerabilities in your data center. You need to do a proper audit for finding these vulnerabilities. It is a good idea to work with an MSSP. They can perform the audit.

The data center sector is not the only one focusing on cybersecurity. There are many companies that are trying to increase their cybersecurity. The Department of Defense has already launched its CMMC program. Organizations that are working with the government have to follow this CMMC framework.

Data center providers should first conduct an assessment. After that, you can use the CMMC framework. This will help you in focusing on your weak spots. Cybersecurity is always evolving with time. Thus, you need to modify your plan with time. It doesn’t matter what your security audit shows. You need to keep on modifying your strategy.

  1. Check your Compliance Needs

Data center providers need to follow various compliance standards. These compliance standards will ensure that your client’s data is secured. Every company needs to follow different compliances. If you are working in the healthcare sector, then you need to follow HIPAA compliance. Thus, these companies are always looking for a data center that follows HIPAA compliance. You should ensure that you are following the HIPAA or HITECH regulations. If some company is in the eCommerce sector, then they need to follow PCI compliance. This compliance will help them in protecting the financial data of their users.

Data centers need to follow these compliances. They need to show their certificates to the clients. These certificates are provided by a third-party auditing company. They will assess all your operations and strategies. Sometimes your customers won’t ask for these certificates. They will assume that you are following all these regulations. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are meeting the most common security compliances.

  1. Secure your endpoints

Every device that is connected with your network is considered as an endpoint. These devices can be servers, laptops, smartphones, or even IoT devices. Data centers will give their rack space to their clients. If the client is not securing their server, then it can affect every other server in the data center. Hackers are always looking for unsecured devices in a network. For example, there are many clients that want access to the PDU. They can use it for rebooting their whole server. Data center providers should know about all the devices that are in their network.

  1. Examine your Physical Security

The external threats are still the greatest challenge for any data center. However, you can’t ignore other threats. You need to enforce physical security measures. These physical security measures will help you in protecting your data center from intruders.

According to a report by Fior Markets, the physical security segment is going to increase by 15% in this decade. Every data center is trying to increase its physical security. They are installing access control in their buildings. This will ensure that only people with the right privilege can access your data center. You can use this for protecting equipment that contains sensitive information. Companies are installing CCTV cameras in their data center.

Employee training is also very important for every data center. This will help you in reducing the possibility of human errors. Your workers should be capable of detecting suspicious behavior. Also, they should immediately inform about any suspicious activity to the supervisor.

The Zero-trust model is also becoming more popular with time. In this, your employees will not get access to any area in starting. They need to give credentials for accessing every area and system. This will help you in reducing the possibility of an insider threat.


Data breaches are a nightmare for any data center. It can completely destroy the reputation of that data center. Thus, it is important to protect your data center from hackers. This is the perfect time to check your security standards. These tips will help you in increasing the security of your data center. Also, you need to ensure that you are following all the security compliances. This will help you in attracting more clients. If you are following all the security compliances, then more companies will work with you. Thus, it is important to get certifications from third-party providers. If you need more information regarding data center security, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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