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Dedicated Hosting vs VPS: Which One Is Perfect for You?

By March 11, 2020No Comments
Dedicated Hosting vs VPS

Every website needs a hosting provider for hosting their services. If you don’t have a reliable hosting provider, then you can’t reach your audience online. Your host should adapt and scale according to your needs. You can either use a dedicated server or a VPS. In this article, we are going to compare both of these servers.

Definition of a VPS:

A Virtual Private server will host the data of multiple clients in a single machine. However, it is different from shared hosting. VPS is using a hypervisor for separating the clients. Every client will think that they have their own dedicated machine. Thus, VPS will help you in cutting down costs and resources.

The structure of the VPS and shared server are very similar. However, they both use different software. VPS hosting offers more resources to its clients. Thus, it is better than shared hosting.

Definition of a Dedicated server:

If you are using a dedicated server, then only you can use its resources. You can access resources like network access, processing power, memory, and storage capacity.

Benefits of VPS

  1. Pricing

VPS hosting is generally cheaper when compared to the dedicated server. The cost of VPS is less because multiple clients can share it. Thus, multiple clients will share the cost with you. This will bring down the cost of hosting. You will only pay for some part of the server. However, you will get access to every resource.

  1. Scalability

It is easy to scale VPS when compared to the dedicated server. If you need more resources, then the provider will allocate more resources to you. A dedicated server will give you access to all the resources. However, you need to add slots for expanding your resources. You can’t do this in real-time. Thus, first, you need to take down your whole server. If you are not using redundancy measures, then you might face downtime.

Benefits of Dedicated Server:

  1. Resources

This is the most obvious advantage of using a dedicated server. You will get access to all the computing resources. VPS can’t compete with dedicated servers in terms of processing power and memory.

  1. Security

Dedicated servers are more secure when compared to virtual servers. They can protect your data from malicious attacks. If only one client is using the resource, then they can easily manage the resources.

It is also easy to manage software installations in your server. This will help you in increasing the efficiency of your server. Also, it will reduce the risk of malicious attacks.

  1. Speed

The dedicated environment will also offer you superior speed. There is no virtual layer in a dedicated environment. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any latency issues. This will increase the loading time of your website. Also, your website can respond faster to requests.

  1. Configuration

If you are using a dedicated server, then you can configure your server according to your needs. Thus, it gives full freedom to the webmaster. A VPS also comes with various configuration options. However, there are limited configuration options available. For example, you can’t install any software that can compromise the security of the server. Also, you can’t install large software packages in the VPS environment. There are many limitations on storage allocation and memory. Thus, you can only use install small software packages.

  1. Management

You can easily reconfigure a dedicated server. Your software engineers can directly reconfigure the server. You don’t need to contact the customer care for reconfiguring your settings. Technicians can also try different processes and solutions. If you are using VPS hosting, then you can only try limited solutions.

Dedicated Hosting vs VPS: Which one is perfect for you?

If you have a small or medium-sized business, then you don’t need to access the resources of bare metal servers. Most companies don’t need to use all the resources. Thus, there is no benefit of buying the dedicated server. You can use VPS power for scaling up your business.

Hosting providers are trying their best to attract more SMBs. Thus, the pricing of the VPS server is very less. Most SMB companies are using VPN servers. However, most big companies are using dedicated servers.

If you don’t have an IT department, then you should go for managed hosting. It will cost you more when compared to traditional hosting. However, it will help you in improving the efficiency of your VPS server.

Also, you need to consider the future needs of your company. You should predict the growth of your company. After that, you should select a platform that will be relevant in the future. Many companies only think about the ability to scale up. However, sometimes you need to scale down due to less traffic. Thus, you should also check the ability to scale down. If you are using a dedicated server, then you will always pay for complete resources. Thus, you will waste a lot of money.


The hosted solution is the backbone of every website. You should assess your business needs. If you are looking for security, then a dedicated server is perfect for you. Most enterprises need access to full resources. Thus, dedicated servers are perfect for them. However, small and medium-sized businesses don’t need access to full resources. Thus, VPS is perfect for you. It will allow them to scale up or down. If you are getting more visitors, then you can easily scale up your resources. After selecting the server, you should find the hosting company. It is important to compare different hosting companies. This will help you in finding the perfect hosting provider. You should also consider the reputation of hosting companies. This will ensure that you are working with a legit partner. You should first understand your business needs. After that, you should choose between a VPS and a dedicated server. If you need more tips regarding servers, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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