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Everything You Need to Know About Managed Hosting

By February 22, 2020No Comments
Managed Server Hosting

It is difficult to buy and maintain new servers. You need extra space for installing these servers. The hosting solutions will become more expensive as your server grows. You will need a better IT infrastructure for handling customer demands. Thus, you should have a proper plan for dealing with increasing demands. You can work with a managed services provider for decreasing your operational costs.

What is Managed Server Hosting?

In this, you can rent servers from a managed service provider or MSP. This service is usually known as single-tenant or managed hosting. Also, the MSP will share their servers with one client only. This is perfect for those people that want to upgrade their IT infrastructure.

The best thing about managed hosting is that you don’t need to worry about shared environments. You will get dedicated servers and monitoring services. Also, your MPS will handle all the management, support and administrator task. These servers are usually located in the data center of your MSP. Thus, you can’t physically access your server.

If you are using managed services, then you don’t need to worry about maintaining your servers. Technology is only going to change with time. Thus, it is better to outsource your infrastructure vendor. This will allow your IT team to focus on development work. The MSP will maintain your IT infrastructure. They will also provide you a web-interface. You can use this web-interface for accessing your data and information.

Benefits of working with a managed hosting provider

If you want to store and secure your data, then managed hosting is perfect for you. These services will help you in cutting costs. Also, it will improve the efficiency of your business operations. Server malfunctions can damage the productivity of your employees. If your hardware is not working properly, then your whole server can go down. Thus, you can lose a lot of potential revenue. According to a report by CA Technologies, North American companies are losing more than $27 billion every year due to downtime. Some of the advantages of working with a managed hosting provider are:

  • Disaster Recovery and Backup

The best thing about MSP is that they will provide you uninterrupted service. If there is any problem with your backend, then they will handle it. Thus, your customers will never notice any issue. The MSP will offer you services like network protection, redundant servers, and backup solutions. Thus, you don’t need to worry about these things.

  • Scalability

If you are using managed hosting, then you can easily scale up your business. You don’t need to spend money on hiring server managers. The MSP will allow you to rent skilled experts. Thus, you don’t need to worry about hiring your own IT department. You can also predict the cost of these services. This will allow you to create a perfect IT budget for your business.

  • Better Security

The MSP providers will also protect your business from cyberattacks. They will encrypt your critical data. Also, they will map the data flow. Hackers are using technologies like AI and automation for hacking into enterprises. If you want to deal with them, then you need thousands of dollars in better innovation. The MSP provider will charge you very little for these services. However, you will get amazing security services from them.

  • Reduce Operating Costs

The best thing about managed hosting is that it will decrease operating costs. Thus, you can invest this money in other areas of your business. You will get access to the IT infrastructure of your MSP. Also, you will get access to hundreds of professionals that are work there.

They will take care of your networking, configuration and storage requirements. Also, they will maintain your complex tools, applications, and operating system. Your MSP provider will provide you technical support, security services and other great things at a very low cost. Thus, they will help you in saving a lot of money.

  • Save Money and Time

Time is very important for every business. If you have a small business, then you can’t waste your time in managing your servers. Also, you can’t hire people for managing your servers. Thus, it is perfect to work with managed hosting providers. If you are working with MSP, then you can focus on growing your enterprise. The MSP will also help you in saving a lot of money. You don’t need to worry about buying new servers.

Future of Managed Hosting

The market size of hosting was only $25 billion in 2010. However, this number has increased to $120 billion by 2018. According to some experts, these numbers will cross over $350 billion in 2020. The hosting market is growing very fast. Most of the businesses are moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

If you want to scale up your infrastructure, then MSP perfect option for you. You can easily add more servers for dealing with more traffic. It will even allow you to scale down your infrastructure. If you are working with MSP, then you are sharing the costs of security and setup. There are thousands of businesses that are working with MSPs. Thus, the effective cost of hosting is very less. Splitting costs will help you in saving your capital.


It is very difficult to manage and secure your in-house server. You need to invest in buying new servers. Also, you need an IT team for managing your servers. If you are using managed hosting, then you don’t need to worry about managing your servers. The MSP provider will manage your servers. Also, they will protect your data from attackers. Managed hosting will reduce your operating costs. Managed hosting will also help you in saving a lot of time. Thus, you will have more time to concentrate on important tasks. The market for hosting is only going to increase with time. Hence, it is a perfect time to invest in managed hosting. If you want more information regarding managed hosting, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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