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Everything You Need to Know About Bare Metal Hypervisor

By March 6, 2020No Comments5 min read
Bare Metal Hypervisor

Organizations are always looking for a flexible and scalable solution for their IT infrastructure. It is important to understand the difference between virtual environments and bare metal. In this article, we are going to discuss the basics.

Definition of Bare Metal:

Bare Metal is also known as the Dedicated Server. It is using a single-tenant environment. Thus, it can directly access the hardware technology. You don’t need to worry about any hypervisor overhead. Bare metal supports most of the OS.

The term actually means that you can directly use the hardware or server. Thus, you have the ability to access many features. These features are not available if you are using a hypervisor.

Definition of Bare Metal Hypervisor:

The Bare Metal Hypervisor is actually virtualization software. This software is directly installed in hardware and server. In simple words, it is the operating system or the host.

Thus, you can do the virtualization of the hardware components. You can use it for directly accessing your hardware and server. This will help you in separating the OS from the physical hardware. Thus, you can create many different virtual units. You can use this for hosting many different clients on one server.

Each client can access its own virtual server. However, they will share the physical resources of the server with different users. If there are 5 people on one server, then physical resources will get divided with time.

The hypervisor is providing scalability and flexibility to users. The hypervisor will help you in increasing the utilization of servers. Virtualization doesn’t need an internal OS. Companies are directly deploying them with bare metal servers. VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft are currently delivering the most famous hypervisor systems. There are many more companies that are entering this market. Thus, the hypervisor market is going to grow with time.

Features of Bare Metal

These servers focus on a single client only. Thus, you don’t need to share your server with multiple customers. If the client is running a virtualization platform, then they create a multitenant environment. Bare Metal will help you in streamlining your resources.

If your clients are using bare metal, then they don’t need to worry about other people. These servers also perform well in colocation and private data centers. If you want to buy your own bare metal server, then you can get it from a service provider. The best thing about this server is that you don’t need an operating system. However, you can still access most of the services.

Benefits of Bare Metal Hypervisors

Most companies don’t need the supreme performance of a bare metal server. Sometimes hypervisor will help you in utilizing your resources. They are more scalable and efficient when compared to the bare-metal server.

If you are working with a dynamic workload, then hypervisor is perfect for you. Most companies don’t need elite performance. Thus, the bare metal server is not suitable for them. Some of the main advantages of Hypervisors are:

  • Backup:

It is very easy to secure your virtual machines. If you want to backup a traditional service, then you need to pause it first. After that, you can create a backup of that service. Also, you need to take down your application. If you are using a virtual machine, then you can quickly capture the memory space. There are many snapshot tools available in the market. They will help you in capturing the memory space. You can save his snapshot in seconds. Also, you can easily locate these snapshots. This will help you in recovering your data.

  • Better Hardware Utilization:

If you are using a bare metal server, then you can host only a single application. Thus, you will waste your server resources. A hypervisor will help you in using your server resources. You can host multiple VM in your server. Hence, you can use more resources. These Virtual machines can run on different applications also.

  • Better Mobility:

You can easily move VM applications. The application is separate from the main hardware. Thus, you can easily mitigate between different virtual servers. If some server has more resources, then you can move your application. Also, you can do this without taking down your application. This is also known as the live migration process. You can also move the VM in the same hypervisor infrastructure. Containers will help you in achieving mobility.

  • Better Security:

The VMs are logically separated from each other. However, these VMs are not physically separated. Thus, these machines will run on the same server. Still, they don’t know about each other. If someone is attacking one application, then it won’t affect other applications. Thus, this will provide better security to your network. Hackers usually target a weak application. They will use that application for getting into your network. If your applications are isolated, then Hackers can’t move from one application to another application. However, you might see a noisy neighbour effect on your server. Hypervisors are still more secure when compared to the bare metal.


Every enterprise has different infrastructure needs. Thus, it is important to check all the solutions. This will help you in finding the perfect solution for your company. There are advantages of using both bare metal and hypervisor. Thus, it will ultimately depend on your business needs. If your IT team is more comfortable with bare metal, then you should work with it. It is always a good idea to test both systems. This will help you in comparing their performance.

Also, you can see their impact on your infrastructure. These services can have a huge impact on your service management. Thus, it is important to find the perfect service for you. You should have a proper understanding of flexibility, scalability, and security. This will help you in narrowing down your choice. The hypervisor solution is becoming more popular in the market. If you need more information regarding bate metal servers, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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