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6 Advantages of Data Center Virtualization

By November 14, 2019No Comments6 min read
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It is expensive to build and manage your own data center. You need to buy new equipment for your data center. Also, you need to hire experts who know everything about the data center. Thus, businesses are looking for an affordable way of storing data. Data center visualization is an old concept. In data center visualization, a virtual version of a resource of the device is used.

You can create a virtual version of devices like network, storage device, operating system, and even a server. This has also given rise to a new concept known as SSDC or Software-defined datacenter. You can use SSDC for minimizing your expenditure on equipment. Virtualization will allow you to optimize your equipment like the server.

There are various processes and technologies used for virtualization. If you are using virtualization technology, then you can host multiple virtualized data centers. After that, it can be used simultaneously by different applications or organizations. Data center virtualization will help you in optimizing your resources and infrastructure. Thus, the operational cost will automatically come down.

Advantages of Data Center Virtualization

  1. Reduce dependency on a single hardware

Server virtualization will help you in removing any dependency from your data center. It does so by replacing your old hardware with new virtual hardware. If you are using virtual machines, then you don’t need to worry about any specific server assembly for obtaining resources. The virtual machines will automatically take up CPU resources, storage, and RAM from virtual hosts. If some server is not working, then the machine will request the CPU resources from other sever. Thus, data center virtualization will provide you with more leverage and flexibility. This will also allow you to negotiate with your hardware vendor. Thus, you can save a lot of money.

  1. Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is very important for any data center. If you don’t have a good disaster recovery strategy, then you can lose your data. A virtualized data center has a simple disaster recovery strategy. They use screenshots of your virtual machines. If the data center is first hit by disaster, then operators can easily move all their virtual machines to another virtual host or server.

Data Center Virtualization has three key benefits when it comes to disaster recovery. Virtualization will provide hardware abstraction to your data center. You don’t need the same servers or equipment in the disaster recovery site. It will also provide you server consolidation. Thus, you need to install fewer servers in your facility. This allows businesses to create a replication site in very less money. The best thing about the virtualized server is that they have built-in software that will offer you automation in case of any disaster. Thus, your IT department doesn’t need to do anything. A virtualized server will automatically recover your data.

  1. Better Cooling

Heat control is the most important thing for any data center. If your data center is producing a lot of heat, then it will damage all the equipment. Thus, it is important to maintain an optimal temperature in the data center. This will help you in improving the life of your equipment. You can use various techniques for controlling the heat. But, still, all the physical servers will generate heat. The best way to reduce heat is by reducing the number of servers. You can achieve this by data center virtualization. If you are using virtual servers, then it will automatically reduce physical servers. This will help you in reducing the heat generated by your servers. Thus, you easily maintain the temperature of your data center.

  1. Cost savings

Servers or hardware are the most expensive thing required in the data center. Data Center virtualization won’t require any real server or hardware. Thus, you can implement it without investing much money. You don’t need a large area for creating an on-site facility. All you need to do is buy the license or start working with any third-party provider. The best thing about virtualization is that it will consume very little electricity. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your electricity costs. You will also experience very little downtime.

  1. Less Data Center Footprint

Data center virtualization will also help you in reducing your data center footprint. If you are using virtual servers, then you don’t need to buy any server. Thus, you will have less number of equipment and servers. This will also reduce your networking equipment. If you have less equipment, then you don’t need a large building for your data center. If you are a small or medium-sized business, then virtualization is perfect for you. You don’t need to invest money in buying physical hardware like servers. Virtualization is the best way to reduce your operational costs. It will also help you in increasing the efficiency of your data center

  1. Faster deployment of new resources

If you are using Virtualization, then you easily deploy new resources. You don’t need to set up your local machines, install technology components or create local networks. Your virtual environment will automatically spread the resources to the rest of the enterprise.


You can use data center virtualization for creating virtual servers. Thus, you don’t need to buy hardware or servers for your data center. This will allow you to maximize the usage of your hardware resources like servers. Virtualization will also help you in saving money. You don’t need to worry about buying expensive equipment. Data center virtualization will also help you in reducing your electricity costs. The best thing about virtualization is that it is very easy to use. You can easily set up it. The data center is changing with time. It is important to keep up with the pace. Thus, you must start using virtualized technology. If you want to know more about data center virtualization, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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