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How Data Loss Can Kill Your Startup

By September 29, 2020No Comments
Data Loss Can Kill Your Startup

Data loss is becoming more common with time. Sometimes attackers can steal all your data. Also, sometimes your employees can accidentally delete some important time. Most startups only focus on growing as fast as they can. They will try to get as many clients as they can. This has become more important during the coronavirus pandemic. New businesses are trying to make it work during such an uncertain economy. Due to this, many companies forget about important things like disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. This is a very costly mistake that you should never make. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of data backups.

Importance of data backups:

Data-loss can affect every type of business. However, it can actually kill small businesses and startups. You can lose everything if your data is lost. If your business is hit by a ransomware attack, then you need to pay the ransom. Most startups won’t have enough money to pay the ransom. Thus, they will lose access to email accounts, OS, company files, web servers, and mission-critical systems and data.

Companies have already lost billions of dollars due to these ransomware attacks. Even well-funded startups can’t recover from a disaster. It can completely destroy your startup.

Why startups don’t back up their data?

Most startups already know about these risks. However, they will still don’t make data backups a priority as they are busy with their normal tasks. There are many startups owners that think that hackers won’t steal their data. Also, many business owners think that DR solutions are not important for startups. You might think that it is better to invest this money into new technologies.

This can actually cause a lot of trouble for your business. In reality, every startup should back up their data once they have started operating. There are many BC and DR solutions available for startups.

Even a few files can kill your startup:

You might think that only a large-scale attack can kill your startup. However, even small data-loss incidents can destroy your entire business. It will be very difficult to recover from these incidents.

Your CEO might lose access to their email accounts. Attackers can also sensitive user data that you are storing. This will completely destroy your startup as you need to deal with various government regulations.

If your files are misplaced, then you will waste a lot of time in recovering your data. This will affect the productivity of your employees. If your employees are spending all their time finding files, then how will your business grow?

Consequences of data loss:

Data loss can derail your entire startup as you need to invest a lot of time and money in restoring your data. However, the costs of data loss won’t end here. You also need to deal with various consequences of data loss.

Most companies need to follow regulatory compliance. You need to factor in expenses like technical investigations, compliance fees, and attorney’s fees. Also, you will lose a lot of customer revenue. If you are operating in the financial and healthcare industry, then you need to deal with various regulatory compliances. Data-loss can result in massive fines and it can also derail your entire business operations.

Accidental data loss:

Most companies only think about data breaches. However, actually, data loss mostly occurs due to accidental deletion. Your employees are not technically-savvy users and they can sometimes do some mistakes. This will hinder your business operations.

Sometimes your employees can delete folders or files by mistake. Also, they might overwrite your important data. They might delete important files by mistake. Your files can also get deleted during a large data migration process. It is going to be very costly to even restore a single important file.

Dying hardware:

Your servers will die after some time. If your server dies unexpectedly, then it will affect your entire business. The most common cause of data loss is actually hardware failures. If your server is dead, then you will lose access to the data that was stored in the server. You can restore your data from cloud backup. If your entire drive is not working, then you will lose access to all the data that was stored in the drive.

Large businesses have access to resources and time. They can deploy a better and agile IT infrastructure. This will ensure that they can quickly replace the failed drives. However, most startups don’t have access to such technology. Thus, a data-loss incident can crush their entire business.

Best data protection strategies:

Every startup owner should work on protecting their business from data loss. Startups should implement intelligent Disaster recovery and business continuity systems. These systems will ensure that you can quickly restore your data. It is very difficult to find the perfect data backup system for startups. There are various options available in the market and the cost is going to play a major role. We are going to share some things that you should look for in a data backup solution:

  • Hybrid cloud backups: Make sure that your data backup solution can store data in the cloud. This will protect your business from disasters.
  • Backup verification: This will ensure that you can detect issues in your data backups.
  • Ransomware detection: Ransomware can completely derail your startup. Thus, you should ensure that your data backup solution can detect ransomware.
  • Virtualization: You should go for image-based backups. These backups can be quickly booted as virtual machines. This will ensure that your data and systems are protected from a data breach. You can quickly recover your systems and data.
  • Protection: Your BC and DR solution should always protect your data. It should protect your IT environment from breaches. In case of a data breach, you should have access to all your data backups.


These tips will help you in selecting the best data backup software. However, most SMBs don’t have access to an in-house IT team. Thus, they can’t implement these backup solutions. You should consider working with an experienced MSP like Blewuire. They will help you in quickly recovering your data in case of a data breach. If you need more information regarding data backup solutions, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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