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How the Cloud Can Help You in Building Resilience During Crisis

By September 7, 2020No Comments5 min read
Cloud computing helping business during crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every business. Businesses have already started working on their restart strategies. Companies have learned many new lessons. They are using remote tools for completing their work. Companies have learned to mobilize their resources quickly. They are innovating at an amazing speed.

Organizations are now moving to the cloud platform. The cloud is more flexible when compared to traditional systems. There are various benefits of using cloud platforms like cost-saving, flexibility, and reliability. According to a survey from Flexera highlights, more than 50% of organizations are thinking to increase their cloud usage. Cloud technology can help you in dealing with the crisis. If you want to ensure business continuity, then you should move to the cloud platform. In this article, we are going to talk about how the cloud can help you in building resilience during the crisis.

  1. Cloud enables remote working

The pandemic has changed the entire corporate world. It has turned remote working from a cool new thing to the new norm. Remote working is the norm now. Most companies were already adopting remote working. Almost every business has adapted to the remote working norm. Most of the workforce is now working remotely from their homes. Companies quickly turned to cloud technology. Cloud ensures that your employees can work remotely.

DaaS or Desktop-as-a-service model is trending. It is a boon for organizations during these tough times. This technology will ensure that your employees can access a cloud desktop. They can even use their personal devices for doing your work.

This also ensures that the company doesn’t need to worry about things like scalability, maintaining VPN connections, productivity, and security. Amazon is already offering a fully managed DaaS service to its customers. Your employees can use Amazon Workspaces for completing your work. Cloud ensures that your employees can access their digital workspace. It is an inevitable component that enables remote working.

  1. It provides the right tools for collaboration and remote learning

Educational institutions are moving to virtual classrooms due to the coronavirus pandemic. Educators can use virtual platforms for teaching. However, it is not easy to make this transition. Cloud-based collaboration and video tools were a boon for educators. They are using these tools for conducting virtual classes. Schools and children’s are using distant learning tools. These tools ensure that everyone can move to remote learning. Cloud-based video and collaboration tools are also important for the enterprise team. It ensures that companies can hold their meetings. Your team can communicate by using video conferencing.

Even health workers are using cloud-based collaboration and communication platforms. They are using these tools for coordinating with each other. The combination of cloud and telemedicine has opened up new possibilities for hospitals and healthcare workers.

The coronavirus pandemic is going to affect businesses in the long run. Thus, these cloud-based tools are going to become the new normal. They are going to be in the mainstream for a long time.

  1. Disaster recovery

Every business should work on their business continuity plan. Their business continuity plan should work during unexpected adversaries. Most disaster recovery plans only revolve around natural disasters like floods and power outages. Your plan might help you in dealing with a cyber incident. However, this new crisis has urged organizations to check their disaster recovery plans. Thus, companies are now updating their business continuity plan. Companies are now working on updating their DR plans. They want to ensure that their DR plans are sustainable for a longer period of time.

Cloud-based disaster recovery systems are more flexible when compared to other traditional systems. Most companies were already using the DRaaS solution. However, now almost every company is moving to the cloud. Cloud will ensure that you can work even during a crisis.

  1. Cloud is enabling AI and advanced analytics

Big data is very important for governments and medical researchers. Medical researchers can use big data for finding new drugs. Similarly, governments are using big data for contract tracing and predicting new clusters. You need access to a lot of computing resources for computing this data. Thus, the cloud has become the most important platform during this pandemic. Medical researchers and governments are using a cloud platform for analyzing their data.

You can use cloud technology for extracting important and relevant information from the massive data sets. Cloud tools will help you in extracting insights from these massive data sets. You will have access to infinite storage and real-time analytics. Also, the cloud is more secure and flexible when compared to traditional computing. Cloud has slowly become the best platform for advanced analytics. Almost every health researcher is using a cloud for conducting their research.

Organizations are also moving their data science projects to the cloud. They finally understand the true value of the cloud. Cloud-based analytics are very important for organizations. It will help you in addressing various critical factors. Big data can help you in cost-savings. Most countries are heading towards a recession. Cloud will provide agility and resilience to companies. It will help companies in reorganizing their entire business. Thus, cloud computing is very important for modern companies. Every business should consider moving their data and applications to the cloud platform. If you want to survive the post-COVID recession, then you should embrace remote work and cloud platforms.


Cloud is the most important technology for modern businesses. It can help you in building resilience. Cloud is more flexible and scalable when compared to traditional models. If you are using cloud platforms, then your employees can work from their homes. Thus, you can enable remote working by using cloud technology. Cloud is also enabling virtual learning. Educators can take classes from their home. You can run your business even during a crisis. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in moving your applications and data to the cloud. They will ensure that your entire cloud migration process is smooth. If you need more information regarding cloud migration, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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