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The Role of Cloud Computing in Coronavirus Battle

By April 16, 2020No Comments6 min read
Cloud Computing in Coronavirus Battle

The coronavirus pandemic is straining our healthcare system. Every country has imposed strict lockdown. Many researchers and scientists are developing a vaccine that can end this pandemic. They are analyzing and gathering a huge amount of data. This will help them in developing an effective vaccine. Cloud computing is playing a major role. Scientists are using the power of cloud computing for analyzing this huge amount of data. Cloud computing is flexible when compared to traditional computing. Thus, scientists can use it for accessing their applications and data. This will help them in quickly developing a vaccine.

The Importance of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Research

Healthcare organizations were already using cloud computing. The healthcare sector adopts new technology very slowly. They have to follow many strict regulations. Thus, they adopt new IT infrastructure very slowly. However, any Healthcare organizations are now shifting from on-premises solutions to cloud-based services.

Colocation data centers are more reliable when compared to the on-premise solution. Thus, many healthcare providers are also using colocation data centers. Also, cloud computing is more cost-effective when compared to traditional computing. Healthcare providers can use it for saving a lot of money. Some of the most important advantages of embracing cloud computing are:

  1. Scalability

Medical labs were limited due to their IT infrastructure. You can run limited applications on your server. This is determined by the processing power of your IT infrastructure. If you have reached those limits, then you need to buy new equipment.

However, if you are using cloud technology, then you can easily increase your processing power. You don’t need to buy additional equipment for increasing your processing power. This is very important for educational and government bodies. They don’t need to worry about getting any approval. Also, they don’t need to worry about meeting various regulations and standards. This will ensure that researchers can get access to the required IT resources.

  1. Processing Power

It is very difficult to conduct research in the medical field. You need to analyze a huge amount of datasets. The HPC or high-performance computing equipment handles this task. It is helping scientists in running their ML algorithms. Thus, researchers can analyze a huge amount of data.

However, most scientists don’t have access to HPC equipment. Thus, they have done research on slow computing equipment. These researchers can use cloud technology to increase their processing power. Also, they can use cloud applications for operating privately.

  1. Shared Data

Most researchers are sharing data with each other. This will help them in quickly developing a cure. They can use cloud technology for accessing this data easily. Applications and data that are stored in cloud servers can be accessed by everyone. Also, cloud providers are using a secure framework for protecting this data. Medical providers can share their patient data with each other.

Researchers can use cloud technology for accessing important data. This will help them in streamlining the research process.

Viral Research and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has already proved itself during the Africa Ebola crisis. IBM developed various cloud computing resources for helping health officials. This helped the researchers in modeling the spread of the epidemic. Thus, it helped them in controlling the Ebola virus.

The CDC also used cloud computing to fight influenza during the H1N1 outbreak. Data was gathered from every NIRC. This data was available on the cloud server. Thus, CDC scientists can easily access this data. They can find data about the new influenza strains. Researchers are working together in developing a vaccine for COVID-19. The CDC was already using cloud technology in controlling the flu outbreak.

Vaccine Research and Cloud Computing

The NRC system was perfect for dealing with seasonal flu. However, it is not easy to control the coronavirus outbreak. The researchers can still use cloud technology for dealing with this pandemic. However, it is important to understand the true scope of this problem. Researchers need more IT infrastructure and resources.

Many cloud computing providers are supporting healthcare research. IBM is providing AI resources to medical scientists. They can access these resources for free. Thus, researchers are using these technologies for developing drug treatments.

Oracle is also helping companies in developing coronavirus vaccines. They have already developed many cloud solutions. Thus, Oracle quickly rolled out cloud solutions for researchers. They used their Clinical Trial systems for gathering data related to coronavirus drug testing. Oracle also developed its own coronavirus Therapeutic Learning system. You can find all the Coronavirus treatments on this site. Australian researchers have used this tool for creating a potential vaccine for coronavirus.


Most healthcare providers are using cloud computing for testing coronavirus treatments. They are also using it for developing vaccines for coronavirus. However, they need a reliable IT infrastructure for developing these vaccines. They can’t deal with downtime during this crisis. Also, researchers need to quickly access the cloud platforms. Most healthcare providers are still using the legacy infrastructure. The old IT infrastructure is reliable. However, researchers can’t use them for conducting their research. They are not powerful enough to analyze complex data. Thus, researchers can’t rely on their old IT infrastructure. They need powerful infrastructure for analyzing and collecting complex data.

Colocation data centers are perfect for medical researchers. They can provide reliable IT infrastructure to medical researchers. Also, they will provide various connectivity options to these researchers. Colocation data centers will also provide on-site support to healthcare organizations. Thus, they don’t need to worry about managing their servers. The Colocation data centers will take care of their infrastructure needs. Most colocation data centers will provide 100% uptime SLA to healthcare organizations. Also, they are already following strict regulations like HIPPA. Thus, healthcare providers don’t need to worry about following these regulations. Medical researchers can use cloud computing for accessing data and applications. It will help them in analyzing complex data related to the coronavirus. Thus, they can quickly develop an effective vaccine. If you need more tips regarding cloud computing, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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