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How to Build a Strong Security Plan Framework for Your Enterprise

By January 28, 2021No Comments6 min read
Security Plan Framework for Your Enterprise

Your security plan is the basis of your security measures. It includes the processes, technologies, and tools that you are using for protecting your business from cyber threats.

If you want to get the best results from these policies and practices, then they should be part of your security framework. This will help you in defining the security measures that you are using. Also, you can define the usage of these security measures. You can integrate these tools with other business tools. In this article, we are going to give you some tips that will help you in building a strong security plan framework for your enterprise.

Definition of Security Design and Plan:

Security design and plan is an approach that will help you in improving your network security. It will help you in mitigating most of the security risks. A security plan refers to the different tools and systems that will help you in preventing attacks. However, security design mainly focuses on how the plan is built.

Every organization already has a security plan. They might have not intentionally implemented the current security design that they are using. However, still every business has its own security plan. If you have a weak security design and plan, then your network will have a lot of security gaps. Cybercriminals can easily crack these systems. Thus, you should focus on developing a strong security plan framework.

You can follow these tips for building a strong enterprise cybersecurity plan framework:

  1. Start with a pre-existing security plan

If you are confused, then you should study the security plans that other businesses are using. You should also check the existing plan that you are using. There are various different frameworks that can help you in protecting your business. You can use these frameworks as an inspiration. It will be difficult to find a perfect framework for your business. However, you can easily find a framework that will be close to your business needs.

There are various famous security plans that you can check. You should do some research on this step. This will help you in finding the best security plan for your business. You should ensure that your security plan is meeting your business needs. First, you should determine the problems that you need to solve by using this plan. You should develop a security design and plan framework that will help you in solving this problem. Make sure that your security plan framework is effective.

However, you shouldn’t use an existing framework as it won’t fit your business needs. You should borrow some elements from a different framework. After that, you can adapt these frameworks according to your needs.

One of the most famous robust security plan frameworks is the SABSA framework. SABSA framework is using a matrix along two different axes. You can use it for developing an effective security plan for your business.

One axis of this security framework will cover the physical and context layers of your plan. The second axis of this security framework will address the “who/why/where/when/what” of different security layers.

  1. Identify your business needs

The SABSA security framework will provide a detailed guide to you. You can use it for developing a solid security plan framework. It will be very difficult to tackle everything at once. You can’t create the complete security framework in one night. If you are creating your framework in one night, then you are always going to miss important details.

Don’t try to fix all the problems with a single security framework. You should first identify the biggest challenges that your business is facing.

Network security assessment and audit will help you in this step. These audits will help you in identifying vulnerabilities in your network. You should sort these vulnerabilities according to their priority. Make sure that you are dealing with the most serious vulnerabilities first. You need to deal with issues that are going to have the biggest impact on your network’s regulatory compliance and security.

This will ensure that you can focus your efforts on important issues. Thus, it will simplify the entire process for you. You can easily create a security framework for your enterprise.

  1. Get Buy-in from all levels of your enterprise

If you want to create a successful security framework, then you should take inputs from everyone. Make sure that you are taking inputs from the front-line workers to the CEO. Even your front-line workers are going to help you in handling the security issues.

You should ensure that your workers are aligning with your security plan framework. Sometimes your own employees can accidentally or intentionally steal your data.

You should take inputs from the senior-level officers. They will help you in modeling the security behaviors. This will ensure long-term success as you can implement the best security initiatives. If your employees are not following your security guidelines, then you can’t protect your business. Thus, you should ensure that your employees are comfortable with your security plan.

  1. Clear communication

Communication is the most important thing for your business. You can’t implement a security plan framework until you have a clear communication plan. Communication is going to be a core plan principle. If you don’t have a clear communication plan, then your employees will be confused. They won’t know about the procedures that they need to follow.

You should clearly communicate your expectations with your employees. This will ensure that your employees are actually following your framework. You should send a copy of your security practices to your employees. This will ensure that your employees are actually following the security practices.


These are some tips that will help you in building an effective security framework. A strong security framework will help you in protecting your business from security attacks. You should also consider working with a good MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in creating a security plan framework. This will ensure that your business is protected from attackers. Bleuwire will help you in implementing the best security practices and policies. If you need more information regarding IT security services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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