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How to Improve Your IT Security Architecture

By June 25, 2020No Comments6 min read
IT Security Architecture

Cybersecurity is the most important thing for modern companies. Attackers are trying to target your data. In reality, the cyberattacks are becoming more complicated with time. Hackers are using new attacks for stealing your data. According to a report by Jupiter Research, more than 33 billion U.S. records will be stolen by 2023. Thus, every company should focus on improving their IT security architecture. This will help you in protecting your data from these attackers.

It is your responsibility to protect your data from attackers. There are many advantages to having strong security architecture. You will experience fewer data breaches. Also, this will ensure that you are following security compliances. Your client will trust your brand. Thus, you can increase the retention rate. Bleuwire is a leader in IT solutions. They can help you in improving your security architecture. Also, they will help you in reducing your IT costs. We are going to share some tips that will help you in building a better security architecture.

  1. Document your security architecture

You should first check the security measures that you are already using. Also, you need to monitor and maintain these security measures. Check if these security measures have worked in the past. You should document the current state of your IT security. This will help you in judging if your security has improved. It will also help you in finding vulnerabilities in your network. You can also perform a complete IT risk assessment. Third-party providers can help you in auditing your current IT security architecture. Thus, they will help you in identifying vulnerabilities in your network.

  1. Document your target architecture

First, you need to document your current security architecture. You need to consider the improvements that you want. This will help you in finding your target security architecture. Your target security architecture will be act as a measurable work. You can create your security policies and procedures according to this goal. It is important to consider all the threats while creating your target architecture. This will help you in finding the right security solutions for your business.

  1. Develop a security management framework

You should compare your current security architecture and target security architecture. It will help you in creating a perfect security strategy. This framework should focus on your business objectives. You should consider all the security risks while creating this security framework. Your security framework should resolve all the conflicting business objectives. Also, it should fulfill the security compliance requirements. You should involve your business leaders while creating this framework. This will ensure that your business objectives and IT objectives are aligned. If you have already determined the risks, then you can find the right solutions for your network.

  1. Become proactive

Your security framework will mostly include all the reactive strategies. These strategies will help you in recovering from a security or data breach. Companies should include proactive security precautions in their plan. Most companies know how to handle the aftermath of a DDoS or ransomware attack. Still, they should work on creating proactive responses. This will help you in preventing these security threats. You need to monitor your networks for these attacks. It is not easy to recover from a security breach as it will affect your business reputation. Every business should focus on avoiding security attacks.

  1. Coordination

You need to first outline your security management framework. After that, you need to ensure that your executives and staff are working together. This will help you in preventing data loss. You should work with your executives for creating policies and guidelines. These guidelines will ensure that your employees are responsible for maintaining security. You should use policies that will help you in preventing simple incidents. Make sure that your employees can easily report incidents to your security team. You should include important things like changing passwords in your security policies. These things will help you in protecting your modern work environment. Also, you should create a strict BYOD policy. Most companies are getting hacked due to shadow IT.

  1. Create Security Barriers

You should include all the important security features like patch management and encryption. Firewalls will also help you in protecting your network. Make sure to implement physical security barriers. Security threats are evolving with time and they can come in all sizes. Most companies forget about physical IT security threats. You can’t ignore important things like theft and device damage. Make sure to install correct physical security solutions. They will help you in protecting your devices and data. You should regularly audit your physical security. This will help you in finding security solutions that can improve physical security. You can use biometric fingerprint scanners, alarms, and cameras for protecting your data. Make sure that you have backup generators. They will protect your network from a power outage.

  1. Network simulation and assessments

You can improve your IT network architecture by regularly testing your network. It is important to run simulations for testing your network. You should test all the security tools that you are using. This will ensure that your security solutions are working properly.

You can perform a DDoS simulation by sending excessive traffic to your site. This will help you in identifying gaps in your strategy. Also, you shouldn’t stop testing after deploying your plan. Make sure that you are testing regularly as it will help you in finding vulnerabilities.


Cyberthreats are not going to go away with time. You need to make sure that you are ready for every type of cyberattack. These tips will help you in improving your IT security architecture. You should use security strategies and tools for protecting your network. Most SMBs don’t have enough resources to maintain their security. They should consider working with a good MSP like Bleuwire. Bleuwire will help you in protecting your IT network from attackers and intruders.

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