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How to Deal with Major Network Challenges

By August 14, 2020No Comments
Network Security Challenges

Network issues can cause a lot of problems for your enterprise. Enterprise needs to deal with a lot of overhead costs due to these issues.

Network admins are facing various challenges in maintaining their network. If you want to ensure business continuity, then you should make sure that your network is always up. Enterprises are slowly expanding their network. They want to make sure that they can meet future demands.

Customers are going to use IoT devices in the future. Thus, you need more bandwidth for your network. It is important to create smart strategies that will help you in optimizing network performance. You also need to worry about the cost of your IT operations. It is important to address these major problems. They can have a huge impact on your business growth. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in addressing network management issues.

  1. Latency

Virtualization is currently driving the network modernization. It is transforming modern data centers. You can conduct most of the IT operations by using cloud technology. Cloud is helping enterprises in achieving consolidation through fast and unified communication.

You need to optimize network bandwidth for using these systems. This will ensure that you can share the huge amounts of data that you are generating. Otherwise, your network can suffer from various latency issues. These latency issues can slow down your applications and transfers. Also, you need to deal with the data bottlenecks. These bottlenecks occur due to poor network architecture. It can also occur due to slow-switch ports if they don’t match with your server speed.

You can eliminate latency issues by prioritizing bandwidth utilization. It is important to take a proactive approach to manage network traffic and underperforming devices.

You can also remove unused protocols like PGM, LLMNR, NetBios, and IPV6. These unused protocols can also consume bandwidth. This will lead to poor network performance.

If you have routers that are using COPS, then you can also run the QoS policy on your server. The QoS policy will help you in enhancing data streaming. It will use pre-defined rules for prioritizing data packets. First, you need to set your priorities. After that, you can prioritize the traffic according to applications and devices. Network admins can use it for dividing the bandwidth according to the device’s priority.

  1. Security

Cyber attacks are the biggest threat that companies are facing. Most attacks actually go unreported and unnoticed. You can lose millions of dollars due to a security breach. According to a report by Forbes, companies lost more than $2 trillion in 2019 due to cyber attacks.

BYOD devices connected with your network are the most vulnerable points in your IT network. Attackers can directly attack BYOD attacks like USB drives and laptops. These devices are also vulnerable to shadow IT. Thus, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities by using email worms, phishing, SQL injection, session hacking, and DDoS attacks.

You can combat these security vulnerabilities by working with an MSSP. Experienced MSSPs like Bleuwire will help you in defining proper security policies. They will help you in monitoring your entire IT network. You should do proactive monitoring of events and logs across devices and applications.

Your Security team should also ensure that your colleagues are educated. You can also consider the costs of working with an IT Security agency versus hiring an in-house IT security team.

  1. Downtime Management

According to a recent survey by Avaya, network outages can cost your company $55,000 per year. The main consequences of network downtime are that you can’t work on your projects. Also, your employees can’t work due to which you will lose productivity. It can disrupt your supply chain. Network downtime mainly occurs due to routing problems, misconfiguration, power outages, failure to upgrade, and human errors.

You need to take a twofold approach to deal with this problem. First, make sure that you are regularly monitoring your IT network. It is important to find nodes that are going to fail in the near future. You should also automate alerts regarding bandwidth utilization and high CPU usage. Make sure that your network can send an alert in case of malicious activity. This will help you in preventing data breaches and downtime. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will regularly monitor your network for issues. This will ensure that your IT security team can focus on other important things.

  1. Problem Management

If you are using a cloud for accessing your applications and data, then you need a centralized management system. This will help you in monitoring your interface and nodes. It will also help you in remotely fixing problems. Thus, you can quickly solve problems before they cause any disruptions.

The main challenge is finding the best tool for your business. You need to find tools that are cost-effective. These tools should also help you in dealing with bandwidth optimization and security challenges. The biggest obstacles for companies are limited resources, knowledge, and budget. They don’t have enough resources to meet the growing IoT needs. The cost associated with managing old IT infrastructure is very high. Thus, companies are trying to embrace new IT networking trends. They want to create a highly optimized network that will help them in saving money.

You can solve these issues by working with an MSP like Bleuwire. This will ensure that you don’t need to buy any network management tool. Also, you don’t need to worry about hiring an in-house IT team.

You can implement the best services and tools without burning your pocket. Your provider will help you with optimizing security and performance. An MSP can help you in minimizing your TCO and maximizing your ROI.


These are some of the major network challenges that companies are facing. Bleuwire can help you in pinpointing these glitches in your network. They will assess your network for vulnerabilities and glitches. This will ensure that you can address network problems. They will regularly monitor your network for vulnerabilities. If you need more information regarding Network Management, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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