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How to Improve Cloud Compliance and Security

By December 26, 2020April 19th, 2023No Comments6 min read
Cloud Security and Compliance

Cloud security is constantly changing with time. You can’t use traditional security solutions for protecting your cloud architecture. It is important to work on modern security architecture. The cloud security challenge can be solved by using a security platform that is specially built for the cloud. You can use automation for providing continuous remediation, prevention, monitoring, and analysis for cloud security. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in improving cloud security and compliance.

Definition of Cloud Security:

Cloud security is the hardware and software that you can use for protecting your cloud data. The security needs for businesses are changing with time.

Importance of Cloud Security:

If you are not securing your cloud environment, then your cloud data is at risk. Clients will only work with you if you can protect their data from attacks. More than 60% of data breaches involve security vulnerabilities that have been already patched. However, companies forget to update their security tools. You need to continuously monitor your software for security threats. We are going to share some tips that will help you in improving cloud security and compliance.

  1. Deploy MFA

Multi-factor authentication will help you in protecting your users from attackers. It will ensure that attackers can’t use stolen credentials for accessing your business applications and data. If attackers have access to your user credentials, then they can access your cloud-based applications and data.

You can protect your cloud data by using MFA or multi-factor authentication. Most companies are using 2FA or two-factor authentication. This will ensure that only authorized employees can access your cloud apps and data.

MFA is the most effective security control available in the market. It will ensure that hackers can’t access your cloud data. Most security experts say that MFA has become a new standard.

  1. Manage your access controls

Your employees don’t need access to all the data that you are storing. It is important to set the proper level of access controls. These controls will ensure that your employees can only manipulate and access the data that they need.

Access controls will help you in preventing human errors. It will also protect you from attackers as they can’t access your entire cloud environment.

Attackers can use phishing for tricking your employees. Thus, they will gain access to your entire private cloud.

Most companies don’t have access to in-house talent. Thus, they can’t protect their cloud environment. If you don’t have access to in-house security experts, then you should work with an experienced MSP. Experienced MSPs will take the burden of user management and access. They will help you in implementing the best security controls.

  1. Monitor your user activities

Real-time analysis and monitoring of user activities will help you in finding irregularities in your employee’s usage patterns. They might be logging in from different devices or IP. These activities generally mean that your entire network is breached.

Thus, real-time monitoring will help you in catching attackers before they can steal your data. There are various data protection solutions available in the market. You can use Endpoint detection systems, vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection systems.

  1. Create a good off-boarding process for your employees

If your employees are leaving your company, then you should ensure that they don’t have access to your cloud systems, data, intellectual information, and cloud storage.

Your working employees will have access to different cloud platforms and applications. Thus, you should create a deprovisioning process. This will ensure that your departing employees are revoked.

It can be difficult to manage this task internally. Thus, you should consider outsourcing this task to some other IT companies. They will help you in properly setting up and maintaining this process.

  1. Provide training to your employees

Attackers can use simple attacks like phishing and social engineering attacks for stealing your data. They will gain access to your cloud data and applications. MS office 365 has become an attractive target. Every hacker is trying to hack into office 365 accounts.

You should provide ongoing security training to your employees. This is the best method to protect your employees from attackers. It will ensure that your employees won’t fall victim to these scams.

  1. Use cloud backup solutions

There are some risks associated with cloud platforms that you need to deal with. You will very rarely lose your data due to your cloud provider’s mistake. However, you can still lose your data due to human errors.

Sometimes your employees can accidentally delete your files. Similarly, your rogue employees can clear their inboxes and folders. Due to this, you can lose important data.

Most cloud providers like MS and AWS will store your deleted data for some time. However, after this time period, they will permanently delete your data. You should first check your cloud provider services. Make sure that they can retrieve your data in case of accidental deletion. Also, you should check their fees.

Most companies need to follow strict security regulations and compliance. Companies operating in the healthcare sector need to follow HIPAA compliance. Similarly, companies operating in the financial industry need to follow PCI DSS compliance. Due to this, your company will be held liable for corrupted or missing data. Thus, you should consider using cloud-based backup solutions.

There are various cloud solutions available in the market that can protect your data. You should consider working with a reputable IT MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will help you in finding the best security solution for your business.


Cloud computing is the most cost-effective solution available in the market. You can ensure that it is secure by using the correct security solutions. It is important to follow the best practices in managing, provisioning, installing, and selecting cloud services. These practices will help you in optimizing your cloud architecture. You can enjoy the cloud services while protecting your sensitive data. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in designing a good cloud computing strategy. They will help you in tying all the cloud pieces together. Also, they provide ongoing monitoring and management to your cloud employees. Thus, you should consider working with a good MSP. If you need more tips regarding cloud security, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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