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How to Improve Your WAN Security

By August 23, 2020No Comments5 min read
Improve Your WAN Security

The mobile devices, cloud services, remote workforces, and the internet have created new opportunities for small businesses. Also, these things have created various challenges for CIOs. It is very difficult to follow all the security regulations. You need to create a privacy policy for protecting your user’s policy. Also, you need to manage the mobile devices that are operating in your network. Attackers can target these devices for hacking into your company network. These devices offer various new ways to do business. However, there are also many risks associated with these devices.

WAN or Wide area networks are helping businesses in creating cohesive networks. You can use these networks for connecting people with the resources that they need. It will help you in communicating with your customers and employees. Also, it will help you in handling your remote workforce. However, you also need to set up a good infrastructure. You need to ensure that you are doing proactive monitoring of your network. This will help you in maintaining your company security. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in improving your WAN security.

  1. VPNs or Virtual Private networks

You can use VPN for connecting a group of servers or computers to a private network. It will ensure that your computers are safe while you are using a public network. You can maintain a secure connection while using a public network.

However, there are various VPNs available in the market. Some VPNs will offer you more advanced more features. VPNs can help you in improving your team’s productivity. You should look for a VPN that supports good speed and connectivity. Companies can set up this network on your own. However, it is better to work with a managed IT provider. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in VPN planning, management, and implementation.

  1. SD-WAN or Software-defined wide area networks

You can think of SD-WAN is a software that will run on your hardware. It will help you in expanding the capability of your hardware. There are many benefits to using SD-WAN. It will help you in enhancing visibility and monitoring. You can use it for monitoring your network. Also, it will help you with centralized management. You can manage all the things from this single software. It will also allow you to use connectivity types like fiber, cellular, cable, and MPLS. The TCO of SD-WAN is also less when compared to the routing equipment cost. Thus, it is perfect for both small and large companies.

SD-WAN will help you in making your WAN connections more dynamic, efficient, and flexible when compared to managing your WAN network through routing hardware. If you have heavy traffic on your network, then you should consider investing your money into SD-WAN. It will help you in decreasing the TCO. Also, it will help you in managing your network effectively.

  1. Managing Mobile Devices

The biggest problem that companies are facing is mobile device management. It is very difficult to manage all the devices that are connected with your network. These mobile devices are generally less secured when compared to computers or laptops. Almost every computer comes with a pre-installed antivirus. Mobile devices and tablets are becoming common in the workplace. These devices open up various vulnerabilities in your network. If these devices are owned by your employees, then you should take this even more seriously.

The best way to manage mobile device security is by working with an MSSP or cybersecurity expert. They will help you in creating an IT security strategy for your organization. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can also help you in implementing these security policies.

If you are providing devices to your employees, then your MSP will ensure that the software is up-to-date. Also, they will train your employees. This will ensure that your employees know about the basic security protocols. They won’t connect their devices to a public Wi-Fi network. You should also work on creating a BYOD policy. This policy will govern when and how employees can use their devices. It will help you in protecting your network from shadow IT. Thus, it is very important for your organization. Bleuwire can also help you in implementing MDM or Mobile Device Management Solutions. These solutions will help you in managing mobile devices that are connected with your network. MDM solutions are very important for modern organizations as they will help you in protecting your network.

  1. Keep everything updated

This is probably the most important policy that you need to follow. Make sure that all your software is up-to-date. You need to upgrade your Operating systems, antivirus software, and encryption software. It is very important to install all the security patches and fixes in your system. Most employees will forget about updating their applications. They will just minimize the notification and continue doing their work. Make sure that your employees are updating the applications that they are using. This will protect your business from various security risks.

You should also recognize the signs of malware in your systems or network. Overheating hardware, application crashes, slowdowns, and connection lapses are some signs of malware. These are all the red flags and you should investigate your It network. If you want to keep your company safe, then you should train your employees. They should know about the basic threats and issues. Thus, they can easily identify these threats. Make sure that they know about phishing emails. Most attackers are still using phishing emails for sending malware or ransomware. Thus, you should ensure that your employees can identify these emails.


It can be very difficult to maintain your WAN network. You should try your best to protect your WAN network. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can ease the burden of maintaining, updating, and creating your WAN network. They will help you in managing your network. If you need more information regarding network management, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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