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How to Build the Right Incident Response Team for Your Organization

By August 31, 2020No Comments6 min read
Incident Response Team

Cybersecurity incident is the biggest nightmare of organizations. Most organizations are using their data for delivering their services to the customers. It is important to have an incident response team. They can quickly help you in mitigating the security threats. Your incident response team will help you in quickly recovering your data and systems.

Definition of Incident Response Team (IRT):

The main task of an incident response team is to detect security breaches and contain them. This team will be responsible for managing intrusion detection software, monitoring threat intelligence tool feeds, and conducting vulnerability assessment tests. They also need to analyze forensic data. Your IR team will help you in designing your incident response plan. These processes will help you in mitigating cybersecurity incidents.

They will also have their own IR team obligations. Your team should conduct regular meetings. They should regularly evaluate the current security status. Also, it is important to review the IR plan. They should regularly work on improving your response plan.

Your team needs to work together during a crisis. They should quickly resolve issues. Also, they should think before taking any action. Your IR team needs to identify the technical actions that will help you in minimizing the damage. After the incident, your team needs to figure out how it happened. They should ensure that it can be avoided in the future. Your IT team can easily focus on the technical side of these measures. However, the IR team needs to deal with various non-technical aspects also. Your incident response team needs to communicate your security policies to your employees. They also need to address the legal issues. Your incident response team also needs to respond to the issues related to insider threats.

An incident response team is generally a cross-functional team. You need members from various departments from your organizations. Your incident response team should include:

  • Manager/Team Lead

Your CISO or Chief Information Security officer can become the manager of this team. You can also find another member of your executive staff. The main responsibility of this person is to ensure that the team is coordinating with each other. Your departments should coordinate with each other during a crisis. They will inform employees and management about the security crisis. The incident response team manager will ensure that the IR team is getting enough resources and budget.

  • Technical Lead

This position is reserved for employees that have extensive knowledge of incident response strategies and cyber threats. They are going to play a very important role in your incident response team. It is technical duty responsibility for managing the rest of your IT team. They should ensure that everyone is working together during a crisis. Also, they need to document all the important decisions and processes. Your team technical lead will also produce a forensic report after an incident. This forensic report will help you in dealing with the vulnerabilities.

  • Technical subject matter experts

Your incident response team should consist of team members that have different IT skills. The team size will depend on the size of your company. You need to find people that are specialized in intrusion detection, programming, network admin, system admin, and IT support. These team members will help you in carrying out your incident response plan. They will implement all the security measures. Also, they will ensure that your system is protected from security breaches. They will find vulnerabilities in your network.

  • Legal Expert

If you have to follow some compliance guidelines, then you should have access to a legal expert. They will ensure that all your controls and policies are aligned with the compliance requirements. Your legal expert should review and approve all the privacy policies. Also, they should review your disclosure agreements. They should review your employee policies. Your employees need to protect your organization from threats. In case of a security breach, your legal expert will be the point of contact between your organization and law enforcement agencies. They will help you in handling the government authorities.

  • Public Relations

Some of your marketing team members can handle this task. They will responsible for answering questions and issuing statements. It is their responsibility to issue official statements. In case of a data breach, they need to deal with the media. They will tell the media about the incident. Also, they will mention all the steps that you have taken for addressing the situation.

Outsourcing your IR team:

It is very difficult to build an incident response team. You need to find a lot of members from different departments. Most small businesses don’t have access to these personnel resources. Thus, they can’t fill all the roles. Most organizations are now hiring an MSP for this task. You can hire an MSSP like Bleuwire for dealing with security incidents. They have access to talent and tools. Thus, they can help you in dealing with security incidents. They can help you in designing and implementing your incident response strategy.

Your partner will help you in creating a comprehensive IR plan. Security experts will design your incident response plan. They will regularly monitor your network for vulnerabilities. Also, they will help you in fixing vulnerabilities in your network. They know everything about the latest security threats and trends. Your partner can quickly respond to a security breach. Thus, they will help you in minimizing revenue and data loss.


You can use these tips for creating your own incident response team. However, most companies don’t have access to employees. Thus, you should consider working with an MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in creating your incident response strategy. They will help you in preventing data and security breaches. Thus, they will take a proactive approach. In case of a data breach, they will help you in recovering your systems and data. If you need more information regarding incident response strategy, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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