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How to Organize an Effective Virtual Conference

By April 14, 2020No Comments
Virtual Conference tools

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to embrace remote work. Most businesses are using technologies for completing their work. For example, they are using tools like Slack for communicating with their clients and employees. You can do face-to-face video conferencing with your remote manager. Many companies are also organizing online webinars for training their employees. Employees were already using these tools for working remotely.

However, conferences were still untouched by this virtual experience. People have a fixed mindset about conferences. You need to travel to another location for attending these conferences. Also, you need to bring your business cards. You can use networking events for promoting your services and products. These conferences were the best way to collaborate with other people. However, the coronavirus is changing the mindset of people. Most conferences are already canceled due to this pandemic. Companies are using the virtual platform for conducting virtual conferences. In this article, we are going to talk about virtual conferences.

Advantages of Virtual Conference

  1. Cost-Effective

This is the most important benefit of online conferences. If you are conducting offline conferences, then people need to travel. Also, there are food expenses and hotel accommodations. This all can add up to thousands of dollars. Also, you also need to register for the event. If you are conducting virtual conferences, then you can avoid all these expenses. You only need to pay the conference fee. The economy is already going down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, people can’t waste money attending offline conferences. Virtual conferences will help you in saving a lot of money.

  1. Convenient

Conferences are very helpful for people. However, your attendees need to travel by plane or car. They will try to complete their work remotely. Thus, offline conferences are not convenient for most people. However, everyone can easily attend online conferences. You can easily attend social media events or education conferences. All you need is a working internet connection. You can even attend these conferences by using your smartphone. Also, online conferences are available for a lifetime. Thus, you can easily check the content in the future also.

  1. You can easily collect feedback

It is important to collect feedback from your attendees. If you are conducting an offline conference, then you can only collect feedback after the conference. However, your attendees will be always available during your virtual conference. Thus, you can ask them to fill real-time surveys. This will help you in collecting real-time feedback. Hence, you can easily measure the success of your virtual conference.

  1. Virtual Conferences are Global

Conference planners are constantly trying to increase their conference presence. They are trying to engage with more people. You can easily achieve this by conducting virtual conferences. It is very easy to promote your virtual events. You can use your social media sites for sharing your virtual event. Your attendees can join your event without traveling. Thus, virtual conferences will help you in growing your audience.

Virtual Conferencing Tools

  1. Hopin

If you want to conduct virtual conferences, then Hopin is the perfect tool for you. It is an all-in-one solution for conducting virtual conferences. Hopin offers features like virtual reception, networking events, and breakout sessions.

The networking feature of this tool is really helpful. You can set time for every attendee. Thus, you can talk with every attendee for a few minutes. If you like their conversation, then you can connect with them.

You can conduct both live-streams and webinars by using this tool. It also offers a live chat feature to attendees. They can use it for asking questions in real-time. If you are an attendee, then you can use the virtual booth for promoting your services.

  1. Whova

This is the most famous networking app in the market. They have received the Best Event App award in 2020. If you are an event organizer, then you can use this tool for conducting virtual events. This tool will help you in conducting interactive virtual conferences. You can directly integrate this tool with live streaming tools like Vimeo, Youtube, Hangout, and Zoom. This tool also provides networking tools and live Q&A sessions. You can even use this tool for holding virtual meet-ups.

You should provide access to your attendees before conducting your event. Thus, your attendees can socialize with each other. They can discuss various topics with each other. This app will even allow them to create their own virtual groups. Thus, your audience will feel more connected. Your attendees can easily find people with similar interests. They can use the in-app chat feature for communicating with each other. Thus, they can find new friends on this app.

  1. Run The World

This is another very amazing virtual conference platform. It provides tools for virtual meetings and discussions. This app also has a special cocktail party feature. You can use it for finding other attendees with similar interests. Every attendee needs to fill a questionnaire first. Run the World will use these features for matching attendees with similar interests.

This tool is available for both large and small organizations. Even startups and non-profits can use this tool for organizing online events. If you are an individual expert, then you can use this tool for hosting online Bootcamp.

However, every company doesn’t have money to buy these virtual conferencing tools. If you are low on budget, then you can also try free video calling tools. There are many amazing tools like Hangouts, ezTalks, and Zoom available in the market.


The coronavirus pandemic has already forced every organizer to cancel their offline events. Companies are now conducting online virtual conferences. There are many benefits of conducting virtual conferences. It will help companies by saving a lot of money. Also, they can attract more people. Virtual conferences are flexible when compared to normal conferences. You can easily collect feedback from your attendees. There are gathering restrictions in every country. Thus, companies can use virtual conferences for connecting with their audience. There are many amazing virtual conferencing tools available in the market. You can use these tools for conducting your own virtual conference. If you don’t have money to invest in these tools, then you can use free tools like Zoom. Thus, even startups can easily conduct online conferences. If you need more tips regarding virtual conferences, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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