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How to Prepare Your Business for AI Adoption

By May 19, 2020No Comments
AI Adoption

The latest advancements in AI and cloud computing is helping many companies in succeeding. More than 85% of AI applications are using public cloud platforms. According to a survey by PWC, more than 67% of companies want to use AI for automating their business processes. They want to increase the productivity of their business operations. AI is also slowly entering in the customer service market. If you want to use AI in the future, then it is important to ensure that your cloud is ready for AI-based solutions. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help your business in preparing for AI adoption.

  1. Encourage the technical and cultural shift

There are many advantages to using AI solutions. It will help you in reducing costs and improving customer experience. According to a survey by Gartner, more than 81% of companies think that they will launch their product in 2020. However, very few companies will have real success. Most AI projects never reach the full production state. AI is a very complex technology.

AI will help you in making better business decisions. However, if you want to add actual value, then you should create a strategy first. Your organization should be ready for a cultural shift. It is important to encourage the technical and cultural shift in your organization. You should be proactive in dealing with AI challenges.

  1. Identify your AI leaders

Most companies can’t implement AI-based solutions without hiring new talent. According to a survey by Gartner, more than 47% of employees don’t have any skills in AI and ML fields. This is the biggest pain for most companies. You need to find new talent for your company.

It is important to ensure that your employees have enough skills. This will ensure that they can help you in future projects. You should check the internal skill gap of your employees. It is important to fill this skill gap. Your employees should do learn about the latest technologies. This will ensure that they know the true value of AI projects. Business leaders should also look for new talent. They should guide the existing IT teams.

If you want a smooth AI adoption, then you should also look for an existing leader in your IT team. They should have enough knowledge of AI technology. It is their duty to navigate users through the AI adoption plan. You can hire new AI specialists for your project. They will help you in developing your AI-based solutions.

  1. Cleanse and store your data

The biggest challenge that you will face is data management. If you want to enjoy the benefits of AI technology, then you should focus on data management. Also, you should focus on data storage and governance. These are the building blocks of your AI project. If you have accurate data, then your AI algorithms will also generate reliable results.

You can use AI technology for processing your data. It is not possible to process this much data by using traditional solutions. Thus, you should ensure that your data is cleansed. This will help your AI models in getting reliable data. Your unstructured and structured data will be stored in different data facilities.

You should optimize your data storage. This will give you access to high-quality datasets. You should remove all the inconsistencies from your data. This will help your ML projects in obtaining good accuracy. If you are not preparing your data, then your project will produce inaccurate data.

  1. Don’t worry about ROI in starting

Most business leaders only worry about the ROI and Total Cost of Ownership. They want to compare these terms before adopting any new technology.

However, AI is very complex technology. You need to invest time in learning about it. If you want to achieve good results, then you must have a strategy. It is important to find AI services that are perfect for your business. You can also involve your end-users in this process. This will help you in removing the pressure of ROI.

You should slowly implement AI in your business operations. Your staff should get familiarised with the technology first. According to the Gartner report, you should involve your business users in this process. Make sure that they know about all the available AI options. This will ensure that your team knows about the potential of AI. You should give them a free environment. They should do an experiment without worrying about the ROI.

  1. Digital Transformation

You should first adopt both big data and cloud computing solutions. More than 85% of AI-based solutions are running on a cloud platform. Thus, cloud computing is very important for AI adoption. You can’t directly jump on the AI solutions. First, you should move your business to the digital platform. This will help you in decreasing the costs. AI is currently the most important technology available in the market. However, you should work on building a strong foundation first.  You should work on developing a strong data and cloud platform. It is important to properly cleanse your data before adopting AI solutions.


You can use AI-based solutions for improving the efficiency of your business operations. However, there are many use cases of AI technology. You can use chatbots for providing a good customer experience. You can use Machine Learning for predicting your user’s behavior. It is the perfect time to prepare your business for AI adoption. Adopting AI is a very big journey. You need to do proper planning before adopting AI. These tips will help you in creating a perfect plan. First, you should find a leader for this project. It is also important to hire new employees with good skillsets. Your workforce should update their skills. This will ensure that they can use AI-based tools. If you need more information regarding AI adoption, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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