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The MOST Important Computer Upgrade You Should Do Right Now

By June 24, 2019No Comments7 min read

In this era of digitalization and modernization, a life without a computer is difficult. From school projects to confidential office documents, from birthday pictures to other important life events, we store them in the form of a soft company in our computer memory. In the beginning, the computer gained popularity largely because of its accuracy and speed to perform certain things. However, significant advancement in technology and updates in the computers​ ( making human life easier) made them a real need for all of us.

Today we totally rely on our computers for our work, social life, etc., and a slow and outdated computer can worsen everything.

Isn’t it frustrating to wait on the computer for a task? Doesn’t your slow computer kill much time of yours?

If your computer is running slow, your answer might be yes.

So do you need to buy a new one to replace an old, slow computer?

No, not really.  You simply need to do the most important and current update to your computer to make it work like a new one. Upgrading your computer may add more life to your computer.

What important upgrades you must do to increase the efficiency of your computers?

Upgrading or updating the computer is no big deal. It just means to replace the older version of the software or hardware with a newer version available.

Let’s have a glance at what all should be upgraded for a better performance of computer:

  • Upgrading the Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

Hard disk drive contains a moving object which reads/writes all information stored on the drive. The moving part keeps spinning for a very long period of time, which makes it weary and slow. Also, it needs to be very clean as a little dust can destroy the drive, and you can lose all the information.

HDD can be upgraded by Solid State Drive (SSD) which is 100 times faster than the HDD in reading and writing the information.

  • Upgrading the RAM:

The more RAM your computer has, the more it performs better. If you have a 2 or 3 GB RAM, upgrading it to 4GB RAM can help you with the general use of the computer. Upgrading it to 8 GB can help you with more than general use, like gaming, etc.

  • Upgrading the graphics card:

Watching high-quality images, videos, online/ offline gaming with the high-quality resolution is only possible if you have the best version of the graphics card in your computer. Upgrade your graphics card to the newest version available in the store and enjoy its benefits. Serious gamers and photo editors must not skip this upgrade.

  • Upgrade your Processor:

Go for an older to newer generation processor. Upgrading processor might be expensive and is not that helpful in boosting up your computer’s performance. Buying a whole new system would be better if you the processor is limiting the speed of your computer.

  • Upgrade your software:

The programs stored on your PC also needs to be updated timely. Although most of the users keep the “Update Automatically” button on which helps the software to get regularly updated on their own (internet connectivity is a must), while in other cases you can straight away go to the program and update it manually.

There are two types of updates:

Minor Update- Optimizations,  bug fixes, the addition of new features can be included in the minor update.

Major Update- A complete change in software with a newer version can be included in the major update.

Benefits of upgrading the computer system:

Let’s first see the benefits of upgrading the software:

  • Improved Performance:

Keeping the software up to date can give you better and improved performance than before. Software updates can help with the bug fixes and other optimizations to make it more flexible.

  • Security:

Updating the software gives more protection to the computer from malware and viruses. Each update contains better defensive solutions in the software.

  • The additional features:

Humans love experiencing and exploring new things. The software updates provide the users with additional new features which they can fully enjoy.

Let’s look into the benefits of upgrading Random Access Memory, aka RAM.

  • Avoids downshifts:

Running a lot of programs at a time leads to computer slowdowns. An upgrade at least up to 4GB RAM can help you to run at least 15 programs in different tabs at the same time.

  • Speeding up:

The upgraded memory speeds up the performance of the computer, making things work faster than before.

  • Browsing:

For many, life without internet doesn’t exist. A slow browser can be really irritating. Internet browsers work faster after upgrading the RAM, regardless of the speed of the internet connection.

  • Gaming:

There are many game lovers around us, and to safeguard their interest in gaming, the upgrade up to 16GB RAM is available. Upgrading RAM can let the games run smoothly. The visuals of a game are also benefited. With upgraded RAM, gamers can also render the environment into a higher resolution.

  • Printing:

After the RAM upgrade, the network capabilities are enhanced, and people can print faster.

Following points explains the advantages of upgrading HDD to SSD:

  • Speed:

With an access speed of 35 to 100 microseconds, SSD can read and write information faster than HDD. This means programs can be run quicker with an SSD rather than HDD.

  • Reliability:

HDD wears out due to the continuous spinning of the moving part, upgrade to SSD can give better performance as it has no moving parts to wear out over time.

  • Data Security:

HDD is prone to mechanical failures, which can lead to data loss, whereas SSD can secure your data well. SSD is not even prone to physical damages.

  • Power friendly:

In comparison to HDD, SSDs use very minimal power to perform its functions. The concern about electricity consumption is growing day by day. We can at least do our part in saving energy by the upgrading HDD to SSD (Solid State Drive)

The following are the benefits of upgrading a graphics card:

  • Faster Gaming: Upgrading graphics card makes the game run smoothly on the computer. The jerks and pc lagging is prevented.
  • Video Performance: Upgrading graphics card can lead to high-quality videos with great color pixels.

So, overall if you feel your computer is not working smoothly, then there is no need to buy a new one. Just upgrade a few parts of the CPU and you are good to go!

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