How a Managed IT Services Fort Lauderdale Provider Relieves You

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In order to remain competitive in the long term and to keep the performance of the IT infrastructure at the highest level, your IT needs to be flexible and adaptable to new circumstances and new technologies. IT Services Fort Lauderdale is one stop for all of your it needs. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) usually lack the necessary personnel and know-how to meet the requirements.

It Services Fort Lauderdale

Why not outsource parts of IT and, for example, have the IT infrastructure operated by an external service provider (managed services provider)? Often, high-cost SMEs argue against it. However, as you read the article, you will see that Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can take over your day-to-day operations and invest your money in more efficient activities.

What are managed services?

To compensate for staff shortages and to relieve IT in your company, you can rely on the services of so-called Managed Services Providers (MSP). MSPs take care of parts of your IT. Do not confuse this service with IT outsourcing. Here, neither the reduction of personnel or IT resources nor the complete outsourcing of your IT is necessary. In contrast to outsourcing, the control of IT remains in the hands of your company.

In a nutshell, Managed Services Providers serve your IT infrastructure, building it up with you, or tweaking it. In addition, the service provider advises you on all aspects of your IT in order to make it competitive. Another key task of an MSP is to provide security against a corporate IT outage that could cause great harm to your business.

A good managed services provider is in close contact with your employees and provides technical and personal support. The maintenance of your IT can be carried out on site as well as remotely by remote maintenance. The IT service provider ensures a high-performance IT infrastructure.

So he ensures that the computing power is always at the highest level and that there is always sufficient storage available, for example, to successfully create backups. In addition, the managed services provider ensures that the internal and external network is permanently available. In order to measure the services of the managed service provider, the services are measured by SLAs, so-called service level agreements.

“A Managed Services Provider takes care of the design and support of your IT infrastructure and takes care of the security of your IT.”

What tasks do Managed Services Providers take on?

A managed services provider can take over the design and support of your IT infrastructure and take care of IT security.In the beginning is a detailed consultation on your IT infrastructure as well as an analysis of your IT. Subsequently, the services are determined, which the service provider should take over for you. Each scope of service should be individually adapted to the respective customer and be unique.

Here are some of the tasks Managed Services Providers can handle:

  • Managed Services Providers can provide or maintain hardware for you and take care of updates and maintenance of the operating system, such as Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • IT service providers should not only provide technical support but also be the personal contact for their employees. Communication processes can be defined directly in the contract.
  • Often, Managed Services Providers also represent the single point of contact. This means they handle communication with external service providers in case of errors or support requests. So you have a contact person at hand who clarifies everything else and helps you, for example, when choosing your suitable Internet provider.
  • Failover security is ensured by the backup management that such a managed services provider manages for you. You never have to worry about low memory and can be assured that your data is secure.
  • To help you work as a team and enable scalable data storage, Managed Services Providers offer cloud infrastructures – from Microsoft Office 365 to the Amazon Web Service or proprietary hybrid cloud solutions. Especially when it comes to the security of your data, the know-how of experts is of immense importance.
  • Software updates are automatically performed by managed service providers to keep your technology up-to-date.
  • The main task that can relieve your IT in order to focus on important projects is the support and operation of your IT infrastructure. Through proactive monitoring, managed service providers protect your IT from total outages.

It is important that you delegate these tasks to Managed Services Providers Fort Lauderdale

  • Hosting your IT infrastructure (servers, cloud services, storage, and network technologies)
  • Data storage and backups, meaning that you no longer consume your own storage space. You can scale storage at your Managed Services Provider. Your data is always secure and you can fall back in case of loss on a full backup.
  • Operating systems such as SAP systems or email management systems
  • System monitoring, Managed Services Providers respond quickly to disruptions or do not even allow them to occur through proactive monitoring.

It Services Fort Lauderdale

Managed IT Services Fort Lauderdale

Basically, you should outsource all tasks that take too much work in your daily business. Innovations are often hired behind. However, your IT department should have the ability to focus on projects that drive your business forward.

Ask your IT department which tasks are too time-consuming and distract employees from their core business. Most resources, both personal and financial, are often placed in the operation of IT. This is exactly where Managed Services Providers start.

Another mistake that is often made is investing in the latest hardware models, cutting-edge applications or software. After all, what use are the latest models if they do not meet the requirements of your company or if they are not necessary for the purpose at all?

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Save money by setting the exact services and benefits that your IT infrastructure should deliver. For this consultation and implementation, a managed services provider is at your side. Managed IT Support is one of our core competencies. Inform yourself here about our transparent services and give your IT support in trusting hands.

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