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Network Management With IT Support Fort Lauderdale

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Modern corporate networks are becoming more complex. As a result, organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their network comprehensively – at least when using traditional methods. This situation presents companies with major challenges: they can not do without extensive management.

IT Support Fort Lauderdale – To Help Your Business

This is crucial to ensure high network security system. Only those who manage and keep track of the network at all times can react quickly in an emergency – for example, in the case of a hacker attack. IT support Fort Lauderdale service is here to solve your toughest IT problems.

The problem: today’s networks are extensive and complex. For example, the number of networked devices (IoT) is steadily increasing – which not only increases the sheer size of the corporate network, but also the potential attack surface for hackers. Gartner analysts expect more than 20 billion devices to be networked by 2020 globally. In 2016 it was over 6 billion.

In addition, the sole protection of the company network is no longer sufficient to effectively protect the corporate network. Today employees also work mobile. Their devices are therefore connected to different networks. The company network is only one option.

When employees work in the home office, their devices are connected to home Wi-Fi. When employees are on the road, they log in to a public WLAN. Or in the mobile network.

Traditional methods are a dilemma for companies

Companies are less and less able to counter the complexity of a modern network with conventional measures: the effort involved in managing the network comprehensively is enormous and entails high costs.

This situation presents companies with a big dilemma. Reducing administrative overhead to lower your operational costs risks compromising the security of your network. If you want to keep network security at a high level in the long term, you have to take even more money into your hands. Bleuwire is here to solve your toughest IT problems.

But what is the reason for this dilemma?

This is why traditional networks reach their limits

In traditional networking, companies use Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) as well as multiple network protocols such as MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) to segment the network. The segments from corresponding, isolated safety zones.

Should a malware now enter the network, the malware may “only” attack the appropriate security zone, but not the rest of the network? The more security zones exist, the further network segmentation progresses, the smaller the area that the malware can attack.

In general, therefore, the more a network is segmented, the more secure it is

But here begins the problem. Because the individual security zones must be managed. Traditionally, the administrative burden on many security zones is increasing immeasurably – which costs a lot of time and money.

And the number of security zones actually required for comprehensive security increases the more complex the network becomes. Ideally, even each endpoint should have its own segmentation. Some experts then talk about hypersegmentation. The fact that hypersegmentation is traditionally very expensive and is becoming more and more expensive as the network becomes more complex is beyond question.

However, the security of the network plays a key role in today’s corporate success. This means that all possible data and information are exchanged over the network. If some of this traffic is inadequately protected – and, in the worst case scenario, sensitive data is compromised – it can have serious consequences for businesses. Besides financial losses threatens among other things a sensitive image damage. The IT services ensures a high-performance information technology services infrastructure.

To compensate for staff shortages and to relieve in your company, you can rely on the services of so-called managed IT services Fort Lauderdale take care of parts of your needs. Do not confuse this service with computer support west palm beach. Here, neither the reduction of personnel or Florida it supports resources nor the complete outsourcing of your IT is necessary. In contrast to outsourcing, the control of IT remains in the hands of your company.

But how can companies avoid the dilemma that they automatically incur higher costs by segmenting their network more and more granularly – which would be necessary for comprehensive security? What is among other things the ever-increasing administrative burden?

Extreme Automated Campus: Management solution for complex network environments

The IT Group’s New Management Solution Extreme Networks –  Extreme Automated Campus – wants to address this very problem. The solution aims to help companies reduce the time and resources they need to manage their networks, including those that are complex, without compromising network security. On the contrary, network security should be maintained at a consistently high level – even as the complexity of the network increases.

To do that, Extreme Automated Campus focuses on four things:

  • Fabric-enabled network architecture
  • Policy-based network architecture
  • Uniform network management
  • Extensive network analysis

This results in central business advantages:

1. Fully automated enterprise network solution

The high level of automation of Extreme networks Campus is particularly due to its policy-based and fabric-enabled architecture. The policy-based architecture allows IT administrators to set centralized policies for all sorts of purposes. For example, they can determine which services are allowed in the network, which network traffic is prioritized or which users have access to which services – regardless of when and where the users connect to the network.

All policies can be automatically configured and enforced within the fabric-enabled architecture. IT administrators can create policies for up to 200,000 users and devices.

The highlight:

Thanks to the Fabric-enabled architecture, the automatically enforceable guidelines apply to the entire network – enabling a uniform network management system via an interface. An integral part of the architecture is the Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) network segmentation method, which replaces the traditional network stack, consisting of multiple network protocols (such as MPLS), with a single protocol.

The SPB can deploy millions of network segments both within and between sites – with no additional overhead. As a result, companies achieve a high degree of flexibility and scalability – while at the same time-saving costs compared to traditional methods.

2. High-security level through hypersegmentation

The ability to deploy millions of network segments through SPB also ensures a high level of internet security. This is how “hypersegmentation” becomes reality: The corporate network is divided into millions of segments. Each segment has enforceable policies that monitor users and devices’ access to each segment.

It Support Fort Lauderdale

In the event of a hacker attack on the corporate network, such as malware, the affected segment is immediately isolated from the rest of the network. This prevents the spread of malware in the network – and thus greater damage. In this step, we are always with you; we need just one chance to show our excellence. Contact us today.

3. Overview of the complete network – IT Support Fort Lauderdale

Extreme Automated Campus’s comprehensive network analysis enables organizations to get a 360-degree view of the network (LAN and WLAN), users, devices, and applications. In this way, IT administrators can view all network activity in real-time and immediately identify and resolve issues that arise – even before the issue can affect users’ performance, security, or productivity.

Network Management: This is what Extreme Automated Campus offers

Today’s network environments are so complex that it is increasingly difficult for organizations to master the challenges they face with traditional methods. Open Source Network management alone is extremely expensive and costly – but at the same time necessary to keep the security of the network at a high level. The company faces this dilemma: on the one hand, they must ensure the security of their network. On the other hand, they must prevent the costs from becoming too high – which is becoming increasingly complicated.

The Solution Extreme Automated Campus puts this dilemma in focus: the ultimate goal of the solution is to simplify the management of complex network environments. The solution relies on a combination of automation, computer security, and efficiency. In particular, companies should be given the opportunity to fully secure their network while at the same time keeping costs under control. Managed IT services in Fort Lauderdale is one of our core competencies. Inform yourself here about our transparent services and give your computer companies in Florida support in trusting hands.

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