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Microsoft Office 2019 for Corporate Clients

By October 8, 2018February 25th, 2019No Comments3 min read

Microsoft provides users with Office 2019 the latest version of the world’s most successful office software. While private users still have to be patient, corporate customers with a volume license can now enjoy the current edition.

We reveal what new features Office 2019 brings, and how the update also shows that 365 users are still preferred.

MS Office – still popular with companies without a cloud

Although world market leader Microsoft has been trying for years (and justifiably) to convince corporate customers for Office 365 and thus to benefit from the advantages of cloud-based working, many companies still rely on the classic office. Incidentally, this does not just mean small businesses. Also, numerous representatives of the middle class and large corporations love their “classical” office software and send Word and Excel files rather by E-Mail, instead of working in real time together with colleagues on it. One could argue now about how useful or not clinging to Office without 365 (ie the cloud) is. But the fact is: there are (still) many entrepreneurs who do not want to change so far.

Of course, that’s exactly what Microsoft thinks about and makes the latest version 2019 available to private users. All non-corporate customers can expect according to the official statement in the next weeks with “their” version. Also in the starting blocks are Exchange Server 2019, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint Server 2019 and Project Server 2019 for corporate customers. We will also report on the new products and changes here in a timely manner.2019

Microsoft Office 2019 – (almost) new features

Corporate and private users had to wait three years, now the new, classic office is finally available. And of course, it comes with new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher and Project. However, they are not quite that innovative – the users of Office 365 have been supplied with them through ongoing updates over the past three years. A clear statement on the part of the manufacturer about the already described ambitions to switch sooner or later close to all private and commercial users to the cloud-based office software. Matching Fact: On the Microsoft official site is only the talk of Office 365. Accordingly, according to Microsoft, Office 2019 even includes only a “subset” of the features that cloud users have already received. However, it is not revealed which “parts” are exactly what and which features are missing.

System requirements for Office 2019

We also wrote about Microsoft’s goal to bring Office 365 closer to the man and the woman. The same is true of the operating system. Although Windows 10 experts say is the measure of things, still many users – both private and commercial – balk with Windows 7 and 8 through everyday life. The new version Office 2019 starts here intelligently, because, on the “old” operating systems, the new software does not even run. Only PCs with Windows 10 will enjoy the new features. There is also a version for Mac, but here are traditionally missing the programs Publisher, Access, Visio and Project.

The new features in Office 2019

PowerPoint becomes cinematic – at least a bit. In any case, the new functions Zoom and Morph can be used to create corresponding cinematic elements.

Excel 2019 provides new analysis capabilities for pivot tables, as well as new charts and formulas.

Word 2019 and Outlook 2019 get a read-ahead function and come with an optimized representation of the full-screen mode that lives up to its name and no longer displays anything that is not a document.

New for all programs is the improved pen input with Windows Ink. Both orientation detection and pressure sensitivity have been optimized. This is especially interesting for designers, graphic artists or calligraphers.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how Microsoft products can grow your business!

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