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Provide Great Customer Support With IT

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A small increase in customer churn can lead to decreased revenue and a great percentage of the market share. Today’s customers have become proactive. They don’t want to wait for you to tell them what to buy and they don’t hesitate to spread negativity about your products if you provide them with bad customer service. They will find a better alternative within minutes if your customer support team provide zero engagement, difficult user experience and most importantly a lack of proactive support.

You need to manage your customer queries, find current trends and improve your products and services to meet the expectations of your customers. Technology can be the answer to your problems. Generally, support teams find it difficult to handle requests and complaints from customers. Technology can help you to automate the majority of the process that takes place between customer and support personnel. In some cases, you don’t even need a human to answer the queries.

The following points highlight the technologies that can improve your customer relationship. After that, we look at how IT service providers in Miami can integrate these technologies into your business.

Customer Issue Tracking Tools

Resolving customer issues should be the top priority in the process of improving your customer service. IT can help you to provide a seamless resolution of customer inquiries. A ticket management system will automate workflows so that your support team gets focused on answering customers rather than stacking the queries. With a ticket management tool, you can:

  • Ensure a ticket gets routed to the right person
  • Setup reminders to follow up a customer later
  • Analyze unresolved tickets (issues)
  • Minimize redundant tickets arising out of the same issue
  • Create and assign tasks to any team member

Using ticket management software your customers will get the most out of your product and love your support when they get the satisfaction they deserve.

Utilize VoIP:

Apart from talking to customers, your support team will also need to communicate with each other over a specific issue or discuss other business operations. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology will help you to reduce the internal communication costs. VoIP utilizes your network (generally internet) to establish an end to end connection. VoIP also allows you to provide video calling for remote support service. Using the voice assistance functionality of VoIP, your customers will be directed to the appropriate department without actually talking to a support personnel.

Personalize Customer Interaction Using CRM Tools:

Customers are at the heart of any business. Whenever they buy a product or service, they expect long-term support. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools can help you to personalize the talks with your customers. You can save their preferences and history to serve them better every time. CRM tools allow your support team to access and collaborate data from multiple devices.  With a CRM tool, you can stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Predict Trends Using Big Data Technology:

Another important aspect of improving customer relation is to keep up with the trends. Often customers deviate and find themselves disconnected to an off-trend product. Big Data technology can help you in predicting possible trends. By analyzing the business reports, customer data, issues, and market growth, Big Data tools can identify patterns in data. These patterns can be formulated into charts and easy to understand visuals. By predicting trends, you can bring changes and identify growth opportunities in your products to improve customer relationship.

Provide Chat Facility on Your Website:

Many customers prefer to report issues using emails. You can take your customer support service a step forward by integrating live chat facility on your website. Whenever your clients visit your website, they can click on a live assistance button to get help or request information. Live chat functionality is highly useful in an e-commerce website. You can constantly stay in touch with customers and recommend them products just like a salesman does when you visit a car showroom. An IT service provider in Miami can help you in integrating and managing live chat functionality on your company website.

24/7 Customer Support:

You are closing the doors for many customers that live in a different time zone or work in night shifts. You can easily increase your customer base by providing 24/7 customer support service. With a few resources and a hand full of employees, you can attract global customers as well.  Instead of a recorded message asking customers to call back in business hours, you can utilize IT to automate query resolution. An automated voice assistant can answer simple inquiries, divert calls to an appropriate agent and hold the call if all the agents are busy.

Easily Integrate Technology into Your Business with Managed IT Services in Miami:

If you want to build a long -term customer relationship and increase business performance, you should start integrating various technologies. Managed IT service providers in Miami can help you to select the appropriate tools so that you can improve your customer service. They will not only help you to integrate technology but manage it for you so that you get more time for your business. With all the technologies mentioned above, you can improve communications, increase growth potential and improve efficiency of your customer support team. Ultimately, a great customer support service will keep you a step ahead of your competition and become a platform for expanding your business.

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