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6 Ways Technology is Changing Healthcare

By October 8, 2019No Comments5 min read
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Technology has been affecting every possible sector. But, no sector has been affected more than the healthcare sector. It is changing both the lives of patients and doctors. Although there are some disadvantages of using technology in excess. But, the pros always outweigh the cons in this sector.

Technology has improved the lives of many people. There are many benefits to using new technology. We can’t even list all the benefits of technology. Even the healthcare industry has improved due to technology. It has affected the lives of billions of people. If you don’t know anything about technology advancement, then this article will convince you that technology is affecting the healthcare sector positively.

  1. More Efficient Diagnostic Reports

Can you imagine any hospital without MRI machines, CAT scanners or X-Ray Devices? We should thank those people who invented these machines. Otherwise, it is very difficult to create diagnostic reports. These reports are very important in the healthcare sector. Technology also helps in physical exams, checking the patient health status and testing results. Due to technology, we can get more efficient diagnostic reports. Most of the hospitals have already replaced the old diagnostic procedures. Some advantages of using new diagnostic methods are:

  • Quick and fast navigation
  • Visceral and easy data display
  • Easy to retrieve data
  • More accurate results
  • Timely results
  • Streamlined work procedures
  1. Patients can take control of their health

If a patient is suffering from a recurring illness, then it is important to keep up-to-date information on all proceedings. Communication can be disturbed in some locations where broadband internet and gadgets are scarce. Thanks to technology, it has become extremely easy to communicate with doctors. Most of the hospitals have already implemented patient portals. Patients can monitor all their health information online. Almost everything is uploaded by the hospitals on the patient portal. Thus, it has become easy for patients to track their health. But, there have been a lot of security breaches in recent times. It is very important to use strong encryption methods to secure the patient’s information. If you are a patient, then you must always use strong passwords for protecting your portal.

  1. Interactive Communication

Most of the people are afraid to communicate with their doctors. But, instant messaging services and email platforms are reducing the gap between patients and hustling doctors. You can use email services like Gmail to contact your doctors. Most of the doctors are using messaging apps like Whatsapp to stay connected with their doctors. There are many amazing emailing features which will automatically remind a patient about any upcoming test or appointments.

  1. Better Health Monitoring Services and Devices

My current heart rate is about 75 beats per minute. The resting heart rate is about 65 beats per minute. I can easily track these stats by using my fitness watch. Technology has outdone most of the health monitoring devices. There are various devices available in the market which you can use to track your health. Some of these devices are:

  • A fitness watch to monitor your calories burned, sleeping pattern and heart rate.
  • Gluten tester to check your glucose levels.
  • Wireless blood pressure monitors to check your blood pressure.
  • You can use the advanced headband to track your brain activities. It can help you in managing your stress level.
  • There are scarves available in the market that can filter your air.
  • You can use various EKG apps to check your heart’s status.
  1. Robots improving everyone life

Artificial Intelligence is the future of health care. It is already offering people convenience in their day to day lives. There are devices like Roomba, Alex or Echo which are improving the patient’s life. These robots can help you in doing day-to-day tasks like playing music or turning the lights off or on. It can even clean your house. Even in the healthcare sector, these robots are helping nurses and doctors in their day to day tasks. It helps them in locating tubes and proper vessels, sending an alert for assistance and transporting supplies. Disabled patients can also use these robots during the rehabilitation phase.

  1. Helps in preventing the onset of future Pandemics

One of the most unfortunate Ebola outbreak happened in Africa from 2015 to 2016. More than 11,000 people were killed due to the Ebola outbreak. Most of the countries in Africa are very underprivileged. They don’t have access to the internet. Thus, they are susceptible to most of the epidemics due to the lack of internet access. The government can’t communicate effectively with its citizens. The use of advanced technology can help in warning people about epidemics. Technology can also teach people about the proper measures that you should take during such pandemics.

There are some people that still question why technology is important for the healthcare sector. Many technological breakouts have motivated hospitals and innovators to prove to everyone that technology has become an important part of healthcare. It can help doctors in managing their patients. Most people already believe that technology is the future of healthcare.

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