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Top Cloud Adoption Trends That Can Affect Your Business in 2021

By April 5, 2021No Comments
Cloud Adoption Trends business 2021

According to a report from Forbes, more than 85% of the workloads are going to move to the cloud in 2021. IT leaders are now moving all the resources and workloads to the cloud. Cloud is a perfect infrastructure for IT as it allows you to facilitate remote work. You can also use cloud technology for saving a lot of money and time. If you are using cloud technology, then you don’t need to worry about buying your own hardware. Your cloud provider will also help you in protecting your data and devices from attackers.

The adoption of hybrid cloud is going to increase with time. Cloud costs are only going to decrease with time. More companies are investing in cloud computing due to which cloud costs are coming down.

You can also optimize the cloud costs by using new cloud tools. IaaS will help you in lowering down your IT infrastructure costs. There are various other trends that are going to affect businesses in 2021. You should try to adopt these trends for maximizing your benefit. In this article, we are going to talk about the top cloud adoption trends that can affect your business in 2021.

  1. Cost optimization

Cost optimization is going to increase the rate of cloud adoption. Every small and medium-sized business is moving to the cloud. Even large organizations are moving their infrastructure to the cloud. Cost optimization will also play a big role in the cloud migration project. Companies are trying to achieve cost-effectiveness. Cloud vendors are also helping companies in finding the best architecture for their business. They are providing a multi-cloud environment to organizations.

You can optimize your cloud costs by preparing heatmaps. These heatmaps will help you in finding areas where you can optimize your cost. Also, you should focus on executing right-sizing. You should focus on maximizing the usage of spot instances. Make sure that you are removing all the unused resources. Try to integrate idle resources with your infrastructure. This will ensure that you won’t waste your resources. You should use tools for examining the operational data. Also, always try to look for cost optimization opportunities.

  1. Multi-cloud strategy

More than 81% of businesses are already using a multi-cloud strategy. This strategy will help you in reducing your vendor dependency. It is very important for CIOs to focus on minimizing vendor lock-ins. This will help you in finding a better deal for your business.

Also, you should invest in cloud application portability. This will help you in moving your apps across different platforms. You can enjoy the benefits of multi-cloud vendors by using a multi-cloud strategy. These strategies will mainly focus on risk mitigation, procurement, and functionality. For example, you can work with two different cloud providers. You can store all the sensitive data in the first cloud vendor servers. This will ensure that all your sensitive data will be stored in a different location.

  1. Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Companies are going to move towards a hybrid cloud strategy. This strategy will ensure that you can enjoy the strength of your cloud vendors. According to a report from Gartner, more than 80% of companies are going to deploy a hybrid cloud model by 2021. Cloud experts are already expecting a rise in hybrid cloud deployments. This will be mainly fuelled by the rise of cloud-native infrastructure and development. Companies want to integrate their cloud computing power with container-based environments. This will help you in integrating your cloud resources with on-premise resources.

  1. IaaS

IaaS skills are going to become more important with time. You need good IaaS skills for cloud migration. Faulty IaaS deployment will lead to unnecessary delays. Most companies are using the lift-and-shift model for cloud migration. However, the chance of failure is increasing due to this model. Also, many companies are facing performance and latency issues. This strategy won’t help you in improving your cloud-native skills.

There is a huge shortage of skilled cloud experts in the market. Thus, most companies are going to work with MSPs in the future. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in cloud migration. They have access to the best cloud experts. Thus, they will help you in moving your resources to the cloud environment. The market of MSPs is going to be worth $300 billion by 2023.

  1. Distributed cloud

The cloud service providers are going to increase their distributed presence in 2021. They will try to ensure that their services are available to all the cloud-users. Microdata centers will be created for a location that has multiple users. Pop-up centers will deal with the temporary requirements of cloud users.

The hardware which is used for driving the public cloud will be located near the point of need. This will help cloud providers in providing low-latency to their users. It will ensure that you can directly run the applications on the cloud-native services. You don’t need to worry about building a new infrastructure for your applications.

Cloud companies are going to use edge computing for setting up these cloud service points. The new edge computing technology will help cloud providers is becoming more distributed. Businesses will be using edge computing for quick access to their computing resources. It will ensure that businesses can quickly access all the data. Thus, the importance of distributed cloud and edge computing is going to increase with time.


These are the main cloud adoption trends that have the potential to affect your business. Most companies are going to focus on multi-cloud and hybrid environments for now. Edge computing will also become more popular with time. If you are an SMB and you want to move your data to the cloud, then you should consider working with a good MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in moving your data and applications to the cloud. They will ensure that your cloud infrastructure is working optimally. Bleuwire will also help you in optimizing your cloud costs. Thus, you don’t need to worry about high cloud fees. If you need more information regarding cloud migration, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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