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The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Software Development: Part 2

By March 25, 2020No Comments5 min read
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We have already talked about the basics of Outsourcing Software Development in the previous article. In outsourcing, companies can hire third-party vendors for developing their software applications. We have already discussed the pros and cons in the previous article. In this article, we are going to give you some tips related to outsourcing.

Outsourcing Models:

There are three main methods to manage your outsourced team. You can use any of these models to manage your team. Some companies even use different models for outsourcing their maintenance, development, and testing. This will help companies in developing better products.

  1. Project-Based

In this model, the outsourced will help you in completing your project only. You can outsource your entire software project. Thus, you need to submit your project requirements to your outsourced team. They will develop a complete application for you. This is perfect for those companies that don’t have an in-house IT team. They can develop good products without hiring any developers. You should fix the deadline and price of the project before starting any project. In this, the pricing won’t depend on the hours. Thus, your outsourced developers can do complete planning. They can create a complete plan for your project.

You should use this model if your project requirements are crystal clear. Also, if the scope of your project is already fixed then this model is perfect for you. You should also have a fixed deadline in this model.

  1. Dedicated Team

If you want your outsourced team to work on multiple applications, then this model is perfect for you. In this, you can hire skilled developers for working on your projects. These professionals will help your core team in developing better applications. You can hire different professionals like UX designers and software designers. These professionals will ensure that your development process is running effectively and smoothly.

You can consider a dedicated team as a remote team. Many companies hire a project manager for managing these dedicated teams. The Project manager will communicate with these teams and send reports to your core team. In this, the pricing will depend on the hours. Also, it will depend on the number of professionals that you are hiring.

This model is perfect for companies that want to develop multiple applications. If your application is scalable, then you should opt for this model. Also, if you need to update your application regularly, then you should have a dedicated team. They will help you in quickly developing new applications.

  1. Staff Augmentation

In this, the outsourced team will handle your software development projects. However, you need to handle all the core processes. You will manage all the projects and the tasks related to the team. Also, you need to distribute the work between your outsourced team. The developers will ensure that the team is working at optimal productivity. They will also handle other concerns like compensations and vacations. Thus, you don’t need to worry about all these things.

Companies that want more control over the development process should opt for this. Also, this will give you more creative control over your application. Thus, you can develop applications according to your needs.

Outsourcing Tips:

  1. Choose a third-party vendor wisely

Your software quality will depend on the quality of your third-party vendor. If you are working with a good development company, then they will create amazing applications for your company. However, if you are working with someone with a bad reputation, then it can derail your business operations. Thus, you should find the best vendor for your software.

Many companies only read reviews about these service providers. This will help you in gaining some insight about that vendor. However, you should also check their previous projects. This will help you in checking the quality of their projects. You can check the technical capabilities of these providers.

You should check the software, websites, and apps that they have created. Some of the features that you should check are:

  • Design of the application.
  • Mobile functionality of the application.
  • User Experience.
  1. Start with a Trial Project

You should check the capabilities of third-party vendors. The best method to do is by asking them to create a trial project. If they are doing good work, then you should work with time. Some of the things that you should evaluate are:

  • Communication Skills: You need to ensure that these developers are communicating effectively.
  • Time Management: You need to ensure that these developers can submit their work before the deadline.
  • Trustworthiness: You need to ensure that these developers are trustworthy.

You need to invest some money and time in conducting these test projects. However, this will ensure that you are working with a good team.

  1. Don’t forget about the Performance Monitoring Tools

It is difficult to monitor the performance of your outsourced team. Sometimes these teams are working from thousands of miles away. You need to check if these developers are working during office hours. Also, you need to ensure that they are working on your project only. There are many performance monitoring tools available in the market. These tools will help you in tracking the performance of your outsourced workers. Thus, this will ensure that they are working honestly on your projects. You should use these tools for measuring the productivity of your outsourced team.


Outsourcing is one of the easiest ways to save money. Small and large companies are using it for speeding up their development process. They can use these outsourced teams for quickly developing their applications. Also, they will help you in developing better products. This will help you in developing better applications to your customers. You can work with the best developers around the world. These developers will help you in boosting your business growth. However, you should ensure that you are working with a good third-party vendor. If you are working with a good team, then they will automatically increase your company productivity. We have already mentioned some tips in this article that will help you in finding good teams. If you need more information regarding outsourcing, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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