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Why You Should Choose a Wired Network for Your SMB

By November 8, 2020No Comments5 min read
Wired Network for Your SMB

If you are using only a wireless network, then you are sacrificing a lot of speed and stability. There are many advantages of using traditional wired networks for SMBs. It can increase your network speed. Also, it is considered more secure when compared to wireless networks. Due to this, many companies get confused between wireless and wired networks. You might be wondering which equipment is best for you. Also, it is difficult to choose between wired, wireless, and a hybrid network. There are many advantages of using a wireless network. However, you should still wired network if it is possible. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of using a wired network for your Small Business.

  1. Speed

Sometimes you can experience slow speeds if you are using a wireless network. For example, you might be only getting 1-12 MBPS when you are paying for a 300-megabit connection. You might think that increase your bandwidth will solve this problem. However, it will only increase your IT bill.

This mostly occurs when there is interference from competing devices. These competing devices might be operating in your neighboring offices. You can solve this problem by upgrading your route, and firewall hardware. This will help you in clearing and broadcasting the rest of the bandwidth. Thus, you will get good internet speed.

Wireless networks need to deal with phenomena like lightning. Also, you need to deal with other Wi-Fi networks like radio interference, and area. These interferences will affect the performance and speed of your network. The biggest problem with wireless networks is that they will lose speed if you have more competing devices in your network. This problem is going to increase due to the introduction of IoT devices.

Internet of things

The IoT or Internet of things devices is offering features like lighting, security systems, and home appliances. But, these gadgets can’t operate without wireless internet. They need access to your wireless network. Thus, it will decrease your network speed. You might need to deal with slow speed due to these devices. Small businesses are using IoT devices for increasing their accessibility and productivity. However, this investment is going to affect your wireless network speed.

Wired networks are faster when compared to the wireless network. You might be happy with the 200-megabit speed. However, hardline wires can offer you gigabit speed. Also, the speed of your wireless connection doesn’t matter as it will get slower due to interference, traffic, and competing devices. There are many overhead factors that you need to deal with. The best benefit of using a wired network is that you don’t need to worry about any speed issues. You won’t lose any speed due to the interference.

  1. Stability

The best thing about wired networks is that they are not affected by competing devices, equipment, and nature. Your wired network will never break due to these factors. Thus, wired networks are more stable when compared to the wireless network.

If you are using wireless networks, then you might need to deal with poor performance. Your network performance might drop when you are doing some important task. This will affect your employee’s productivity. The network will take some time to come back online. Thus, you might need to perform multiple restarts every day. Due to this, you will lose a lot of energy and time.

These problems can occur due to poor equipment or competing devices. You might not be optimally running your wireless network. It is very difficult to set up your wireless network optimally. Thus, you need access to enterprise-level equipment. If you want your wireless network to run optimally, then you need to buy enterprise-level equipment. However, it can be very costly for SMBs. You can’t use subpar hardware with a wireless network.

Some companies don’t use wired networks because they have access to potable systems like mobile devices and laptops. However, you can easily set up an efficient wired network. You can invest your money into dock for laptops. It is cheaper when compared to buying enterprise-level equipment. If you have docked your laptop, then you can enjoy the benefits of your wired network.

  1. Security

Wired networks are more secure when compared to wireless networks. Security is becoming a major concern for SMBs. A wired network will ensure that your network is protected from attacks. Wireless networks are using radio waves for sending data. Thus, attackers can use the right tools for capturing your traffic. Even encrypted traffic can get captured. It is very difficult to hack into a wired network. If security is your priority, then you should invest in a wired network.

More than 50% of SMBs have been breached in the last year. Thus, you should focus on protecting your business from security breaches. If you are dealing with client and internal data, then you can’t afford a data breach. Thus, it is important to protect your network from attackers.

Attackers are increasing with time. Many SMBs think that they are not a target. However, hackers are targeting SMBs. It is easy to attack small businesses as they are not using any security solutions. If you are using a Wi-Fi network, then your data is not safe. Thus, you should consider using a wired network. This will help you in saving your network from attackers. Wired networks are considered more secure when compared to wireless networks.


These are the three main benefits of still using a wired network. There are some disadvantages to using a wireless network. The wireless networks can sometimes be slow due to interference. There are various factors like competing devices, radio interference, and area that can affect your network speed. Thus, wired networks are considered faster when compared with wireless networks. Also, wired networks are more reliable when compared with wireless networks. If you are using old equipment with a wireless network, then it will affect your network performance. Wireless networks are also less secure when compared with wired networks. Attackers use the right malicious tools for capturing web traffic. Thus, you should consider using a wired network for your SMB. If you need more tips regarding network management, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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