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Best Network Technologies That You Should Use

By October 14, 2020No Comments
Network Technologies

According to a report from Intelligent Technology Index, more than 60% of IT leaders think that they need to upgrade their network infrastructure. Your business network is the entire foundation of your company.

There are various network technologies available in the market. These technologies are going to impact how employees and businesses used to connect. You can implement these technologies for improving your network speed and efficiency. Most SMBs don’t know about the network technologies that are good for them. In this article, we are going to talk about the best network technologies that you should consider implementing.

  1. Wireless Networking

Every business should implement wireless networking if they want to communicate with their clients and employees. The new wireless standard will ensure that you will get faster data speeds. Also, the bandwidth is more when compared to the old wireless technologies. You can easily adjust the throughput of your devices. If you are using a Wave 2 hotspot, then it will automatically adjust its bandwidth according to your needs.

Wave 2 is the new standard that will offer more speed to your network. It can also support multiple users simultaneously. The best thing about Wave 2 is that it is designed for mobile devices and IoT devices. It can support devices like IoT devices, tablets, and smartphones. Also, it will support all the older devices which are supported by the previous standards. This will ensure that your older devices can also use this standard.

  1. 5G

Customers are already ready for 5G technology. The mobile carriers are slowly rolling out installations. They are also testing the new 5G network. Thus, it will be ready in 1 or 2 years. The 5G is going to change the networking game. You will have access to improved network speed. Also, the battery life of your smartphone will increase.

For enterprises, 5G will become a good WAN connection. You can use it for connecting all your offices to the internet. It can even compete with most of the wired connections.

This network is going to be perfect for IoT devices. 5G will ensure that your IoT sensors can run for years.

This technology will also impact the Local-area networks. Businesses can set up their own 5G data networks. This will be a perfect solution for businesses that rely on IoT devices.

The 5G and Wi-Fi will coexist together. However, it will be difficult to manage networks as your users will move between these two technologies. You need good network management tools for handling these tools.

  1. Infrastructure as a Service

Businesses are looking for infrastructure and network solutions that will help them in saving money. Also, they don’t want to maintain their own data centers. Due to this, IaaS is becoming the most famous cloud service. Cloud vendors are providing infrastructure components like databases, networking, storage, and computing.

This will ensure that you don’t need to invest your money into buying resources. You can directly work with a cloud vendor as they will offer you more flexibility. This is not possible if you are working with a data center. However, if you are using cloud technology, then you will only pay for the services that you are using.

The IaaS solution will help you in reducing your business costs. You don’t need to worry about buying new tools and equipment. However, at the same time, you can easily scale up your infrastructure.

  1. Next-generation Firewalls

Firewalls are very important for protecting your network from attacks and intrusions. The latest next-generation firewalls can help you in protecting your network from attackers.

It includes features like QoS, Website filtering, and IPS. These firewalls can also check for SSL and SSH inspection. NGFWs are also offering applications control and inspection to companies.

This will ensure that you can provide better protection to your network. It will help you in reducing the complexity of your security tasks. Your in-house IT team don’t need to manually complete their work. They can use NGFWs for automating most of their tasks. These firewalls are also scalable and they can easily meet your growing needs. Thus, these firewalls are perfect for modern businesses.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine learning is also slowly changing the networking world. You can use ML for managing your network. If you want to understand your network health, then you should have pattern-recognition skills.

Companies are using ML and AI for checking these patterns. You can use the latest ML algorithms for recognizing these patterns. Machine learning will help you in spotting anomalies in your network health and behavior. These anomalies will get missed if you are not using ML. Also, it will ensure that it is only giving accurate alerts to network engineers. Networks will automatically learn about themselves and will flag the correct issues. Your IT team don’t need to waste their team in understanding your network.

You can use these tools for clustering and categorizing devices. This will help you in creating profiles for different use cases. Currently, most companies are using AI only for smarter alerts. However, the AI bots are becoming smarter with time. These solutions can help you in solving a lot of problems. Also, these solutions will help you in saving a lot of money.


These are the best network technologies that are going to change the future. If you want to stand out, then you should invest in these technologies. You need access to a good IT networking team for managing your network. If you don’t have access to an in-house networking team, then you should consider working with an MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in managing your network. They will help you in implementing the new network technologies. You don’t need to worry about hiring in-house IT professionals for handling your network. This is perfect for SMBs as they don’t have access to a large IT budget. If you need more information regarding network monitoring, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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