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Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Company

By September 21, 2020No Comments6 min read
Cybersecurity Solutions

Modern businesses are using digital platforms for increasing their revenue. You can use digital platforms for attracting more customers. However, you also need to deal with the cybersecurity attacks. Companies are giving the top priority to their security now. It is important to protect your IT applications and infrastructure from attackers. You need to use the best cybersecurity solutions for protecting your data. In this article, we are going to talk about the best cybersecurity solutions.

Definition of Cybersecurity solution:

Cybersecurity solutions will help you in protecting your data and applications. There are various types of cybersecurity solutions available in the market. These solutions will help you in addressing a lot of cybersecurity issues. However, you should ensure that you have covered all the directions. You should use multiple cybersecurity solutions for protecting your business. This will ensure that your business is protected from most of the known problems.

  1. Security patch management schedule

You need to ensure that all your systems are up-to-date. Most data breaches actually occur because employees forget to update their systems. You need to install security patches in every system. Many organizations are worried about some zero-day attacks. These types of attacks are completely new. Thus, it is almost impossible to protect your business from this attack. But, most hackers will actually only exploit the known vulnerabilities. You can block their attacks by simply downloading the security patches.

The Equifax data breach is an example of this problem. They forget to update one of their web-applications. There was already a security patch available in March 2017. However, IT admins forgot to download this security patch. Hackers found out that they are still using old applications. Thus, they easily exploited vulnerability. The data breach occurred in late May 2017. Equifax could’ve easily avoided this data breach by updating their web application.

You should maintain a strict security patch update and management schedule. This will help you in avoiding various types of attacks and threats. Hackers can’t use old vulnerabilities for attacking your network.

  1. IDS or Intrusion Detection Systems

IDS systems are still very important for your business. These tools will log intrusion attempts and will alert your security response team. This will ensure that your team knows that a data breach has occurred. If you don’t have an intrusion detection system, then your team will never get notified. Thus, hackers can easily steal your sensitive data.

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent an attack. However, you still need to study the data breach. This will help you in fixing the vulnerabilities present in your network. You can also check the data and applications that attackers accessed. This will help you in preventing future attacks.

Many detection systems can also try to stop hacking attacks. These are known as IPS systems. IPSs will provide an extra layer of security to your corporate network.

EDR solutions can also help you in detecting abnormal activity. These solutions will monitor all the endpoints in your network. They will help you in tracking abnormal activities in your network.

  1. Managed Cybersecurity solutions and services

Most SMBs don’t have access to an IT Security team. Thus, they can’t implement the best security solutions. There are many MSPs like Bleuwire that can help you in minimizing your security risks. They will help you in securing your digital space. Some of the services offered by MSSPs are:

  • Security assessment and audits: In this process, they will assess your security plan. They will use penetration testing and security policy reviews for assessing your network.
  • IT Security staffing: MSPs have access to a large team of cybersecurity experts. They can help you in protecting your network from various threats. Thus, you don’t need to worry about hiring security professionals. You will get access to a team of cybersecurity professionals. Your partner will provide you access to an excellent IT security team. Also, you don’t need to worry about any hiring costs.
  • Security implementations: Your partner can help you in finding the best security solution for your business. These security solutions will fill the gaps that are present in your network architecture. Your partner will regularly implement new security tools for protecting your IT assets.

The easiest way to improve your business security is by working with an MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in implementing the best security solutions. They will also create a customized security strategy for your business.

  1. Multi-layered firewalls

If an attacker is in your network, then you should try to minimize the damage. Your top priority will be to slow down the hacker or attacker. This will help you in securing other systems and files.

You can achieve this by creating a multi-layered security strategy. Make sure that all your network resources are isolated from each other. This will help you in slowing down attackers. Also, it will limit their access. They can only access certain parts of your network. This will help you in protecting your sensitive resources.

You can use tools like per-app firewalls. These firewalls will filter every traffic request. They will also protect your virtualized computer resources. If you are using a multi-layered approach, then hackers need to crack multiple layers of security. This will slow down their attack. Thus, you will have more time to protect your valuable resources.


These are some simple cybersecurity solutions that you can use for protecting your network. You can also use VPN and antivirus programs. VPN will ensure that your employees are protected from web threats. Also, the antivirus will protect your system from malware and viruses. You can also consider working with an MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will help you in creating a security strategy. They will ensure that your business is protected from attackers and hackers. If you need more information regarding cybersecurity solutions, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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