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Why Dell’s XPS 15 Sets High Bar for 15-Inch Laptops?

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Laptops are compact devices which are easy to carry. The only aim of the manufacturer was to make the computer portable. People can carry their laptop anywhere they want, irrespective of the space available. With the passage of time, it also developed, which included faster processors, better speakers, and more lightweight.

These laptops have the fastest processor for super-fast computer response, fast USB ports for fast data transfer, and ultra HD picture quality. These laptops are mainly used for high-end games and running top notch software. Dell has successfully discovered the niche for high-end laptops. It is the Dell XPS 15.

The best description of the laptop is that it can compete with Mac Book 15 by Apple. Products by Apple are considered to be the best. This laptop costs around Rs.2,40,000 while the XPS 15 costs Rs.70,000 less. In addition to this XPS 15 also provides a slightly larger screen than Apple, which can support resolutions from  1920 x 1080 to 3840 x 2160 OLED. On the other hand, the Apple screen can only support 2880 x 1800.

Android users cannot connect to an Apple laptop, but Dell XPS 15 has two 3.0 USB port, one HDMI 2.0 port, Kensington security port, and a USB-C 3.1. XPS 15 is also available with different processors and SSD drives. Processors available for the laptop are, 9th Gen i5 to i9 and SSD cards can vary from 256GB to 2TB. Dell is providing a whole new level of choices to laptop users.

Kensington is a type of port where a lock is inserted to connect the laptop to an object, to avoid being stolen.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. These drives are similar to the hard disks present on the computer. Unlike the hard disk, they do not use disks to write data, instead, they use flash memory to store data. Flash memory is a kind of EEPROM. EEPROM stands for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, where the memory can be erased in an instant or flash.


The laptop has an aluminum top and bottom, while the inside is made of carbon fiber. Carbon fibers are known material, normally used to make an object light, stiffer, stronger, and corrosion free. It is used in this laptop so that it will not receive any damage during rough use.

Both the inner and outer surfaces have smooth finishing. It also fits a 15.6-inch screen in a narrow frame, leaving no space for the camera on the top. The camera is present in the lower part of the laptop. Instead of two hinges, it has provided a single long hinge. This avoids hinge failure due to the sudden force applied to open or close the laptop.


The top version of this laptop comes with a 4K screen. The 4K screen provides ultra HD images. It is hard to have a pixeled image on a 4K screen. It also has different color standards, like the DCI-P3 or the Rec 709. It is a laptop made for pro gamers and photographers.

DCI-P3 is a Red Green and Blue color space used in the American film industry. The Rec-709 is the color space for HQ televisions. Mostly for those who use the 16:9 ratio. These two are not the only color standards available on this laptop.


Most of the laptops these days have a dual-core processor, while XPS 15 has a quad-core processor. All the variants include 9th Gen processors and the SSD provided can read data at a speed of 3000 MB/s. It also has a GTX 1050 graphics.

It is the best graphics for entry-level players, but it does not mean that it is a low-end graphics. It is in between high and low-end graphics, which can run 1080p games in medium graphics. It comes with 2GB and 4 GB VRAM variant. VRAM stands for Video Random Access Memory. It is used by the graphics card to store images.

With all these features included, it is also amazingly silent. Most laptops produce a whirring sound while running, but Dell does not. Even when it does heavy work, the sound produced remains less than other laptops.

It also has 32 Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. It means now the laptop can work more efficiently and quickly than any other rival laptops. The DDR4 RAM provided in Dell has a speed of 2666MHz. Even Apple MacBook 15 has 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM. It also provides storage of 1TB.

Battery life

On average, a laptop provides 3-4 hrs of battery back-up after a full charge. Dell with 56Wh of battery provides battery back-up for 6.5 hrs. It is amazing how the laptop uses its power for so long after having power consuming components like i5 or i7 chip and 4K screens.


It is one of the best laptops for high-end work. It may not handle games having higher resolution than 1080p, but it has a 4K screen for crystal clear picture. It also has keyboard and mouse track similar to Apple, and both are smooth and comfortable to use.

Buying this will be worth for those who perform top end tasks, like using adobe or music editing software. It provides Apple premium features at a much lower price. The starting range of XPS in India is under Rs. 1,30,000, which is nearly 1 lakh less than the price of the Apple MacBook 15.

It is a value for money laptop and has a classic design. The customer gets higher features at a lower price as compared to other laptops. This makes Dell XPS 15 the best laptop in the 15-inch laptop segment.

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