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Why MS Teams Is Important For Your Business

By April 10, 2021No Comments5 min read
MS Teams Is Important For Your Business

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to adopt a remote working lifestyle. Most of the workforce is working from their home now. However, remote working is denting the productivity of employees. It is important to find the right tools and solutions for your business and employees. MS Team is the perfect productivity tool for your employees. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of MS Teams for your business.

  1. Communicate through real-time chat

MS teams will ensure that your team can communicate with each other. This is very helpful if you have remote employees. The chat function will also work properly in the office environment. If you are using email for communication, then you are only going to waste your team’s time. The team’s chat function will ensure that you can do real-time communication with your employees.

Teams will help you in having private chat with your team members. You can also have group conversations with your team. It will help you in sharing information transparently and openly with your team members.

  1. Meetings

If you have remote workers, then MS Teams will help you in conducting virtual meetings. It will ensure that your remote works can easily communicate in virtual meetings with VoIP technology.

These meetings will help you in improving in-person meetings also. It will allow you to share your screen with your employees. Also, you can use integrated apps for collaborating with your team members. You don’t need to wait for printouts as you can see all the data on the screen.

Teams can also be used for conducting external meetings. If you have global suppliers or customers, then you can use Teams for conducting virtual meetings with time.

  1. Collaboration

MS Teams will ensure that your team members can access files, tools, and conversations in a special workspace. Your team members can work in real-time on the same project. You can encourage collaboration with the help of co-authored files.

MS teams will allow you to enjoy tools like SharePoint, Planner, Power BI, and OneNote. You can directly integrate these teams with MS Teams. Thus, your team members can use their MS tools with MS Teams.

It will allow you to search across files, chats, and people for finding the information that you are looking for. MS teams will also keep your entire team updated. You can use email integration for sharing your plan with your team members.

  1. Extend and customize collaboration

MS team is not limited to the MS bubble only. It will also allow you to integrate third-party applications and services. If your team members are using different applications, then you can integrate them with the Teams workspace.

MS teams will allow you to customize your workspace. You can include all the services and apps that your team needs. It will allow you to pin your important files. This will ensure that you can quickly find your important files. You might be using different applications but this tool will help you in bringing them together.

  1. Security

MS teams already come with their own built-in security features. If you are storing your data in MS teams, then you don’t need to worry about any data leak. MS Teams is following the strict GDPR compliance for protecting their user’s data. Also, they are following the standard regulations for protecting your data.

You can also set up two-factor authentication for protecting your data. It will ensure that only the right people will have access to your business data. This can be managed from a single admin panel.

  1. Schedule meetings

MS teams will help you in scheduling your meetings. This will ensure that you will be more prepared than ever. You can check the availability of your attendees. Also, it will automatically sync with your calendar. You can review the reports of your team. Also, you can check your team status in this tool. The chat logs and integrated apps will ensure that you are prepared for every meeting.

You can start by first creating an agenda for your meeting. This can be done by adding a meeting description. It will help you in setting the pace for your team members. Thus, your team members will always stay productive and lean. The in-app collaboration feature will help you in accessing folders and files in real-time. It will ensure that you can discuss the latest information.

How MS Teams can be utilized by your departments

  • Marketing Department

The marketing department can use MS teams for sharing, strategizing, and collaborating in real-time. They can use MS teams for creating campaigns for your business.

  • Sales Department

The sales department can use MS teams for writing and sharing their proposals online. It will ensure that your key stakeholders and team members can check the proposals. MS Teams will help them in managing sales training and planning. You can do a virtual meeting with your existing customers.

  • Finance department

MS Teams will help your finance department in gathering and reporting the financial performance data. It will ensure that all the data will be gathered in one centralized place. Your finance team can use the sharing feature of MS teams to share the data.

  • HR department

MS teams will help your HR department in managing your organization’s resources. It will help them in managing the recruitment and training process. Also, it will ensure that your HR members can quickly share files with each other.

  • IT department

MS teams will help your IT department in transforming IT execution and planning. They can use the communication channel provided by MS teams to collaborate with each other.

  • Project Management

MS teams will help you in digitally managing your project tools, reviews, budgets, tools, and feedback. It will help you in quickly moving between the development and deployment of your tools.


MS teams will help you in enabling remote work. It will help you in increasing the productivity of your employees. Thus, the MS suite is very important for your business. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in integrating the best MS tools with your business. They will help you in finding the best MS 365 suite for your business. Also, they will help you in creating a perfect environment for remote workers. If you need more information regarding the MS suite, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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