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5 Biggest Data Center Trends in 2019

By December 10, 2019No Comments
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It is important to keep up with new data center trends. If you are performing a data center assessment, then you should know about all the technology trends that are impacting the data center world. Data center technology is improving with time. Companies are using modern technology for building better IT infrastructure. Most businesses rely on a data center for hosting their applications. Thus, the business of data centers is increasing with time. But, it is also important to improve the efficiency of your data center. You can achieve this by using new technologies. Companies should have knowledge about all the data center trends. This will help you by giving more benefits to your customers.

  1. Storage Solutions

Data center storage is the biggest concern that most of the companies are facing. Companies are producing a lot of data every year. The USA is alone generating more than 180 million gigabytes of data every hour. Businesses are using big data analysis for effectively managing their data. Data scientists are constantly working on creating new storage solutions.

Due to this pressure, companies are buying more hard drives for their data center. HDDs are the best solution available to the data center right now. They have low cost and high reliability. But, they are slow when compared to SSDs. You can use SSDs or Solid-state drives for better performance. But, they are very expensive when compared to HDD. Flash memory has made a lot of improvements in recent years. Its capacity has increased in recent years. Also, the access speeds of flash memory have increased. Most of the organizations are using SSDs for improving their performance. Data centers are also using this technology for helping their users.

  1. Virtualization Technology

Data centers are trying to reduce their infrastructure burdens by using virtual servers. Most of the managed service providers and data centers are using an SDDC or software-defined data center model. They use virtualization technologies for increasing their capacity. Companies used to allocate different servers to every user. But, now they use virtualization for dividing their servers into segments. Thus, different users can share the same server. This allows them to increase the efficiency of their data centers. Virtualization technology will allow you to effectively distribute your workload across different servers. Thus, a single server won’t overheat due to overburden. This will provide scalability to your customers. You can use the SDDC model for converting your data center into a cloud server. It will allow you to use storage power according to your business needs. Thus, Virtualization will help you in increasing the efficiency of your data center. It will ensure that you are using all your computing resources.

  1. Edge computing

Edge computing is another very popular data center trend. The rise of IoT devices is difficult to handle for most of the companies. You can’t use your traditional network architecture for these devices. In edge computing, all your devices are present on the network edge. Thus, devices don’t need to send their data to the central processor. Most of the devices can process their data. Edge computing uses the computation power of the devices that are connected on the edge. These devices will automatically resolve the requests. Thus, the performance of your IoT devices will automatically improve. Users can access their cloud resources with very little interruption. Edge computing will help you in managing all your IoT devices. It will also help you in managing the data.

  1. Hybrid Cloud

Many organizations were using the public cloud for decreasing their operating costs. But, the public cloud has many disadvantages like lack of control. Also, there were many pricing challenges. Thus, many companies have abandoned the public cloud model. There are also many disadvantages to using a private cloud. It is difficult to communicate with your applications.

Most of the companies are moving towards hybrid cloud architecture. It will provide you the security and control you need. Thus, you don’t need to worry about data breaches. You will also get access to the power of public cloud computing. Thus, your applications can also communicate with each other. A hybrid cloud will allow your company to manage and store your important data. You can store your sensitive data on a private cloud. However, you can also use the computing power of public cloud servers. Thus, most of the companies are moving towards a hybrid cloud model.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Data centers are also using AI programs for monitoring their applications. These AI programs are helping the data centers in increasing their efficiency. Companies are using predictive analytics for analyzing the old operational data. This will help you in identifying the problem areas. AI will help you in reducing your energy costs. Google has recently used an AI program made by DeepMind for analyzing their data centers. It has helped Google in reducing its overall cooling costs by more than 40%. AI applications will help you in determining which equipments you should replace. It will also help you in reducing the overall energy costs of your data center.


Data center technology is rapidly changing with time. Companies are using various technologies for meeting their business needs. You can use virtualization technology for reducing your equipment costs. It will ensure that you are using all your resources. Edge computing is also helping companies in connecting their IoT devices. Thus, most of the companies are moving towards edge data centers. AI will also help you in increasing the efficiency of your data center. You can use machine learning to decreasing your energy costs. Most of the companies are moving from on-premise solutions to cloud solutions. Thus, it is important to upgrade your data center. If you want more tips regarding the data center, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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