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5 IT Issues That Can Compromise Your Business

By November 12, 2020No Comments
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Most company’s IT technology is very inefficient. It is important to be aware of the IT issues that can strike your company. You should evaluate your IT needs as it will help you in finding weak spots in your IT technology. Sometimes your IT support firm might say that they have resolved the issue without actually fixing it. This might be happening with your business also.

There are various problems like missing security patches, firewall misconfiguration, unchecked backups, weak password policies, and legacy hardware. These problems are common in modern businesses. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in finding these issues in your business. They can help you in improving your performance and security. Thus, you should consider working with a good MSP.

In case of a data or security breach, there are five components that will work together. They will help you in preventing data loss. Your MSP can help you in evaluating these common problems and help you in speeding your business.

  1. Hardware Firewall

Almost every business is using an outdated hardware firewall. You should think about your firmware as a barrier. If your firewall collapses, then your entire network will become vulnerable. A firewall will protect your network and system from attackers. You should ensure that your firewalls are updated regularly. It is important to audit the patches regularly.

You can choose between a hardware and software firewall. The hardware firewall is a physical device that will stop threats before they enter your system. Similarly, the software firewall is a security application that you can install in your systems and server. Most SMBs think that software firewall can protect their business from every threat. However, it can’t stop local area network threats. It is similar to a guard that will only raise the alarm but the hardware firewall is like a wall.

Most SMBs are also not using any anti-malware and anti-virus software. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in creating a security approach. They will make sure that you have implemented all the important security defenses.

  1. Keep your PC up-to-date

You should ensure that all your systems are up-to-date. It will ensure that your PC is running at maximum efficiency.

If you are not updating your systems, then they can be easily compromised. There are already tons of vulnerabilities available on the internet. Thus, attackers can easily hack into outdated systems. You should always check for security patches or updates. However, it is very difficult to manually update all your applications and systems. Thus, you should consider working with an MSP. They will help you in monitoring all the updates. This will ensure that your systems are not vulnerable.

  1. Password policies

Most companies have set their passwords to never expire. Thus, your employees won’t change their passwords. This is going to be a major issue for your business. Make sure that your employees are changing their passwords regularly. If your employees are changing their passwords regularly, then it will become very hard to hack their accounts.

There are many apps available in the market that will help you in managing your employee’s passwords. These password managers will store all the passwords in a secure repository. This will ensure that your employees don’t need to worry about remembering complex passwords. Also, these tools will generate complex passwords for your employees.

You should also ensure that your employees are regularly updating their passwords. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in creating password policies.

  1. Check your data backups

It is very important to backup your data and servers. In case of a disaster, you need these backups for recovering your data. You should know about your backup frequency. Make sure that your backups are actually working.

The best way to check this is by performing a drill. You should regularly check your backup for issues. Your MSP can also help you in performing this drill.

Most companies are using cloud services for backing up their data. If you are using cloud backup, then you can recover your data remotely. However, if you are using a local source, then you need to use your hard drive for recovering your data. The main goal of backup is to ensure that your systems are running even after a disaster. Thus, you should regularly check your data backups.

  1. Legacy hardware

The hardware is evolving rapidly with time. Even your 5-year-old computer will be considered outdated now. Thus, you can’t use old systems for doing your work.

If you are using old systems, then you must have noticed glitches or slow processing speed. Most SMBs have access to a small IT budget. Thus, they can’t give priority to new hardware as old systems are still working. But, the time lost due to old machines will be very expensive for your business.

SSDs, memory capacity, screen quality, and processor speed have improved with time. These things will actually help you in improving the user experience. Your employees will also become more efficient if they are using these systems.

You need to ensure that all your hardware is updated. It is important to check your hardware periodically. You should replace your systems every 5 years. It will ensure that your systems are secure and fast. Your servers are also very important to you. You might not be working on them but you still need to ensure that they are up-to-date. If your servers are very old, then you should replace them. This will help you in improving your business processes.


These are the common IT issues that can compromise your entire business. You should ensure that your business is protected from these IT issues. If you are an SMB, then you should consider working with an MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will ensure that you don’t need to worry about these IT issues. They will help you in monitoring all the IT issues. Also, they will ensure that all your systems and software are up-to-date. If you need more information regarding Managed IT services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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