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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

By February 18, 2020No Comments5 min read
AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Cloud Technology is becoming more famous over time. Most businesses are using the cloud for doing their work. Even professionals are using cloud technology for completing their work. Cloud is providing many amazing benefits to its users. Thus, more and more people are relying on cloud storage.

According to a report by Gartner, the net value of the public cloud market will be more than $400 billion in 2020. You can use cloud tech for storing data and making backups.

Currently, Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS are the three major players in the cloud market. It is very difficult to choose between these players. In this article, we are going to compare these three cloud services. This will ensure that you can choose the right provider for your business.

The importance of cloud technology is increasing. Public clouds are already in huge demand. This is providing more opportunities to cloud providers. Thus, they are trying to provide better services to their customer. They are focusing on providing good services to their customer. However, at the same time, they are also trying to reduce the price of their product.

Azure, Google, and AWS offer various cloud resources to their customers. You can get access to resources like storage, applications, and storage. Currently, IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service is the most famous cloud model.

Google Cloud vs AWS vs Azure Comparison

The cloud market is currently governed by – Azure, Google and AWS. There is a very strong competition between them. Other cloud providers can’t compete with these giants. Currently, AWS is dominating the cloud market. They have been providing services since 2016. However, the other two companies are also quickly growing.

Cloud providers are providing high-quality services to their customers. They are trying to provide high security, customer support, and good performance to their customers. Every cloud provider is providing multiple services to their clients. Some of the common services are:

  • Security
  • Development Tools
  • Storage
  • Compute
  • Database
  • Content Delivery and Networking
  • Management and Development Tools

We are going to use these services to compare these three cloud providers.

  1. Compute

Computing is the basic role of any computer. Cloud providers are offering computing services to their clients. A good cloud provider can scale more than 1000 nodes in a few seconds. Amazon is providing EC2 services to their clients. They have predefined AMIs available. Microsoft Azure is providing a Virtual Hard Disk to its users. It is similar to the AMI service. Google is providing its own Compute engine to its users.

  1. Storage

Storage is another important service offered by cloud services. These services mostly come under the domain of data storage. AWS is providing simple storage services to its users. They are using Storage Gateway for storing users’ data. Azure and Google are also providing reliable storage options to customers. However, Google doesn’t have any disaster recovery plan currently. Azure is providing site recovery options to its users. You will find bulk data storage solutions in all of them.

  1. Database

Cloud providers are also providing database services to their users. You can use these services for reducing your database workloads. Azure supports both relational databases and NoSQL. Also, it supports big data. Thus, Azure is perfect for doing Big data projects.

  1. Content Delivery and Networking

You will find different networks with every cloud provider. Amazon is providing VPC or Virtual Private Cloud to its users. Azure is offering Virtual Network to its users. Google is offering subnet to its users. AWS is currently using a Cloudfront delivery network. Google is offering its own Cloud Interconnect.

  1. Monitoring and Management

Every cloud provider is providing management and monitoring services to its users. These services will help you in managing your services. Thus, it will help you in improving the performance of your applications.

  1. Development Tools

You can use development tools for building and deploying your services. They will also help you in debugging your applications. Thus, these tools are very important for developers. AWS is providing Elastic Transcoder to its users. Azure is providing Media Services Transcoder to its users. Google is still not providing any Transcoder to its users. Hence, AWS and Azure are providing better development tools.

  1. Security

Amazon is currently providing the best security services. They are using many different security mechanisms to protect user data. Fortinet in AWS is providing security features to the Amazon VPC. However, Azure is only providing security to applications and applications. They remove these security features during the migration process. Google is using FortiGate Firewall for protecting its user’s data. Thus, they are also providing good security to their users. Every cloud provider is trying to protect its customer’s data.

  1. Pricing Structure

Pricing is the most important thing that companies look for before purchasing any services. Every cloud provider is trying to attract new customers. Thus, you will find very aggressive pricing. Every cloud provider is using pay as you go, model. You will pay only for the resources that you are using. This will help you in creating a perfect IT budget. Amazon is charging users on an hourly basis. However, Azure and Google are charging users on a minute basis. Google will charge you for at least 10 minutes. You can always make prepaid payments to cloud providers. However, they will also accept postpaid payments.


Cloud services are going to become more important with time. Thus, it is important to move your data to the cloud. There are currently three main players in the Cloud Market. You can use Azure, Google Cloud or AWS for hosting your data. They are providing amazing services to their clients. Thus, you can use them as the backbone of your cloud infrastructure. Your choice will ultimately depend on your business requirements. These three cloud providers are equal in most of the areas. Thus, it is difficult to pick a winner between them. Due to the competition, every cloud provider is trying to reduce its price. Thus, it is a perfect time to buy cloud services. If you want more information regarding cloud services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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