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Benefits of Remote Work beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic

By February 7, 2021No Comments
Benefits of Remote Work

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the entire world. The global workforce was in lockdown in 2020. Thus, most businesses decided to switch to remote work. Most workers are working from a remote location now. The popularity of remote work has accelerated exponentially due to the coronavirus pandemic. This type of massive shift was impossible before.

Most employers thought that remote work will lead to a decrease in productivity. This perception has changed with time. According to a survey from Gartner, more than 74% of CFOs think that a remote workforce is good for their company. They are going to have permanent remote positions even after this pandemic is over.

The productivity levels of employees have increased due to this shift. Thus, companies are saving a lot of money due to this shift. The efficiency of companies has increased. Companies don’t need to worry about buying hardware for their employees. Remote work is having a big impact on the company’s spending.

It was impossible to embrace remote work in the last century. Thanks to cloud computing, remote work has become a simple thing now. The business IT agility is going to be a driving force for the companies. In this article, we are going to talk about the long term benefits of remote work.

How Remote Working Trends changed due to the pandemic

Most people think that remote working is a new trend. However, the concept is very old. More than 40% of the IBM employees were already remote workers before this pandemic. The remote work was already possible before this pandemic. IBM wanted to hire the best computer programmers in the world. But, this was impossible due to the geographical restrictions. They solved this problem by using remote work.

However, IBM almost dropped this idea in 2017 due to a decrease in their revenue. Most people thought that remote work is not a good option for companies. Workers can be unavailable when they are needed the most. The technology was also improving very slowly. It was difficult to meet the bandwidth demands of workers. Your workers need a good internet connection for accessing applications and transferring data. You need to provide expensive hardware to your remote worker.

Most tech companies were experimenting with the work from home option. However, they were offering this option for specific skill sets and specific roles. Thus, remote culture was not ready for other companies.

The coronavirus pandemic changed all this in 2020. People needed to stay socially distanced for decreasing the spread of coronavirus. This was like other natural disasters and it was important to quickly change the landscape. Workers started working remotely from their homes. All the non-essential workers were asked to stay in their homes for decreasing the spread of coronavirus. The challenges of telecommuting were thrust upon all the businesses. It was important to adapt to survive. Most businesses were forced to close down as they didn’t have any disaster continuity plan.

Remote work also helped companies in saving a lot of money. It was important to survive this shift. Businesses started adapting remote working capabilities by using cloud services. Work from home and remote work options have become the new norm and it is going to stay this way for a long time.

Long Term Benefits of Remote Working

According to a report from BBC, the predicted productivity of employees increased when they are working from their home. Workers have reported increased satisfaction as they were closer with their families. Their zoom calls were sometimes interrupted by pets and families. But, most of the employees want to enjoy this perk in the future. However, employees are not the only one who is looking for benefits. Even CFOs are checking their expenditures. Companies are saving a lot of money by enabling remote work. They can invest this money back into marketing and research. Thus, they are looking for ways to capitalize on these financial benefits.

  1. Lower overhead costs

Remote working can help you in saving a lot of the overhead costs. You don’t need to worry about the office supplies and cleaning services. Businesses are realizing that they need less space now. Companies can save up to $10000 per employee if they are working from their home.

  1. Reduced healthcare costs

Most employees are working from their homes now. Thus, they are reinvesting in their exercise regimes now. It is easy to monitor the eating habits. Also, the stress levels have lowered down due to a healthy environment. All these factors will lead to a good work-life balance. This pandemic also had a lot of negative effects on people. However, the world is already healing from the pandemic. People are going to shift to a better lifestyle due to the impact of this pandemic. This will lower down your healthcare costs.

  1. Reduced travel costs

The travel costs just vanished from the company balance book due to the pandemic. Companies are using video conferences and calls for communicating with their employees. You can analyze the travel costs more closely in the future. Remote work will help you in reducing most of the travel costs.

  1. Employee costs

Most businesses overlook their employee costs. They forget about the cost of training and replacing their employees. If new employees are joining your company, then you need to train them first. According to a report from Global Workplace Analytics, these costs can be up to $30000. Remote workers can also return to work after some medical event. This will reduce the absences. Also, it will reduce the potential for HR conflicts as it can be very costly.

There are various other factors that will help you in the long term. You can save a lot of money by embracing remote work. It will help you in increasing the productivity of your employees.


These are the long term benefits of remote work. This trend is only going to increase with time. Most companies are going to stick with this trend even after the pandemic. Thus, it is a good time to implement the best remote working tools. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in enabling remote work. They will help you in training your employees. This will ensure that your employees know about the latest tools. If you need more information regarding remote tools, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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